“No Clear Plans” for Gran Turismo Vita, Says Sony President

In an interview with IGN, Sony’s President of Worldwide Studios, Shuhei Yoshida, made some interesting statements in regards to the future of the Gran Turismo series on the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita.

“The PS Vita is a very powerful portable system,” Yoshida told IGN, “but not quite as powerful as PS3. As you can tell looking at GT6, it really is using PS3 to a very high level. So it’s going to be really hard to move GT6 onto PS Vita.”

playstation-vitaYoshida goes on to say there are “no clear plans” on bringing the game to the Vita, but didn’t completely rule out the possibility of mobile GT game-play in the future.

“Polyphony is focused on getting GT6 down for PS3 now, and they will look at how they can leverage PS Vita going forward, especially when – or if – there is a PS4 version, you can play the PS4 version on the PS Vita via remote play as well.”

The PlayStation 4’s “Remote Play” feature, which was revealed during the segment of the PS4 announcement embedded below, will allow gamers to “stream” and play games directly from their console to their Vita hand-held device.

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  1. samdu

    Every PS4 game is required to be remotely playable with the PS Vita UNLESS it uses the PS Camera. Button mapping will be done on the system level. No concerns there.

  2. G_MONEY_54

    I personally don’t care about the vida and grand turismo, if I’m playing I want the big screen and my worn out DFGT.

  3. TomBrady

    Am I the only person who keeps ccoming to GT Planet just to see if more GT6 gameplay has been posted from Gamescon only to be sorely disappointed?

    Why are there so few gameplays from gamescon?

  4. Youngun

    I wouldn’t mind a Vita link were you can tune a car from your garage on the vita then select the car on the ps3 while in a room or in a event. Have a track editor that takes use of the rear touch pad, then upload it. Even have the dealership on the vita but goes to garage of ps3. Best feature would be a lap/race logger, that shows info so you can race with out the HUD but still get timing and opponent info on request.

    1. tpark103

      I’d purchase a Vita if it had GT and the two systems shared information as far as progress. Sometimes I get so busy I just wish I had more time and I could squeeze a few minutes of GT in on a Vita just to advance my progress along.

  5. DGXR

    Gran Turismo has a long history of delayed releases, and GT fans are eager to see all the improvements and additional content in GT6, so I would surely hope that PD is “focused on getting GT6 down for PS3.” I’m sure PD is really looking forward to releasing a high-quality, finished product, on time.

  6. tpark103

    Eventually it would make since to make this title but, maybe it will something that will be tossed around as GT works on the PS4 title.

    1. sporkafife

      GT for the PSP is pretty much the only reason I bought it… I got an old PSP-2000 off a friend and a cheap copy of GT’s limited edition (it came with some Veyron postcards and a nicer box lol). That game was okay, not great but it was nice to test drive a bunch of random cars at the Nürb.

      I think I might buy the PS Vita if I can find a nice cheap used console, but not until I’ve had the PS4 for a while. If the remote play feature genuinely works as advertised, it could be pretty awesome. The library for the console itself isn’t much that tickles my fancy at the moment though.

  7. hairystig

    I can’t see them making many games solely for vita now ps4 is on the way, with remote play that will mean every ps4 is payable on vita (no more no decent games on vita talk, which was always rubbish fromppl that were butt hurt as they’re too cheap to actually buy a vita!) so what would be the point of making a game solely for vita?
    That said I love gtpsp and certainly wouldn’t mind some gt vita action even if its not racing would be cool to check leaderboards tune cars in your garage customize etc but if not I can wait a couple of years for gt7 on vita via remote play :). although I hope by then Sony release a new version of vita that’s at least 50 percent bigger that the current baby one.

    1. Devedander

      I understood it meant every ps4 game COULD be on Vita but there are button limitation issues to overcome…

  8. 05XR8

    Now, if you could use vita to manage a 24H race or any race while youre out and about for half the day, THAT would be worth it. I have GTPSP. it’s good to have in my collection, but until there’s a PS mobile the size of an , I can wait.

  9. micantony

    Vita as a rear-view mirror would be nice. So i wouldn’t be stuck using bumper cam in order to have a decent one.

  10. Quakebass

    Gran Turismo never struck me as a game that would translate well to a mobile platform… But I like the idea of the remote play feature.

  11. TomBrady

    Considering GT PSP is literally my second favorite Gran Turismo ever, I definitely hope they make a GT6 port to Vita.

    If the PSP handled GT5 Prologues physics effortlessly, I’m sure the Vita can handle GT6’s.

    And the reality is, they may not even have to degrade the graphics too much because the resolution is only 37% of the resolution of GT5 (544 by 960- 522240 pixels, GT5 is 1280 by 1080- 1382400 pixels). Such a drop down in resolution could help overcome the fact that the Vita has much weaker GPU than PS3, and less VRAM (although it does have more system RAM than PS3 LOL)

  12. mokalovesoulmat

    I’ve been waiting through PlayStation Meeting, E3, Gamescom (and upcoming TGS) only for GT Vita…but I can bury my dream now.

  13. DYLAN777-is-not

    Why would anyone want a ps vita. Its such a downgrade. I mean its an amazing device but there arent any good games for it. I dont want to play gt on a ps2.5. I geuss the vita is a poor mans ps3 but still what a puny market. I had the psp and it was just dull. Great back in its time but now even the vita is just like why? Put some amaaazing new games on it then the vita would be worth it but ill bet money that the GT for the vita will be another wannabe gt5 or 6.

    1. samdu

      There are actually quite a few good to great games on the Vita. And Killzone: Mercenaries is the next one up. Ridiculously good game (at least the multi-player beta).

  14. glassjaw

    I love all the comments about how Gran Turismo can’t work on a portable console, or how a Vita port would be “pointless.” What’s the one comment everyone makes about the Vita? It’s a great piece of hardware with a lacking selection of quality titles. Gran Turismo is exactly the type of game that would be perfect for Vita. The system has no solid racing titles, save for Wipeout. A new mobile GT could drive sales of the handheld unlike anything else. It’s a powerful system too, so there’s no doubt we would be getting a fully featured Gran Turismo right on par with the console versions, perhaps only lacking some of the graphical flair. GT PSP could have been a brilliant game if it wasn’t so horribly laid out. GT5 even suffered from similar problems with game design and structure. The problem isn’t the mobile platform; it’s the foolish way PD has been approaching it.

    1. TomBrady

      No solid racing titles except wipeout? Is F1 2011 really that bad dude?

      I have F1 2009 on PSP, and it’s pretty good, I can’t imagine 2011 being worse.

      Other than that, I completely agree with you. The only people dumb enough to say GT shouldn’t make something for Vita are the people that don’t want to buy a Vita and are selfish by thinking a Vita GT would make them wait longer for the next GT.

      GT PSP was amazing even without a career mode, just imagine how good a Vita version could be. GT PSP got me back into gaming, no joke. If it weren’t for GT PSP, I probably wouldn’t even own a PS3, let alone be getting a PS4 on launch day.

    2. Quakebass

      It’s probably the people that predominantly use wheels – they don’t see the point since it won’t be “immersive” for them. They’re right in that aspect, but there’s a MASSIVE DS3 user population it would cater to. And if gameplay/save files can transfer between hardware, that’s a pretty solid game. GT on the bus, and you have some progress or tunes to transfer to the PS3 or 4 when you get home.

    3. TomBrady

      Well I use wheels too. I won’t even bother playing GT5 without it but I’d still play it on PSP or the Vita.

      Also, I’m hoping someday they make it so you can plug your vita into your PS3 or PS4 and use the wheel to drive. Mostly because I think GT PSP’s physics are really awesome and I’d like to feel what they’re like with a proper control device.

      Also, one way GT would be much better on Vita than PSP is the fact that it has 2 analogs. The analog is the only way you can get a more proper amount of throttle control. Otherwise you gotta use X and Square which is a crap way to control the throttle in a simcade game.

  15. Mr C5 Z06 Vette

    GT for vita? Why do I have the feeling that this is just gonna be a sequel to GTpsp if it is released

  16. Dazza-On-Toast

    Yay – some sense!
    Spend more time working on GT6 / GT7 rather than a bad and rather pointless port. If Sony really want it they should pony up the money for a separate team to work on it and let the main PD team carry on as they are. I’m sure the 5 Vita owners wouldn’t really care about it anyway.

    1. TeamCZRRacing

      “A separate team?” No, no, no, no, no. GT is Polyphony Digital’s baby. Even if you could get one other fan to agree that it would be a good idea to outsource development, Kaz and company would just laugh at you and then show you out the door. Not going to happen. :)

  17. Droogie

    Yeah there is an easy way to get GT6 to the “lower level” to make it on the Vita. Make the graphics on Forza 4’s level.

  18. Strop

    Remote play via the Vita. Wasn’t that supposed to work with the PS3, except that it proved to be complete and utter vaporware? How is this announcement any different, in that we should believe that they will actually do it this time as opposed to show some fancy pre-release demos and then forget about it once people have bought their Vitas and PS4s.

    1. Raggadish

      I don’t think GT6 Vita would be very tasty. Perhaps with some good salsa and a can of bitter fanboys tears to gulp it down.

  19. Sonygamer455

    I honestly hope they do come out with a Gran Turismo Vita because I liked Gran Turismo PSP, it kept me entertained when I was out some where with nothing to do and I would like another game like that.

  20. kekke2000

    GT PSP wasn’t a REAL Gran Turismo. If there is going to be another handheld Gran Turismo it must include a real GT Mode. Maybe without the Endurance races due to battery time.

    1. TomBrady

      How is it not a real Gran Turismo?

      Gran Turismo first and foremost has been about driving and collecting cars, and GT PSP was amazing on both of those aspects. I’ve never played a game where I was more dedicated to collecting cars and driving cars than in GT PSP. Not to mention, it had very challenging AI.

      GT PSP was awesome

  21. Ferrari458Italia

    Even if they did i wouldn’t buy it. I don’t play GT5 with a controller and I will definitely not play GT6-7 on a portable device lol.

  22. SubaruWRC555

    I’d say don’t even worry about it at this point. Get 6 out the door and then make plans for 7 on

  23. SkierPS3

    I really hope they make a better GT game for Vita than they did with the PSP. GT PSP was just a port of GT4, which wasn’t necessarily a bad thing, but it came out like 5 years after GT4, and was stripped bare of features. You just grind low earnings races against only 3 AI to buy more cars, and then you do it again.

    I really doubt we’ll see GT6 on PS4, but maybe it can show up through the Gaikai streaming of PS3 games.

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