The Nissan GT-R50 Is Getting a Limited Production Run and a $1.1 Million Price Tag

When Italdesign and Nissan took the wraps off the GT-R50 at the Goodwood Festival of Speed, it made quite the stir. So much of a stir that the unique looking GT-R is heading for a production run.

Don’t get too excited though. Nissan is limiting the GT-R50 to just 50 examples. It will also run a staggering €990,000 ($1.1 million) before taxes and options.

So what do you get for the hefty price tag?

For starters, the GT-R50 uses the 3.8-liter V6 from the GT-R NISMO. However, that GT-R only comes with 592hp, but the Italdesign one will crank up the dial to 710 ponies. This is thanks to the turbo system from the GT3 race car. There’s also an upgraded exhaust, larger intercoolers, and various other engine enhancements.

The performance gains aren’t limited to the engine either. The gearbox, driveshaft, and rear diff are all beefier to handle the extra power.

The suspension also gets swapped out with the Bilstein DampTronic system for optimal handling. The brakes remains the same Brembo units from the NISMO car.

To top it all off, the GT-R50 gets a set of bespoke 21-inch wheels wearing Michelin Pilot Super Sport tires at all corners.

For the exterior, prospective buyers can get the GT-R50 in any color combination they desire. The obvious choice for this though is Midnight Purple, followed closely by Bayside Blue.

The interior follows suit with this as well. Pretty much the only limitation is your imagination and pocketbook.

Hopefully, the gold accents from the original carry over to the production model. They should considering the cost of the GT-R50. But, even if Nissan doesn’t offer it something tells us it’d be open to it for the right price.

Even if you can’t get the gold, there’s still plenty of other materials to choose from. Things like carbon fiber, Alcantara, and various leathers will all don the catalog of choices.

Regardless of what options you choose, plenty of craftsmanship will go into the car, you can be sure of that.

If you’re keen on ordering a GT-R50, you can currently do so by contacting Italdesign. Production will start early next year with deliveries beginning shortly thereafter. The production run will continue through 2020.

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