Xbox Cloud Gaming Comes to Consoles, Including Forza Horizon 5

Microsoft’s Xbox Cloud Gaming service is now available to the Xbox One and Xbox Series consoles, allowing players to pick up and play the latest titles with no installation necessary.

It’s the latest piece of good news during Xbox’s 20th anniversary in the console gaming space, and an ideal way to celebrate the milestone.

Originally confirmed back in August, Xbox Cloud Gaming now supports all eligible devices in the Xbox ecosystem, with PC and mobile players already able to access the service. The initial launch will cover 25 countries, including the USA, UK, European Union, Canada, and Australia (but not New Zealand), with Brazil joining the service in the coming weeks.

Where the Cloud Gaming service differs from Game Pass is in the fact you don’t actually need to have the game downloaded to your device. Instead the game is stored on the Xbox cloud servers and streamed to your console.

That allows players to try out new games quickly and easily, without having to take the time to install it. You won’t need to take up your precious storage space, and can jump into a cloud-supported game right away and play with friends without having to worry about long download times.

Even better, you’ll be able to stream titles regardless of hardware; Xbox One players will be able to access Xbox Series titles without needing to upgrade. That means that those looking to take Forza Horizon 5 for a test drive can do just that without having to worry hardware issues or a lack of console availability thanks to the ongoing silicon shortages.

With the first major update to FH5 going live yesterday, new players won’t have to deal with any of the nagging launch issues either. The first seasonal transition of Series 1 began today as well, so if there were ever a reason to put the game through its paces, now is that time.

It doesn’t end there for racing gamers either, as titles like Need For Speed HEAT, art of rally, DIRT 5, F1 2019, and Forza Horizon 4 are also available through the service.

You’ll need a full Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription — available at an introductory price of $1/£1/€1 for the first month — to take advantage of the Cloud Gaming service, but once you do you’ll be able to access any of the cloud-enabled Game Pass titles.

Featured photomode image courtesy of mwoodski.

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