Thrustmaster T500RS – The New Official GT5 Steering Wheel?

A brand new steering wheel, the Thrustmaster T500 RS, first popped up in the game’s settings, as noted by TomN here in our forums. Today, Tom also discovered this teaser animation on Thrustmaster’s website, revealing the T500 RS’ new logo alongside official GT5 branding. The teaser provides us with our first peek at the new wheel (aside from the in-game icon), though many details remain unknown. What we do know, however, is that the T500 RS will feature “unmatched steering accuracy, thanks to the built-in H.E.A.R.T (HallEffect AccuRate Technology)” and “16-bit resolution with 65,536 values in the wheel’s rotation”.

Until we know more about the wheel’s specific features, its most notable attribute is what appears to be its official endorsement by Polyphony Digital. Only the Logitech Driving Force GT wheel has carried the GT logo since its release back in 2008, and Logitech’s loss of branding could mark a significant change in the balance of power in the sim racing accessory market. Thanks, once again, to TomN for digging this information up – stay tuned for more developments.

UPDATE: Kazunori Yamauchi has now also commented about the T500 RS, via Google Translator: “T500RS has great potential.I can not wait to launch the device.” (thanks, matteo!).

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  1. riph

    better they use optical sensor for sick with old tech,obsolete G25 started to brake-sticking. :(

  2. Dave-o

    From following GTplanet for year it seems to me that Kazanouri DOES listen to the collective view of GTPlanet users, and attempts to rectify the issues. Surely they will support Logitech wheels in the face of such scathing.

  3. Markyy

    well, I just bought a Driving Force GT last month to prepare for GT5 and I’ve used it in GT5Prologue to feel it.. Of course GT5 is beyond the driving physics of prologue.. I am now satisfied with this DFGT, it’s comfortable and amazing. :)

  4. dearlybeloved

    the acronym issue reminds me of the episode of the simpsons where homer learns some fancy words during his sleep with this subconcous tapes and wakes up talking all elaborate and fancy. The funny bit is he wants a spoon and keeps up coming with all these descriptions until someone goes ‘spoon’

    This is what this t500/H.A.R.T. malarkey reminds me.

    Funny as hell, mind.

    peace out.

  5. AGTFan

    Here are my thought on this:

    PD and Sony should have supported their local fans by supporting the dominant wheels on the market properly (G25 and G27) instead of taking Thrustmasters money for hyping their product.

    The beneficiaries of this deal are Sony, PD and Thrustmaster but the customers are screwed and stuck with great Logitech wheels, which PD can’t be bothered (or not allowed to) support all buttons on.

    1. AGTFan

      @John, is there any official info about this?

      PD decided to support the Thrustmaster wheels for the GT5 release version, which took more resources than supporting G25/G27 buttons as they already supported G25/G27 in Prologue.

      So it’s not like it’s an accident that we have a new wheel by a new vendor in there now and thousands of old wheels not fully supported.

  6. Patrocles

    “unmatched steering accuracy, thanks to the built-in H.E.A.R.T (HallEffect AccuRate Technology)”

    To paraphrase Michael Bolton from film Office Space…
    ‘HallEffect Accurate Technology?’ What the f**k does that mean!!

  7. tyl0r_r

    About $ 500.
    Is a high-end.
    RT @ Tomm_N : @ Kaz_Yamauchi , Could You Tell U.S. Price range in which the Thrustmaster T500 INTO RS Will Fall? Thanks a Lot!

    — Kaz tweets it’s a $500 wheel? My first CAR was $500.

  8. Brandon

    I’m glad I keep delaying buying the G27. Hopefully the T500RS will be at a reasonable price, and have a clutch.

  9. mocheelz

    C’mon PD, they have the time and effort to support a new wheel but not the G25/G27 that’s been around much longer? What the hell is going on. I swear these guys have their priorities out of wack. Please add full support for the G25/G27. PD should realize that any hardcore GT fan will own one of those.

  10. dearlybeloved

    Personally I think that this is unfair to all the Logitech G25/27 owners as it seems to me that their loyalty has not paid off. It would have been better to have had a mention of a new steering wheel to be announced by all those parties concerned.

    I for one would love to get a better wheel but have chosen to stick with the DFP until all issues regarding the game e.g. clutch are resolved.

    Peace out.

  11. Schumito

    My G25 works great with GT5, I have no issues with it. It is 100% responsive etc. I am not bugged by anything in the game, I’m too concentrated with driving to note that a shadow is out of place. Standard cars look great, Premium car look awesome. Why do people always need to grumble?

    The only thing it annoys me is that certain races that need for eg: European cars prior 1960, the cars are not listed so I go an buy one. For the rest, it is fine.

  12. Skyfox85

    I’m hoping they still gonna be adding official support for g25/g27 so all buttons and stuff can be configured and used.

    About the game, I don’t get people who are whining about some shadows and other pretty unrelevant stuff. I’m more dissapointed in the quality of the standard cars instead of some shadows wich you won’t be paying attention to when your freaking racing!

    1. speedthrill

      One button doesn’t work on mine. most above are like a controller, square triangle circle cross.
      Under that arrows, all functioning. Under that, select and start, under that 6 gears.

      On steering wheel, left is to watch behind, other one is to use the beamers….

      You guys are flipping out…

  13. DrTrouserPlank

    The sad thing is all these “official” wheels are actually the reason why they won’t fully support the G25/27 which are still the best wheels you can get along with the Fanatec.

    If they supported the 25/27 fully, people wouldn’t buy the branded GT wheel, and therefore they’d not be able to sell the GT tie-in to the wheel manufacturers for as much. To that end it’s a shame that Logitech don’t pony up some money to stick the GTbranding on the G25/27 and that way we’d have the best of both worlds.

    I guess they think a £200 wheel is too much for most people though.

    1. speedthrill

      Stop it, G25 is fully supported, it just doesn’t have a xmb button, wich is why you can use both controller and wheel at the same time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. FlareKR

      Isn’t there something called a recession? And you’re already selling your wheel, I think you should keep it, the DFGT is a great wheel.

  14. thisisajoke

    so instead of fixing the problems they have in the game….they introduce something else to the idiots to distract them from what the real issues are..

    I swear you kids act like ferrets with keys in front of them…


    1. Keyz13

      referring to your name~ means ‘this is = you are”. I have an ole G25 with a broken reverse gear. To me this game is FULLY supported for the G25, no tri to activate the clutch, it all just works, but I’m all for some competition to keep the driving wheels up to snuff. I have loved driving this game, especially the dirt/ snow stuff, way better than the GT4 to me. No botched experience for me.

    2. viejaloca

      Are you dumb?? Game devs don’t concentrate on ONE thing at a time! They have different departments for seperate parts of the game!

  15. RTSolvalou

    Here is the newer, better racing wheel I said would come out some close time after GT5s release, I hope no one bought the outdated wheels! you were warned. (33% survey topic)
    Good Stuff.

  16. brettjr25

    I don’t get what people are saying? Are some people saying that the G25/G27 don’t work because of some firmware? But the old PS2 DF wheel works… and why are some people saying the G27 does work?

    1. speedthrill

      G25 works flawless, shift works, cluthc works, it all works.

      I don’t know why some people here say that….

    1. brettjr25

      You have to buy the thrustmaster passenger seat. I sells for $500 and comes with a voice activated speaker on the left side of it.

  17. Andrew R.

    Damn, it better not be better than the G27. I just bought it for GT5. Release an “official” wheel at the same time as a game release or before. Also, make everyone aware of it. Hardcore people to buy the game on the release date will have a wheel all ready to race on day one. This is irritating…

    1. speedthrill

      True, but you bought the best wheel form logitech, why would you even be pissed. You have a better wheel now anyway. The feeling is uncomparable, btw, there’s no deadzone on the wheels G25/27… So, go figure… Why even more money for a brand not trusted (thrustmaster)…

    1. TruenoGuy86

      hmmm i guess that too, i see why this wheel might have potential due to H.E.A.R.T (HallEffect AccuRate Technology)” halleffect is a kind of sensor that used to messure the crank/cam angles and sometimes speed, implementing such technology in a video game wheel is ought to be expensive.

    2. Dave-o


      I hate all these buzz words. Hall effect is simply the generation of a voltage in a conductor due to the presence of a magnetic field. It’s like turning the shaft of an electric motor to get a voltage genrated.

      What is it good for? I know that brushless motor speed controllers often use the hall effect (voltage generated in the de-energised coils of the motor) to figure out where the rotor is so they can energise the right coil at the right time.

      How can this be applied to a wheel? I guess you could use it to provide feedback to controller as to the position of the wheel, or speed of the wheel, as you say. Is it the smartest and best way to do it? Who knows. I would have thought an optical device (like on you mouse) would have been better.

  18. Michael

    I remember reading a long while back that a new wheel would be released alongside GT5 so this doesn’t surprise me.

  19. Zuel

    When I seen the news on the thread I was very disappointed due to I’ve bout the Force Feed back wheel for GT5. Now I’m going to have to buy a new wheel.

  20. dave

    yikes i wonder if this will be better than fanatec… i just put all my eggs w/ fanatec products the weeks leading upt to GT5 release.

    1. Adavicro

      Oooooh, exciting! Too bad I literally just got a DFGT, but at least theres something new to look forward to on the horizon. I’m hoping for clutch, H-shifter and some form of an e-brake.

  21. binici

    Let us remain calm and not jump the gun! G25/27 will not be forgotten because many of us have it.

    The new wheel hasn’t even been shown off yet, so relax everyone.

    1. speedthrill

      This, plus i can’t see a brand lik thrustmaster be better then a G25. The G25 is imo the best wheel for gt5, i seriously can’t see why not. It let’s you feel what yr tyres drive over on the” surface without even steering a bit, the diameter off the wheel itself is perfect, balance is perfect, ffb is too. It turns quick enough to center.

      Clutch works just like that… What are you guys whining over????

      Let this be the new branded wheel, like the one above, i’m gonna stay with the G25, it is that good!!!!

  22. jay-KIRB

    The DFGT wheel is great. Its hooked up to my cheap $20 Wal-mart table/comp desk. Mine broke after 2 months of drifting and Logitech took care of it and replaced my bad one. Ive always been a fan of Logitech.

  23. Lilee

    Well this is just great! I just spent $440 buying a G27 (yes we get ripped off here in Australia even though our dollar is strong) and now there’s yet another wheel? I sincerely hope that this new wheel is crap so I don’t have to sell my G27!

  24. GTfan

    typical of “big name” companys these days. witch PD is now. Why worrie about all the problems with the product they have now when they can make more money pushing other things on the masses. witch they know will buy it just because it has there name on it.I wont be suprised if we see hardly any of the problems with gt5 fixed. Why would they when they can start on gt6 and well just buy that, hopping it will be what we all hopped gt5 would be.

    1. GranTurismo Disciple

      IMO these bugs shouldn’t have been in the game in the first place especialy after 5 year dev time, don’t get me wrong the game is i think awesome and very addictive and the little shadows etc don’t bug me that much or standard cars for that matter its the TERRIBLE AI that really bothers me its worse than prologue. Where is all the AI that defends their line and tries to take their position back like we saw in them trailers and gameplay vids?!. Give naughty dog 5 years to make the next uncharted and i bet we couldn’t pick a single fault with that it would be perfect.
      P.S i still love GT5 i just make sure i have a mega powerful car to escape the road rash AI lol, sorry about all this

    2. juhaniman

      Seriously? Have you guys ever played the game sober? Honestly, there may be some minor bugs (as with every game) but I’ve encountered nothing game-breaking so far (I’m lvl 20 or 21, not sure). G25 works as it should etc, shadows aren’t that bad at all, I’ve seen worse in games. The shadows in Forza are not even nearly as accurate as in GT even although they’re smooth (too smooth in cockpits and thus look pretty unrealistic).

      The AI is pretty good actually, blocking you and trying to pass, making mistakes and all that. They’re not just sticking to their pre-designated driving line or whatever and they won’t intentionally ram you unless you do some ridiculously stupid or erratic manouvers when trying to pass them or approaching a corner etc. Drive cleanly or may get PIT’ed if you’re not careful (some people have been complaining getting PIT’ed by the AI).

      For some of you: This game is not feature-complete! PD removed some features due to technical reasons before launch but GT5 WILL BE updated numeral times and features will be added.

    3. CaliBoy1990

      @GTfan: I wouldn’t count on GT6 for another few years, buddy…………=p

      @juhaniman: Don’t have the game yet, but I definitely agree with you. PD does seem like they’re doing their absolute best to fix things.

    1. GranTurismo Disciple

      U will be happy with it, you will think the game sucks donkey balls with a controller after you have tried the wheel.

    2. FlareKR

      Trust me, the DFGT is the best deal for a wheel you (yeah stupid rhyme) that you can get. I’ve had mine for almost a year (it’ll be a year on the 25th) and it’s been good in every single game compatible without (except GRID).

    3. DFGT=GTAcademy wheel

      The DFGT is a great wheel for this game, I’d buy another one without a seconds hesitation. The pedals leave a little to be desired in comparison to the G27 but overall the experience really is quite good.

      Interesting hearing this news though as I recently read through the rules for GT Academy, and it states the DFGT as the wheel they’ll be giving away as prizes and the wheel that they’d be using in the national finals as well.


  25. BubbaLsL

    I am waiting for G27 support. With 5 years of development time and the G25 being around for awhile they should have had support right from the beginning.

    1. Skiddy

      There will be no update for the wheel. Logitech failed to make modifications to their wheels (firmware i guess) that Kaz asked for. PD is blaiming Logitech, so I guess Logitech and PD ae filing for divorce right now.

  26. RADracing

    Its all about PD/Sony getting a cut in proceeds from sale of wheels. Seem Logitech maybe did not want to share with G25 & G27. So they went with Thurstmaster. I’m hoping it will have a H-shifter with handbrake and a heavy duty pedal set. Plus all the buttons, dials & switches we can use to tweak the car on the fly.

  27. GranTurismo Disciple

    Well i just bought a DFGT but who cares a wheel is a wheel it still makes my experience a lot better than a controller.

    1. occasionalracer

      I wouldn’t just say that…I would never go back to the likes of a DFGT, just cause of the flimsy construction, especially the pedals are just way too toy like. Fanatec is the only true competition. I don’t see this T500 being on par with the well built wheels.

  28. DrTrouserPlank

    Obviously Logitech didn’t wish to renew the license they were conned into buying in 2008 with their official affiliation to the GT project.

    If you want a good wheel, buy a logitech DFGT or a GT25/27. Who can tell what the quality of this new wheel will be.

    On the back of the GT name, anything will sell.

    1. AGNT009

      Great point. But then, considering PD is all talk and no show these days, how can we honestly believe any performance claims from Thrustmaster on their new wheel when they are in bed with PD.

    2. viejaloca

      Actualy, my DFGT is already having problems since a few months after prologue came out. the shifter is loose when i downshift and the wheel always tuned lazily to the left… that came out wrong (but it’s true).

  29. Cigol

    @Razor; Logitech are not any better in my estimation. Great products, yes (every single mouse, keyboard and steering wheel I have is made by Logitech), but they are just as prone to breakage, if not more so than any other peripherals. Whether we are talking about the pedals, the steering wheel, the mouse buttons, the wireless connectivity and so on… every single product (bar the G25) has broke on me.

    I doubt this wheel is competing with the G25 anyway, more as a very mainstream product instead.

    1. Murcie

      I’m a hardcore Logitech shopper as well and the only thing of Logitech’s that’s broken on me was a G9 gaming mouse, and how that happened still hasn’t been answered which leads me to assume it was the dealer I got it from, not the product itself.

  30. kekke2000

    Thats what I get for just ordering a DFGT :P I dont think the DFGT will become bad just because another wheel is released… Go evolution!!

    1. Gejost

      A DFGT is still a great wheel. I know this because I have one myself. :)

      I’m sure this new wheel will be alot more expensive…

    2. FlareKR

      Same here, I’m staying with my DFGT, looks like it has more functions any way from the looks of it. I’ve always found that 4WD balance and TCS control during the game very helpful.

    3. LexusLFA

      I just got my Driving Force GT, haven’t opened it yet, but I will be sticking with it, I haven’t had the best experience with Thrustmaster Wheels….

  31. ViolentVelocity

    The Logitech GT Force and the Logitech Driving Force Pro wheels have both also carried the Gran Turismo logo as well going back to 2001.

    1. beer2k

      Yea i just doubled checked my DFP, it has the GT logo branded on it. However there was an identical wheel with the Logitech logo on it.

  32. Razor

    I had many different Thrustmaster wheels (as well as many Logitech ones) and I can say that they were always POS.Some where little bit better (like Ferrari replica) and others not so, but overall quality was much lower than Logitech. Waiting for full G25 support now.

    1. MrSkyline

      overall quality of thrustmaster products wasn’t that great, but i’ve had 3 thrustmaster joysticks in the past, the first was awesome back then, then i got one with extra buttons and USB, and the the HOTAS, that was a damn awesome joystick, later i sold it because i didn’t play any flight sims anymore.

      But the HOTAS was an all metal direct F16 replica, the buildquality was outstanding, i’ve never had a problem with it once.

      If this wheel is as good as i hope it is (comparing it to the HOTAS in build quality and performance) then i think i can put my G27 up for sale :/

      But let’s wait for the reviews ;)

    2. AlexLeighton

      Wow that doesn’t say much if the Ferrari wheel was the best of the bunch…

      I doubt I’m going to part with my G27 anytime soon, despite the less than stellar support, but it’s always good to see a new wheel come onto the market to change things up a bit.

    3. Patrocles

      Yeah, I’ve tried some Thrustmaster ferrari wheel and it was less than impressive. However, i do have a Thrustmaster flightstick that works well for me! I guess the new wheel can go either way! :)

  33. Squozen

    That doesn’t help me with my G25. Foolish of me to think that PD would properly support the gear we already to own rather than ask us to buy another piece of hardware with a ridiculous name.

    1. Skiddy

      You have logitech to blame for lack of support in GT5. They refused to make some firmaware updates for the wheel that PD asked for. So, PD got enough of their attitude and moved on.

    2. Squozen

      @Skiddy Source please? The wheel is a pretty stupid unit and is controlled directly from the console – I can’t see any reason that PD can’t support it just as thoroughly as a PC racing game does.

    3. Skiddy

      One of the interviews with Kaz. Logitech was asked to fix the glitch that enabled the “clutch cheat”. Kaz didn’ wan’t some players to have an ilegal advantage over the others.

    1. AGNT009

      Too bad the wheel probably plays better than the game right now.

      Saw the GT5 commercial again today. Funny how the jaggies dont show up on tv.


    2. lsasqwach

      the fact that PD only supports wheels they have deals on(lol) is sad. they need to support all wheel brands, logitech, fanatec, junktech, or thrustmaster. thats pathetic, its a controller, support it. and exactly why does PD need firmware updates for the g25/27 to work? seems they are acting like babies…

    3. isocuda

      Still probably won’t compare to the Frex wheels accuracy and precision….

      BUt hopefully it’ll be 2nd, and a few grand cheaper hahaha

    4. MikePL

      It’s obvious they are deliberately keeping the support problems for G25/27, because that’s gonna increase the sales of the gt branded wheel.

      They just treat customers like dirt. We’re just walking money bags for them. How can one be a fan if they do such things…

    5. juhaniman

      @ MikePL What support problems are you talking about? My G25 works perfectly with GT5. New and better wheels mean more competition and it’s always good for us customers.

      The company with the compatibility issues is Microsoft. The only wheels they support are their own MS wheel and Fanatec (well, fanatec works, but officially?).


      thrustmaster ? no i don’t want it
      i had 2 wheels from thrustmaster and they were shit ( now broken)

      thrustmaster =style like a logitec wheel , quality = VERY bad

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