Polyphony Digital Involved in PS4 & Vita Hardware Development

In an interview with Japanese gaming site 4gamer, Shuhei Yoshida, President of Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Studios, answered a question about how Polyphony Digital and the Gran Turismo series fits in with the company’s future plans.

Thanks to our own Shirakawa Akira for this translation:

4gamer: A driving game called “Driveclub” has been announced as [a coming up] PS4 software. However, in Japan there’s Polyphony Digital and I think many people are looking forward to an announcement regarding *that* racing game. What [can you tell us] about this?

Yoshida: Key members of Polyphony Digital are involved in the very development of the PS4 and the PS Vita. I am thinking of asking them what’s going on with Gran Turismo, but related matters will be probably made clear by its representative Kazunori Yamauchi in due time.

Although Polyphony’s involvement with the PlayStation 4 is very encouraging for Gran Turismo fans, it is most interesting to learn about their contributions to Vita’s hardware.

The news comes after it’s been suggested over the past year that a Gran Turismo title for the PlayStation Vita was in development.

Kazunori also talked about how a new mobile Gran Turismo title could take advantage of the Vita’s 3G data connection in an interview from last July.

Thanks to SolidSnakex for the tip!

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    1. jomama2010

      Shutup karelpipa I have a Vita and having a GT Vita would make it more justifiable! lol, I actually got one because I never had a psp so I’m catching up along with playing some nice vita games…Bring on GT Vita…that could be huge for the handheld.

    2. HuskyGT

      Agree, jomama2010. I bought the PSP just for GT. If they release a GT Vita, I’ll certainly buy it. People who hate on GT PSP don’t know how fun that game be when you’re out traveling or during work breaks.

  1. HuskyGT

    Maybe a GT5 for Vita similar to GT PSP’s mechanics? That would be cool actually. Most people hate on GT PSP, but I think it was a great pick-and-play game. It was the perfect stress relief item when things were getting annoying at the office. Just pulled out my PSP, picked a car, track, and soon my problems disappeared.

    1. stupidstormy36

      The problem with GT PSP was people were expecting a full release in the terms of say GT3’s or even GT4’s layout (i.e. a career mode). What we got was a full release, just not what most were expecting. Gran Turismo is already a good pick me up game via it’s Arcade Mode in all it’s iterations, so gamers are justified in wanting a full career mode as well. With the Vita, it’s very possible!

  2. sneakypete123

    “Kazunori also talked about how a new mobile Gran Turismo title could take advantage of the Vita’s 3G data connection in an interview from last July.”

    3G struggles with every day things like social media, Imagine trying to connect to 15 other people on a racing game whilst a vast number of people experience difficulties using a hard wired PS3. Comments like that make me wonder if Kaz actually lives in the real world or if he just see’s numbers on paper and thinks “yeah, that ought to do it”

  3. Dushan 77

    I’m angry with PLayStation 4 Rumors Stealing Gran Turismo 6 to PlayStation 4. They are retards,hooligans,idiots,morons and fagots. PS4 Rumors. I’ll hunt you all down and hurt you all even more. Just get Driving Club for crying out loud. It’s there for you all. I’m warning you all that i’ll never say it again. Gran Turismo 6 on Playstation 3 only!!!!!!. Stop the conflict now guys.Wait till E3 and it will all be confirmed then. I hate you Playstation 4 Rumors so much for trying to kill Playstation 3 people who like Gran Turismo 6 on Playstation 3.

    Last warning.

    1. jomama2010

      What? So you are saying you’d rather have GT6 released on a previous gen console than being reworked for the better and hopefully sooner release date on the PS4?

  4. Given2fly

    I must say that the thought of GT6 on the PS4 is one that excites me greatly. The graphics for me are fine on GT5 (apart from some suspect shadows) and I still find myself being impressed when I watch replays at times! I am all for them expanding the game play onto devices such as Vita (Though I don’t own one myself) but what I really hope for is more longevity to the single player mode. I’m indifferent when it comes to B spec and wouldn’t be disappointed if it was not included in GT6 if that meant they could improve other areas of the game. I hope that expanding to include Vita game play isn’t near the top of their to do list.

  5. Toyota2jz

    GT5 = template for GT6. Which we could possibly see coming to PS3.

    GT7 for PS4 in the years to come. Be patient.

  6. Niyologist

    Sony Execs confirmed that GT6 is coming out for the PS3. Makes sense. GT1/GT2-PSOne. GT3/GT4-PS2. GT5/GT6-PS3. GT7/GT8-PS4?

  7. skip101

    “Look at the games coming out on the PlayStation 3 like The Last of Us, Beyond: Two Souls, GT6, and then on the third-party side of things another fantastic Assassin’s Creed, GTA,” — Michael Denny, senior vice-president of Sony WWS

    1. JeremiahTB

      When he said that, I’m sure Kaz was thinking “Oh no, now he did it. I know I told him it was going to be ready before the PS4 release; but he should know me by now that I don’t do deadlines.”

  8. JaySamurai

    I think it’s great what they are trying to do with the Vita, but i hope PD do not shift the main focus on this whole Vita and PS4 connectivity. Some of us still enjoy playing away on our home TV screens.

    My only wish for GT6 would be that PD do not spread themselves too thin.

    1. sangdude82

      @ JaySamurai

      I agree with you i. It would be nice if PD could focus 100% GT6. Vita will take their time, money and efforts away from putting the new stuff or improving the existing stuff from GT 5. Also, not everyone will not play GT6 on ps4 & vita nor could afford both of them at the same time. I prefer to play games on a proper TV rather than a small portable gaming device like the Vita.

    1. HarVee

      Most likely it will. But don’t worry, I’m sure PD will find sometime to claim they couldn’t make a good quality game due to lack of time.

    2. sangdude82

      PD can make it simple. Just like they do with some of the races on GT5, make the leading AI to gain like 20 seconds after the first corner and make us to chase after them. If not, they can make the AI level 1- 10 so players can choose the AI level according to their skills. 1 being chase the rabbit to 10 would be like hardcore non-chase the rabbit AI.

    3. SZRT Ice

      Currently, the PS3’s limited memory is responsible for high definition graphics, high pixel count car models, 60fps, computing all of your vehicles statistics, and inputting them in real time with GT5’s physics model.

      The increased ram in the PS4 should make individually responsive AI more likely, as well as a better damage model, livery/vinyls, customization, etc.

      I should probably temper my expectations, but I’m hoping for the best because so much more is possible and I’d prefer GT6 on top.

    4. MGTTTTT

      I agree the AI is a complete failure. Much worse than prologue and also worse than “Revs” on my BBC microcomputer from 1984!!!. To make it infinietly better they just need to remove the code that makes the AI brake when you are following them!!! This has to be changed…. you cannot have fun battling an AI car because they keep on braking when you get anywhere near them.

    5. eran0004

      They’re actually not that bad. The seasonal events are rather bad because they are set up in a way that the AI is going to drive cars much worse than yours, only to compensate they get to start half a minute before you. It’s not really racing, but that has nothing to do with the AI, it’s just how PD chose to arrange the seasonals.

      The only thing I have a problem with when it comes to the AI is that they slow down when you’re following them through a corner. When you move up beside them they also slow down to let you pass, they don’t really fight back. The only time they are aggressive is when they try to overtake you.

      Another improvement could be to make the AI do some mistakes once in a while. It doesn’t have to be a huge error in every race, but now and then just to make things a little less predictable.

  9. KilzoneStrife

    Not only.. the GPU has 18 Compute Units (cu’s) and its heavily modified and rumored be divided.
    14CUs + 4 CUs.

    Kaz might have wanted this, Those four CUs alone out class the Cell+Ps3 GPU (7800GTX).

    The 4CUs can be used with the 14CUs or independantly. So, what you have here is a graphics card capable of doing physics and graphics.
    Kaz may want to reserve these cores for weather/day-night cycles/physics for damage etc. And use the other 14CUs for graphics and anti aliasing etc.

    1. BWX

      Of the 14 they can be divided, unlike the the PS3 that were divided making the devs unhappy. I thought the other 4 were reserved for other things for the system, not part of games.

    2. KilzoneStrife

      @BWX, exactly!
      Having 8 CPU cores means 8PPEs and they themselves have full access to any part of the GPU…
      It really makes the PS3 seem so archaic in comparison.

      Devs had to deal with the constand bottleneck of ram and still contend with having to code to the 3.2GHz Power5 CPU, then into the Spus!

    3. KilzoneStrife

      Everyone thought the 4CUs would be used for OS and background downloading patches etc. At PlaystationMeeting, it was revealed they have a second set of chips (ARM) to do those tasks, So the 4CUs may be used for compute function or graphics:

      8CoreJaguar+4CUs for compute
      14CUs+4CUs for graphics.

      Nice knowing..the Next Xbox… only has 12CUs…. ouch.

  10. Blood*Specter

    I hope Kaz and PD remember how much fun and better it was to build your car through each stage of weight reduction. Actually seeing the seats, dash board and steering wheel and other interior parts being replaced by racing parts at each stage of the weight reduction happens, and your stock or junker is transformed into a full on racing car. That’s what a Race Mod is all about. Want a better car? Be a better driver. There will be less problems with lunatic drivers in on-line rooms.
    They won’t have enough good driver points to get into a room full of advanced drivers.

    I hope they remember how much fun it was to get racing brakes, 1.5 way differentials. And how much more fun it would be to have the ability to add and remove grass, drive trains and wheel/tire sizes and body panels with proper aero packages and body panels.

    And for God’s sake I hope they allow us to paint the cars and add or replace numbers and stripes. In other words, give the game its character back as T21 said. High tech is wonderful and welcome. But high tech crap is just that……crap.
    OK, rant over, flame off.

    1. SZRT Ice

      He meant “glass” smart a$$. Of all the nitpicking s#it to discuss, you bypass all the meaningful things he spoke of to comment on a frigin’ typo. Grammar Nazis. Ò_Ó.

      Back on topic, as far as “remembering”, few of these things have ever (cosmetically) been in a GT to date for them to remember. They would be great to have however. I personally want liveries and rim customization ala MCLA with at least a 2 tier paint schematic for the lip and inner wheel individually.

    2. SZRT Ice

      Yeah, he actually meant gears.


      It might be fun to add grass, but I meant “GEARS”……LOL”

      Point being, he said other meaningful things in his comment, yet he chose to reply smugly on a fraction of the point he was trying to make. On something that he didn’t even mean to say. Some of GTP’s members are unrelenting in bashing people who may not voice as well as others what they are trying to say. Irks the hell outta me.

  11. sangdude82

    I hope that GT6 will have super fast loading times with the almighty ps4. Also, I would like to see the memory cards coming back to ps4. May be they can let us use the USB flash drives.

    1. KilzoneStrife

      5GB GDDR will allow much much much faster loading as the game will cache info between Hardrive and the super fast ram continously.
      GT5 also had to deal with the slow Blu Ray drive in the PS3 (1 speed).
      PS4 blu ray drive (6 speed)

    2. KilzoneStrife

      Lol we’re both wrong. I checked the official specs.

      “The PlayStation 3 features a slot-
      loading 2x speed Blu-ray Disc drive
      for games, Blu-ray movies, DVDs,
      CDs and other optical media. ”
      Cell Broadband Engine™
      256MB XDR Main RAM
      256MB GDDR3 VRAM

  12. JeremiahTB

    Sony is really trying to push handheld gaming. Phones and tablets get more powerful every year, so why would people need to spend hundreds of dollars for a Vita?

    1. KilzoneStrife

      For Gaikai integration. Imagine playing PS1, PS2, PS3, PC games (in any settings, even Ultra High) on the go and anywhere. They will have it running on their own platforms before others. Also.. the Vita still pretty powerful kit. AND … Kaz is helping with the NEW Vita. Its an update to the current model,
      Same specs as the current model.. 4 Core CPU, 4 Core GPU, but they may clock them at a higher speed (All vitas, new and old via Firmware)
      At E3, they are announcing a price cut and a
      new Vita LTE model that uses 4G. That would be perfect for Gaikai. It will also be slimmer and receive a price cut from the current one.

      They filed patents for a LTE Vita in January 2013. It WILL be unveiled with the PS4 at E3.

    2. JeremiahTB

      If the Vita would be used as a tablet replacement, then maybe it has a future globally. But if it’s only for games…I’m not sure it will be as popular worldwide as portable gaming is in Japan.

  13. KilzoneStrife

    Because 8GB DDR5….
    There will be ZERO problems during development. No need to bend of backwards to get it running. GT5 was barely running on PS3, screen tear and all. GT5 was too ambitious for PS3.
    Now that PS4 is ten times the power of PS3 and has sixteen times more ram (and thats actual ram, by speed it wipes the floor with PS3), we will see what GT was really meant to be.

    The ram on PS3 was garbage, about 60GB/s.
    PS3= 250mb DDR 3 system ram
    250mb XDR ram

    PS4 ram is 176GB/s and theres 8GB of it!
    8GB GDDR5

    Xbox 3(lol) 8GB DDR 3 standard pc ram.

    Next Forza is going to be left in the dust.

    1. BkS

      You seem to be confusing DDR and GDDR.

      The ‘G’ in GDDR represents something to do with the IC’s termination voltage control.

      The function of that controller allows more stable operation at high speeds, as as well as lower latency and high bandwidth and is not compatible with motherboard (cpu) memory controllers.

      It conforms to DDR standards, however where “G” is placed at the beginning it shows that it’s been modified to be typically stable for graphically intense operations. Such as using OpenGL shaders. It also shows the performance-enhancing doubling of the I/O clock rate is missing.

      Nowadays though, GDDRx is just DDRx tweaked for higher bandwidth, and stability.

      Both consoles are said to be using the same hardware, so it’ll all come down to first and third party titles and support.

    2. KilzoneStrife

      Xbox 3(Durango) is confirmed using DDR3.
      People would hope it changes, but it wont.
      Nobody expected the PS4 to have 8GB GDDR5, let alone unified ram (512mb*16slots) on the MB, but its the case.

      This is current Durango specs:
      8GB of DDR3 RAM (68GB/s bandwidth)
      32MB of fast embedded SRAM (ESRAM)

      It still doesnt match the 176GB/S,

      The rumors of same architecture is bs.
      Apart from the 8 Core Jaguar, there are no similarities.
      Also, Sony confirmed an ARm chipset for OS/back ground task, while MSFT still have 2Jaguar Cores reserved for OS.

      Sony is using 512MB for OS,
      MSFT is using 2-3GB due to Windows 8.

      So, how are the specs similar when Sony has 176GB/S ram and 7.5GB of it for games( All 8cores for gaming)
      Msft has 6 Cores for games and 5-6GB of DDR3 ram and a 12CU GPU?

      SuperDAE was arrested last week, he broke into Sony and MSFT and got the specs, their legitamate.

    1. KilzoneStrife

      @HKS… you are underestimating the stumbling block Open GL programming on Cell with split XDR and DDR3 is…

      I will LOL when we see a debut trailer of GT6 at E3 2013 and a release date of Dec 2013 for the console and GT6 September 2014.

    2. Foxiol

      And people buy one expensive console to play just one game…people these days…(I know a lot of you do that, but seriously buy a 500$ piece of hardware to play a 60$ game…mind blown)

    3. M13rdaInTheSky

      For people that actually play… That price is well worth it…
      I’d pay $1000 if that’s what it took…
      GT is a tool that will always be in my toolbox…
      I’m not fanboy status but love is love…

  14. delayedreaction

    All sounds great to me. The potential for GT6 is enormous with all those extra resources available in the PS4.

    1. KilzoneStrife

      They want to integrate Remote Play between Vita and PS4 by streaming GT6 via built in PS4 Wifi.

      With it, you can even be travelling the world, anywhere away from home, use the Vita via wifi to switch on the PS4 through the internet and playing PS4 GT6 streaming the game directly from your PS4 over the internet to play on Vita.

  15. infamousphil

    Wow… I wish these guys would say “GT6” instead of just “GT”. When their announcements make like that, I question why GT6 would be released on the PS4 and not the current console.

    1. KilzoneStrife

      Because the PS3 is old outdated tech and GT6 on PS3 would look 100% the same as GT6 and take 5years to make with complicated Cell cpu and crap ram.

  16. Gejabo

    GT6 on both PS4 and PS-vita would be nice.

    Keeping track of your B-spec races on the PS-vita is the first thing I think of.
    Checking how your friends are doing in time trials would be another.
    Then hurry home and beat them :)

    1. Lambob

      if GT6 AI has the same ‘Rabbit’ in the lead, to fill its 8GB RAM, I’m going to restart the race over and over to see how far I can punt it off the track in Turn 1

  17. Bluntified

    This is really a “no brainer”, GT5 is one of the only games to push the PS3 to its limits! It would only make sense for PD to be *somewhat* involved in the hardware of PS4. It’s a [GT] AAA title exclusive to Playstation, they need to know what kind of hardware they’re working with!

  18. Imari

    Doesn’t really tell us anything. We already knew that some devs had input into the design of the console, Sony would have to be Grade A morons not to ask the developers of their biggest selling franchise…

  19. Snaeper

    This explains why Yoshida-san said we wouldn’t have to wait as long for GT6… possibly because PD’s devs had the inside scoop on the next gen hardware before it was even released in dev form (thus giving them a development advantage).

    What’s most interesting though, is the announced connectivity planned for Vita and PS4 (as demonstrated by Knack and GaiKai boss) would seem to make developing two titles for both systems irrelevant. Yamauchi’s mention of the 3G feature being utilized on the Vita would enforce this, wouldn’t it? As you’d be able to play GT6 on the go on your Vita?

    1. Quakebass

      Yes – I believe there’s some games that are on both the Vita and the PS3 (and this will obviously continue on the 4) that are one and the same title. I think “PS All-stars” is one of them… So really, GT6 could be multi-platform on both the Vita and the PS4… And the same will go with many titles…

      This generation just keeps getting more and more interesting, now doesn’t it?

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