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“No Clear Plans” for Gran Turismo Vita, Says Sony President
Gran Turismo 6 Gran Turismo Vita Aug 25th, 2013 by Jordan

Shuhei Yoshida discusses the future of Gran Turismo on the PS Vita and the PlayStation 4.

Polyphony Digital Involved in PS4 & Vita Hardware Development
Gran Turismo 6 Gran Turismo Vita Feb 24th, 2013 by Jordan

Gran Turismo developers were closely involved in the design of Sony’s newest hardware, says SCE President.

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Kazunori on Gran Turismo 6, GT Vita, & Shanghai Circuit at ChinaJoy 2012 Game Show
Gran Turismo 6 Gran Turismo Vita Jul 26th, 2012 by Jordan

The GT series’ creator made some interesting remarks to the press regarding future GT titles at a game show in China.

Gran Turismo for PlayStation Vita Mentioned in Sony Survey
Gran Turismo Vita Jun 14th, 2012 by Jordan

Sony hints at a PS Vita version of Gran Turismo in their latest consumer survey.

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