This is Ferrari’s Vision GT Car for Gran Turismo 7

Ferrari has finally unveiled its highly anticipated Vision GT project car during the Gran Turismo World Finals here in Monaco. As you might expect from the famous Italian company, it’s quite a looker!

Flavio Manzoni, Senior Vice President of Design at Ferrari, and Kazunori Yamauchi, the creator of Gran Turismo, gave a brief presentation to the media ahead of the car’s big debut during the Nations Cup live stream.

“We started the Vision GT project 9 years ago, and we finally have a Ferrari Vision Gran Turismo,” Yamauchi-san said. “We are very excited for it now. It’s been several years since I went to Maranello to meet with Manzoni. It’s a dream come true, and an exciting moment for us.”

“Our team started two and a half years ago,” Manzoni explained. “It is very important for myself and Ferrari as it envisions the future of the brand. The idea was to imagine what kind of shape the supercar of the future will have. This was not simple. It was a project that involved all the departments of Ferrari, especially aerodynamics and engineering, that defined the concept of this car.”

Manzoni went on to discuss where the team found inspiration, and what led them to the final design. “The idea was to create something that looks like a contradiction but it is not,” he continued. “We wanted to build something precise and sharp, but also organic. This contradiction makes something really special. It makes a new language and vocabulary that can inspire us in future years.”

“We wanted a kind of seamless effect between the inner and outer surfaces, to create an organic object where art and science merge together,” Manzoni explained.

The Ferrari design team was inspired heavily by the artist Anish Kapoor. “We looked at examples of surfaces which are infinite, which are the main inspiration of Anish Kapoor’s famous works.”

On the interior, the wheel takes inspiration from the video game the car appears in, featuring joysticks like a game console controller. The wheel itself has no mechanical connection, and instead uses a steer-by-wire technology that produces its own force feedback for the driver, the same as a game peripheral.

There is not a lot of detail about the powertrain available, but it’s a hybrid engine featuring Ferrari’s latest V6 which produces over 1,350 horsepower.

The wheel was inspired by games, with joysticks in a game controller. The wheel itself has no mechanical connection, with a steer by wire steering column, but they want to convey all the driving emotions when you drive it.

For players who successfully complete the Gran Turismo World Finals “Viewer Campaign”, the car will become available in Gran Turismo 7 on December 15. For everyone else, the Ferrari Vision GT will appear in Brand Central on December 23.

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