Thrustmaster’s High-End TS-PC Racer Wheel Costs $500, Launches Next Month

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Thrustmaster has announced the latest addition to its ever-growing lineup of racing wheel peripherals for the PC crowd, the aptly-named TS-PC Racer. Billed as the company’s first “open wheel” design, the TS-PC offers innovative features worthy of its hefty £399.99 ($499.99 USD) asking price. The unique design allow players to “experience an incredible range of sensations and information in their racing sessions.”

The new 40-watt brushless motor will be capable of generating dynamic and powerful effects as stated by Thrustmaster themselves. While optimized force feedback will be the standard affair, the TS-PC’s strong point will be in its torque delivery, offering better response in a series of tight turns when compared to previous wheel offerings.

Where the wheel truly begins to develop its own personality is with the new “Motor Cooling Embedded” cooling system. The embedded cooling solution will maintain the motor’s optimal performance when pushed, ensuring that overheating becomes a non-issue – all while being silent to boot.



The new Field Oriented Control (FOC) boosts the precision of Thrustmaster’s previous technical offering, H.E.A.R.T (HallEffect AccuRate Technology), allowing the motor to respond to increased torque, with the advantage of offsetting and preventing power loss.

An external TURBO power supply rounds out the feature set and is specifically designed to provide continuous power, and with a peak output of 400 watts the adapter ensures the wheel is able to respond accordingly.

The wheel rim is F1-style in appearance and features 6 buttons, including a 3-position rotary selector switch with a push function, with wheel adjustment angles ranging from 280° to 1080°. The construction materials are what you’d expect given the price: suede covering adorns the wheel grips, with the faceplate and wheel-mounted paddles made of polished-brushed aluminum.

If the looks of the TS-PC Racer aren’t to your tastes, worry not as it will be compatible with Thrustmaster’s entire lineup of add-ons. In an added bonus, the competition’s offerings will also be compatible – whether they have a USB or DB9 connectors, though you will need the DB9 T.RJ12 adapter for the latter.

Thrustmaster’s TS-PC Racer wheel will retail for £399.99 ($499.99 USD) when it releases on December 5. For the original announcement be sure to stop by Thrustmaster’s page.

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