Watch Live: Gran Turismo World Finals – Nations Cup Final

The grand finale of the 2022 Gran Turismo World Series, the Nations Cup Final, will be broadcast today, November 27, at 1600 UTC.

After eight months of competition, the field has been pared down to 12 final drivers vying to be crowned the first Gran Turismo world champion in the Gran Turismo 7 era — and there’s some familiar names in the mix.

In Friday’s regional finals it was 2020’s triple champion Takuma Miyazono who took the Asia-Oceania win, with 2021 Manufacturers Cup champion Coque Lopez claiming the European region victory. Angel Inostroza came out on top in the Americas bloc.

However it’s 2018 world champion Igor Fraga who currently leads the standings thanks to being one of the most consistent drivers in a fairly chaotic season — albeit by just two points:

Current Standings

  1. Igor Fraga (Brazil) – 12 points
  2. Angel Inostroza (Chile) – 10 points
  3. Ryota Kokubun (Japan) – 9 points
  4. Valerio Gallo – 9 points
  5. Lucas Bonelli – 8 points
  6. Jose Serrano – 7 points
  7. Baptiste Beauvois – 7 points
  8. Takuma Miyazono – 7 points
  9. Coque Lopez – 6 points
  10. Kylian Drumont – 6 points
  11. Tomoaki Yamanaka – 5 points
  12. Seiya Suzuki – 3 points
  13. Adriano Carrazza – 1 point

That means that, with the double-points on offer for the final race, victory for any of the top four drivers will result in them claiming the title regardless of any other results. Should anyone else win it’s likely to go to the best-placed driver of the current top four, although there’s myriad possibilities.

It’s set to be quite the race too, with Trial Mountain hosting the final but on the reverse course. The drivers will be using the now-traditional Red Bull X2019 Competition, and they’ll be required to use all three tire grades during the 30-lap race.

Trying to call a winner is pretty difficult but, up until the broadcast starts, you can enter your guess for who will take victory on a special in-game portal called “Bonus Campaign“. Pick the winner and you’ll earn 1,000,000cr for your GT7 bank balance.

There’ll also be a Viewers Campaign question for the event, consisting of a quiz about the events of the race. Get the answer right within the one-week entry period and you’ll win a free Ferrari Vision GT for your game — and the car itself will be unveiled during the stream.

The race will stream at 1600 UTC on Sunday November 27, and you can watch it above or on one of the alternative language streams below.

Alternative Language Streams


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