Gran Turismo 7’s Online Features Will Continue to Evolve, says Kazunori Yamauchi

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GTPlanet had the opportunity to sit down with Gran Turismo series creator Kazunori Yamauchi as part of a round-table interview during the recent GT World Series Finals in Monaco.

As you may have already seen, the subject of the Gran Turismo movie came up, as did the future of the Gran Turismo World Series. Among the hottest topics though was the online experience to Gran Turismo 7, especially compared to its predecessor GT Sport.

It’s a subject that’s come up a lot on GTPlanet, with the general user experience of GT7’s lobbies, Daily Races, and other Sport Mode and multiplayer activites being a less reliable one than Sport. This, it seems, is down to a major rewrite of the game’s online code.

Yamauchi explains: “GT Sport had a real focus on online competition and things like hosting the World Series events and things like that and it was developed for it”. However it seems it wasn’t envisioned that there’d be a need to add new features to Sport’s online mode later in the game’s life — such as the Meeting Places of GT7.

“We had to refactor everything to allow for future advancements to the software,” adds Yamauchi. “That’s what we did for Gran Turismo 7. Now we have clean code that we can expand upon and add more features”.

As for what those features might be, Yamauchi didn’t go into specifics. “I think there is still lots more left to do for Sport mode,” he added. “We already have events like [the World Series] but I think there are more things that we can do on the code side to make it even better”.

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