Kazunori on Gran Turismo 6, GT Vita, & Shanghai Circuit at ChinaJoy 2012 Game Show

Kazunori Yamauchi is attending ChinaJoy 2012, one of Asia’s largest video game shows, in Shanghai this week.

While speaking with the press during a question-and-answer session, he made some interesting remarks about Gran Turismo 6 and Gran Turismo Vita, though stopped short of confirming the existence of a new mobile title.

Originally reported by Impress Watch and translated by AndriaSang, Kazunori stated that work on GT6 began immediately after GT5 was finished.

He also mentioned that “we’re always aiming for the latest technology and the latest expression,” further complicating speculation regarding which platform (PS3 or PS4) Gran Turismo 6 will appear on.

Regarding a Vita title, he chose his words very carefully while answering a question about the hypothetical game; “If we were to make it, we’d like to make use of the ability to play anywhere and the ability to use 3G at any time.”

Kazunori also stated that he will be visiting the local Shanghai International Circuit, which has hosted China’s Formula 1 Grand Prix since 2004, to consider what “elements” could be integrated in a future Gran Turismo title.

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  1. Sharpener

    I think it would be very interesting that Kazunori Yamauchi included in the next GT6, all real circuits are in Formula 1, in addition to those already are in GT5. Does not ?

  2. leeson65

    I think Kaz is a madman. I really do. I think he went nuts a few years ago. Just look at him. We’re all waiting around for the tiny mad-man in his padded cell to release the next foray into more nonsense and dissappointment. Not me. Not me.

    1. Amac500

      Well that was a totally nonsense comment, he looks perfectly normal and nothing about him is “insane” at least he hads stuff to ages unlike many other titles, even something free now and again.

    2. Pit Crew

      @Amac500 Dont sweat it bro Miserable People think on a negative curve. Kaz is straight gangsta when it comes to his lifestyle, which is his business. Im more interested in the game he produces, not his past or current mental state.

      Stay positive Amac let the miserable find their own company.

    3. TokoTurismo

      Sorry if this comes out rude leeson65, but that comment of yours is rather pathetic. I’m not sure if you’re losing it or something, but WHO in the right will say that? Come on really? Do other stuff other then playing games thank you, its getting to your head…

    4. tpark103

      There’s nothing wrong with being a little crazy. We all get a LIL crazy sometimes, I know I do.. :-).

    5. sporkafife

      Maybe he has gone crazy, maybe it will help him whip the team into shape to release an amazing GT6 :P

  3. Amac500

    I don’t really want Shanghai International Circuit. The track doesn’t really excite me that much, one of those tracks that were built in that F1 pop-up track boom where they built a bunch of tracks in a short time period and they weren’t really very good. If it’s cheap I would but I don’t think I’d pay $5 for it. I wish they could take a road trip somewhere to North America or something where there are a bunch of tracks not too far apart and they don’t have to cross country boarders. Like if you go down to Florida you could get Sebring, Homestead-Miami Speedway (a NASCAR oval with a sports car infield course Grand-Am runs), Palm Springs Raceway is decent (smaller track but if Tsukuba is in GT5 then why not Palm Springs while they are down there) and indycar is looking at running there, probably by 2014. Then Alabama is right there where there are ovals and Barber Sportscar course. While they are in Florida they could also rescue Daytona to fix the infield road course (run off in turn 1 and they currently have us running the old motorcycle bus stop, not the shorter sports car bus stop) and they could scan the oval with the lights on at night.

    Or they could go to Britian, get Silverstone ad it’s many layouts, maybe Donnington or something.

    Could go to California, get Auto Club Speedway (Oval track for NASCAR and an infield road course for sports car. Actually Super GT ran an exhibition race on the infield road course in 2004) and Sonoma, which has in GT4, and maybe the famous and historic Long Beach street course.

    What I would really like more then tracks though is another racing league, like NASCAR and Super GT. Yeah know, like Grand-Am (the Corvette DP is SEXY and NASCAR sanctions it so maybe they could get it) or Indycar. Indycar would be really fun for your open wheel fix since we can’t get F1 cars. Indycar is maybe the only cars you could see being really run on ovals or an street circuit or road course, I can’t think of any other car the would be the case with. Or even if they made a new FGT an made it more indycar style rather then F1 style because the indycar formula creates better racing I feel. Slower corner speeds then F1 mean more braking means more opportunities to set up passes and stuffs. Plus indycar is actually faster in a straight line, over 230 mph at end of straights at Indy. The could make that new FGT, make it premium, let us spray it and change car numbers on it, wouldn’t need to get any licensing to do it since it’s their own thing. That would be really cool, could be it’s own DLC just for those cars for like $1 or $2 (if they have a couple livery options). Maybe they could let you put aero kits on it (i.e. changing front nose and rear wing and maybe the side pod edges or something) Fairly easy for PD and I’d pay $2 for that.

    Or they could add something like GT3 spec cars like at the 24 Hours of Spa and Nürburgring. Even just little WTCC (World Touring Car Championship) cars would be totally cool with me. But yeah, that’s what I think about all that, a 3rd racing league would be cool. Btw I didn’t say Le Mans because all the prototypes are difference eras and all, a racing league being pretty much sane year and all.

    1. Guildenstern

      I agree, Not interested in Shanghai, Not interested in Hermann Tilke tracks in general. If you’ve ever driven the F1 201x series you have experienced the hell that is a Tilke track. They aren’t fun, they are fidgety, flat, and busy, and mostly designed around the camera and the grandstands. I’d rather see VIR, or Bathurst, or Mid-ohio, or Road Atlanta, or Silverstone, or Sonoma, or buttonwillow, or GoodWood, or Pikes Peak, or……..

  4. gigio79

    I hope kazunori does not wait for 5 more years to issue GT6 because players get old. After the experience with GT5 the team cannot make mistakes, people want damages, less than 1000 cars and much from europe. My personal desire is to have the name of the drivers on the top of the car, it can be very useful, specially during the endurance races.

    1. MeanElf

      Plenty of older gamers on GT5 already – I don’t think age will stop ’em playing GT6 once it comes out.

    2. Marcs2606

      I agree with the point about getting older, because at 35 I still love playing gt5 and I do buy the dlc but having a 13 month old son now means I have other comitments. Simply put, I will have serious reservations about buying a ps4 just to play gt6.

    3. KFM

      That’s my issue. My wife and I are looking to have some kids within the next few years, and while I did buy the PS3 for GT5, I probably won’t be buying a PS4 for GT6.

    1. Amac500

      I don’t really are how long it takes as long as they take the time to do it right. I do however agree about little thing like the name on the car. It’s litle customizable things that I feel can really transcend the game. A livery editor may just keep me interested for years, lol. I just hope they keep adding to GT5 until then. I really want 1 more series like NASCAR and Super GT, a 3rd series would really make it fun. So many races I see online are for Super GT or NASCAR but I wish there was one more atleast, I love racing with a series like that but I don’t quite feel at home with those 2

  5. MobiusSV

    I hope utilizing that 3G doesnt mean the entire game is fueled on it. I hate GT PSP. But yet, time and time again I would find myself playing it. It, itself wasn’t too good a game. No career, HUGE lack of exotics. The Gallardo and Murcielago were well out when GT PSP came out, and they gave us two Countachs. same deal with ferrari. Really? Two? Yet they gave us EVERY toyota, honda, and nissan ever concieved. Either way, if they could make something similar to GT5 (in terms of things like career and car selection, oh and graphics. PLEASE HD graphics! Either way returning to the point, as long as it doesmt become a game where they ABUSE a feature (*caugh* need for speed world speed boost *cough*) this will be an amazing game. I need a simulator. Ridge Racer can only do so much for you

  6. Kratos_Q8

    if gt6 is planed for ps4 sony and PD wont say anything about it soon coz it will be bad for ps3 buisness so if this silence keeps going for a long time about gt6 on wich console im100% sure its going to be on ps4 , this game is a console seller for sony , but i still hop it cones for ps3

    1. DA6righthand

      GT5 is a great console game, but it’s not accurate to say it’s the best game ever. Nor would I claim it’s the best racing game either. Let’s see where GT6 takes us. There needs more elements of racing before it can be the best racing game, IF PD can accurately recreate everything (ie getting rubber laid down on track as a race progresses, adjustable tire pressures). Needless to say, they’ve still got work to do in my opinion. Regardless, I’ll always be a fan of the series!

    2. Pit Crew

      True you have said quite enuff…most of it is offbase. GT3 sold the most, and may still be the best selling GTseries game. GT5 has way to many flaws to be deemed as Kaz and may PolyphonyDigitals best work.

    3. Amac500

      I’m never one to deffinenticely call 1 game the best, because it is personal preference based. However it is pretty much a fact that GT 5 has the best graphics and physics of any racing game ever. I mean after GT5 I looked a some of the Forza 4 stuff and it was like stepping backwards. Have you seen the onboard of the Peugeot 908? The proportions were SO far off of GT5, it was like looking through a key hole! The grass looks like garbage and the track renderings aren’t near as accurate.

    4. TomBrady

      I would actually agree just because of the sheer amount of content and the quality of the gameplay. Sure, netKar pro has more realistic physics, sure iRacing has a better community, but both of those don’t have anywhere near the content that GT5 has. It’s just more enjoyable overall.

  7. MartyMo

    I for one am not getting all excited about GT6, if its anything like GT5 you can have it. Think about it, GT5 delivers a very bland driving experience, rediculous a.I., horrible sounds, mediocre physics at best. I want the whole package when

    playing a racing sim.

    1. kultclassic

      ah hush up man, your comment is rubbish. All of you little complaining kiddys better run back to mummy and ask for need for speed. what did u want delivered with your gt5, a pizza?? it delivered in all ways it needed to. it drives well, it plays well online, and its the same gt you all used to love. you just got excited and expected too much…what you got was, just right. There is even dlc way over a year later….people like you will cause gt to be cancelled (never lol) u need a whole package in your pants son before you can use gt. get outta here.

    2. another_jakhole

      From my POV, it’s none of those things except for “bland driving experience”. It can get that way. Still, the rest doesn’t mean anything to me. Sounds? I like them now, but the sports exhaust is a bit too deep. Physics are mediocre? Oh, compared to PC sims, no duh. Ridiculous AI? It’s intelligent by a whole lot more than GT4’s and GT5:P’s. You want the whole package? What other console racer has the whole package (not saying GT5 is)? It can’t be Forza.

    3. MuoNiuLa

      @kult: Oh boy. I’m just going ignore your childish insults and say this.

      Please take a long, hard look at GT5 because there is quite a bit wrong with the game that made many people wonder what PD was thinking. One example, the career mode is very lacking. Quite strange how with each game up to GT4, the career mode got better and better but suddenly took a nose dive with GT5.

    4. TokoTurismo

      You think you can propose a better game MartyMo? Oh that’s righ, NO! You can’t, because you’re in your mother’s basement talking crap about GT5! You don’t even have a business, so how about you shut it and play a different until GT6 at least comes.

      And no, GT5 does NOT have bland driving experience and mediocre physics as you put it. Anyone who believes that are nothing but MORONS…

    5. Pit Crew

      You get out of it what you put into it Martymo (PD too consequently)and your statement of mediocre physics at best shows you dont tune well, so you blame the game. All that stuff can be fixed but you know what, I have learned to ignore those petty annoyances cause good or bad, I love this game,and always will.

      PD has a hiccup on 1 out of 5 great titles and peeps wanna throw them under the bus, without really putting out any effort in this game whatsoever.

    6. Pit Crew

      @Muoniula Yeah that career mode… but im not referring to players like us who have been playing GT5 since Nov 2010 when you had to be level 40 before you could tune the FC transmission, im talking bout the players who dont even know the limitations of their cars.
      For example I run a 220 and equal Daytona Shootout Lobby, and cant tell you how many players will pull out a Viper or a ZR1, even a NASCAR, (guess cuz we at Daytona but it’s street cars). those arent 220 no draft cars, more like 240+ cars. Those are the ones who give little effort but complain the most.

  8. Kobooi

    “we’re always aiming for the latest technology and the latest expression”

    Try aiming for latest cars and A-spec content instead.

    1. MobiusSV

      okay, I can even vouge for the car part. ive been wondering why theres a lack of exotics. I’d like at least a Bently Continental GT and for an updated Veyron and even a Veyron SS. Hopefully in GT6 they’ll have Koenigsegg. And why isnt the more recent SL65 AMG in the Mercedes dealership??? That sounds like a pretty important car. And I love GT5, but NFS Shift and Shift 2 Unleashed feel faster and more dynamic.

  9. mikecustom

    it looks like kaz doesn’t want to learn, they’re generating hype like crazy,
    what if the game does not deliver? again

    1. DuskTrooper

      Well then, they same that happened with GT5 will happen with GT6. half-assed game, continuous complaints, etc.

    1. TeamCZRRacing

      @DuskTrooper No, it’s the Spec 2.0 version. The XL Edition has, um, “XL Edition” on the box.

  10. RobDoggy05

    Does Kaz not realize that keeping everyone in the dark about ANYTHING related to GT is the main reason why everyone is so angry?
    Im not saying go and spill the beans on all the details for GT6..

    Saying things like this increases everyone’s expectations and makes people start speculating, which leads to (yet more) disappointment. This statement about GT6 revealed NOTHING, so why lead people to speculation about mentioning anything about GT6???
    If there’s a FACT about GT6, then tell us! Why on earth piss your fans off by taunting them with ideas???

    Just with the “GT6” in the articles title, and look at all the comments!!! And there’s my proof!!!

    Open your eyes PD… Come on

    1. BlindZenDriver

      You’re not speaking for me so enough with the “everyone” already.

      I can’t see a problem with nothing having clear info on GT6 at this time. If we say the PS4 was days from coming out then I could see a reason to be annoyed for those that don’t have a PS3 and then would be wondering if GT6 would need a PS3 or a PS4 – otherwise then what is there really to be upset about?

      Would knowing more maker the gamer:

      – Reach market sooner?
      – Be a better game?
      – Be cheaper?

      I think not then what’s the issue. If you think anyone knows for sure what will happen tomorrow then think again so surely a little uncertainty about a game should be a non-issue.

    2. MeanElf

      Well, in truth this site is ever so slightly mad keen on anything GT – so most of the hype gets blown way out of proportion here and pretty much here only.

      The PD team has been living and breathing GT6 for almost two years – so of course they’ll want to talk about it. Relatively it must feel longer for them, so that’s completely understandable they feel it’s time to start talking about it.

      I’m glad for any news personally speaking.

  11. GMW

    This time around (for GT6) I’m going to minimize my speculation and just pray it comes out at some point during the PS4’s lifecycle. It would be a killer launch game though!….damn it…..i can’t stop speculating! :-)

  12. mjm23race

    Kaz way to say something without saying anything at all! Well done as usual, that should keep everyones wild ramblings and speculations to a minimum.

    1. MuoNiuLa

      @Sauber_C9: Real educated comment about the people who play Forza. You couldn’t be futher from the truth.

  13. AndyT88

    GT5 was a big disappointment for me. It was unfinished in so many ways and if Forza 4 supported my G25 then I wouldn’t even touch GT5. I don’t care how long GT6 takes or rich consoleI am a massive GT

    1. AndyT88

      Or which console it’s released on, just get it perfect. I’m a massive GT fan which makes it difficult to dislike a GT game.

    2. MSTER232

      Going to have to agree with you that GT5 was a very big disappointment and always had this ‘unfinished’ feel to it when playing it.

    3. Sauber_C9

      Forza 4 came out a long time after GT5 and GT5 still holds it’s own against it. People give Forza way too much praise. It’s for kids and people who aren’t that interested in cars or racing.

    4. MuoNiuLa

      @Sauber_C9: Real educated comment about the people who play Forza. You couldn’t be futher from the truth.

    5. BlindZenDriver

      How can the wheel support make a difference when u say F4 is so much better – we play games like these so many hours that getting a alternate wheel for the 360 can only be a minor detail. Surely you should be playing it now rather than whining here if F4 was so good :-)

  14. mobiletone

    I’d rather have a Tourist Trophy bike pack or standalone first. Hell, just release the damn thing on PSN so i can play it again.

    1. mobiletone

      and yeah, i COULD play it on my phatty PS3 before i sent it for repair and Sony gave me the borked version of the console back with no explanation!

  15. smskeeter23

    OMG its like kindergarten in here…

    It WILL be on PS3, it better NOT be on PS3, the hardware can’t handle it, it will be a PS4 launch title, optimize the code there’s more in the PS3, there have always been 2 titles on each console, game X makes a new game every 2.5 months and makes the PS3 run missions to Saturn, PS4 is 5yrs away no wait 2yrs wait next month it will be released! It will be GT6p, it’ll be everything we dreamed of, it will suck, PD yay!, PD boooo, it better have every track in the world plus every car from every manufacturer ever on the planet including the moon rover and the batmobile…

    Did I get it all?

    Seriously dont take this the wrong way, I am rolling my eyes and laughing at this. The repetition in here is nausiating lol.

    1. MeanElf

      Like it! I do wonder why so many of the same people continue to post in the news section about a game they apparently disliked – it’s really starting to get me annoyed, like they’re saying I’m a fool for liking GT5 and obviously must know nothing at all about racing games or cars.

      Okay, now I’m starting to sound like a broken record myself – I’m done.

  16. Praggia

    I dont think the ps3 would be able to handle GT6 if PD is planning to up the ante. The hardware just cannot handle it, it currently just manages to run gt6 and KAZ himself said they were really pushing the ps3’s capabilities with gt5. I wouldn’t be surprised if we saw a gt6 prologue for the ps3 before a ps4 release

  17. Praggia

    LMAO work on gt5 started after gt5 was finished …..but GT5 was never really finished come on KAZ lol

  18. yago174

    Well going by history there was always 2 gt games on each home console so it could be possible but at the same time look at how long it took to release gt5 so unless they have some trick up their sleeve I don’t think we will see gt6 on ps3

    1. obsessive rules

      Well, they had 2 ps2 games so maybe KAZ got wind of the ps3, and it is possible. Just do over gt5 as add all the new stuff then whala gt6!

  19. Quakebass

    I find it interesting how there seems to be more frequent news on GT6… I’m thinking it could be approaching within the next two years… Let’s see what happens at E3 2013.

    1. bretlei

      But what about gt4 prologue and gt 2002 Tokyo concept ? Everyone forgets them, and ps3 has had two games gt5 prologue and gt5, chances are thegt6 will be for ps4 . There not just gonna pop out a full game in just this little time . everyone knows PD Takes a while to makr games. Gt3 – gt4 was 6 years . So dont expect it to be on ps3

    1. another_jakhole

      I was hoping for a PS4 launch release date. I’d be saving up money beforehand to afford it, or I might not be able to for a few months after it comes out. The PS4 isn’t going to simply be a stronger PS3. There’s going to be other benefits that we can only imagine at this point.

      Considering it looks like the majority of GTP members want it for the PS3, I’d prefer it to be on the PS3. Let’s just hope that the popular choice was chosen for the sake of appeasing their doubts.

      GT7 will a LONG ways away if PS4 comes out a year after GT6 releases. IDK, it’s complete speculation after following this game so closely for a while now.

    2. KiroKai

      Jakhole, if you compare the release version PS3 to the latest slim PS2, there is a big difference, but if you compare the launch PS3 to the recent slim versions, there’s also quite a difference in memory capacities, reliability and pricing, right?

      In my opinion, buying Sony PlayStation consoles before they improve it some years later and release it for a cheaper price as slim version seems to be a stupid decision and a waste of money. Therefore, I’d prefer a faster release of the first PS4 and a denied, not as much as GT5, but a denied release of GT6, in a few years. Until then the PS4 should be out at least one year so the common issues are known and can be avoided.

    3. another_jakhole

      Good points, I keep forgetting about some of them.Makes a lot of sense that last sentence. But to be clear, GT6 releasing 1.5 years after the PS4 releases isn’t what I had in mind. That’s a pretty short amount of time.

      It’s mainly that we’re so late into this consoles life that it might only be one year after GT6 on the PS3 that the PS4 releases. Then a 3 year wait minimum for GT7 after the PS4 launches.

  20. e30 freek

    All the people wanting this on ps4 will be disappointed because it will come to ps3 I just gotta feeling in the pit of my stomach about it

    1. Blood*Specter

      That could very well be e30. But I am thinking the next release of GT will not be on a disc. I suspect it will run like GT Academy.
      The PS4 should have the ability to use disc, but next gen games will be using client/server model. We wont be buying any move DVD’s. I do not know this for a fact it’s just my opinion. And its based on the way the Academy game felt, looked and sounded.

  21. BWX

    I really don’t believe anything Kaz says about ”the future of GT5/GT6”… I think he just says whatever he’s thinking at the time and it rarely has anything to do with the truth about what actually happens. ”Driver’s Club” is a prime example. All the announcement dates, and then very long delays are another example. Things printed on the GT5 box that aren’t in the game is another. He speaks in riddles for his own self-indulgent reasons..

    I’m over it. GT5 has some nice points, but they are mostly wasted. Overall as a racing/ driving GAME it is a huge disappointment. I’m not even the least bit looking forward to GT6. The cop-out XP system, the horribly borring cop-out ”chase rabbit” Ai, the cop-out grid start ban (rolling starts only), the totally meaningless licence tests (cop-out as well), the embarrassingly lacking and SHORT A-Spec, ridiculous B-Spec, etc., all point to the nosedive PD has taken. I highly doubt GT6 will address any of GT5’s real problems. More tracks and cars? What’s that going to fix? The fact that GT5 still has all those problems in this internet age when they could actually be fixed is telling.

    1. varmintx

      And yet, you still come to GTPlanet because whining liking a little b***h is just too much fun to give up.

    2. MyFavoriteGame

      hahahaha…. your entitled to your opinion BWX. F@*K THESE NAZI B!*CHES! ….Say what you gotta say, “GTP” does NOT stand for “Gran Turismo Praise ” ….Plus, in life I’ve learned that lowering my expectations usually doesn’t hurt….. who knows, GT6 might blow your socks off.

    3. KiroKai

      ^ *you’re…

      Though some of your arguments are true, the negative way you describe them and your overall expression of GT5 seriously makes me wonder why you still, so much time after GT5 has been released, obviously visit GTPlanet daily and comment on the news.

    4. MuoNiuLa

      I have to laugh at some of these replies. People seem to think this site is only dedicated to GT5, and nothing else. It’s also dedicated to GT1-GT4, meaning fans of the series in general are welcome, no matter which game is their favorite or least favorite. Obviously, GT5 is not BWX’s favorite GT game. Does that mean he’s not welcome? No. The site is called Gran Turismo Planet, not Gran Turismo FIVE Planet. It didn’t get where it is today because of GT5 either.

    5. KiroKai

      Fine, but if he doesn’t like GT5 and therefore is judging GT6 as being over-hyped by Kazunori before even PD know what the final game will be, why does BWX bother reading through the news announcing something that Kaz says about GT6 and posting his rant comment under it? If he’s about older GT titles, which he didn’t mention by the way, he can visit the forum parts where people discuss about those instead of posting angry comments.

    6. another_jakhole


      :) Exactly. They think that just because “we fanboys” get mad at them for pointing out the faults that we don’t see the faults with GT5. For so long now, we’ve been telling them to change their tone. Rarely are they sticking with it.

    7. another_jakhole

      Oh, and I’m not calling you a fanboy. I’m calling myself one. I don’t have a stick up my ass about Forza though. I would buy it if I had a wheel for it, then I’d join ForzaPlanet and talk crap about Greenawalt, because he hasn’t added weather, time change, nor a Course Maker ;). These guys are just fooling themselves if they honestly think their criticism is nothing but constructive.

    8. Kratos_Q8

      @BMX Overall as a racing/ driving GAME it is a huge disappointment. I’m not even the least bit looking forward to GT6. The cop-out XP system, the horribly borring cop-out ”chase rabbit” Ai, the cop-out grid start ban (rolling starts only), the totally meaningless licence tests (cop-out as well), the embarrassingly lacking and SHORT A-Spec, ridiculous B-Spec, etc., all point to the nosedive PD has taken. I highly doubt GT6 will address any of GT5′s real problems. More tracks and cars? What’s that going to fix? The fact that GT5 still has all those problems in this internet age when they could actually be fixed is telling.

      100% true

    9. MuoNiuLa

      @KiroKai: First, I don’t think his comment here is “angry”. He has said worse things on here about Kaz/PD. He even says GT5 has some nice points.

      Secondly, I just think all GT fans should have say on where the series is going, regardless if they like the latest installment or not. We bought GT5 with our hard-earned money, just like you did. We should be able to say whatever we want about any product we buy.

      I honestly agree with most of his comment. I’m not believing anything about GT6, whether it’s from Kaz’s mouth or anywhere else, until I see the game on the shelf. GT5 was disappointing in many ways, much of which previous GTs did better. I’m not going out to buy GT6 first day like I did with GT5. I’ll wait for reviews and footage of the game on YT before buying to see if PD really are listening to criticism. Only then will they be deserving of my cash. Fool me once, shame on PD. Fool me twice, shame on me.

  22. mikecustom

    GT6 on PS4, i’m out, my gaming years are over now, the PS3 was going to be my last console anyway, I have different priorities now and getting console after console isn’t one of them

    1. TragicallyHip

      Not sure why people are mad at this post but whatever. I can say the same thing…GT5/PS3 is it for me for a long time. Just can’t do this stuff anymore. But that isn’t to say I won’t be excited for GT6 and the PS4 even though I won’t be buying them.

    2. another_jakhole

      This guy was one of the worst offenders when it came to being completely inappropriate. My explanation is hardly a good enough example.

    3. DuskTrooper

      What is so offensive about this comment that got everyone’s panties in an uproar? He’s realized that he has other matters to attend to, and doesn’t have much time left for video gaming.

      Just because he’s not buying your precious PlayStation 4 and your precious GT6, doesn’t mean he needs to be told to leave. If anything, you guys need to leave.

    4. another_jakhole

      The hell, man? Did you not read the comment right above yours? It’s practically dangling its testes in front of your eyeballs.

    5. another_jakhole

      I just find that hilarious. You’re speaking like he should be commended for moving on with his life while the last couple/few months he’s been posting here, it’s been mostly him being a jerk. If the people, who spew their hate for some things and even some people that deal with GT5, change the way they post by not being offensive (there are a couple of people actually doing well with that and one of them I used to have on my ignore list a long, long time ago), then I think maybe quite possibly there might be a good chance for more civil discussions and debating without taking jabs at each other’s.

      Is it at all necessary to add “moron” to the end of a person’s name when people know that we admire that person? How clueless are you that you can’t see that some guys have been constantly acting like this for a very long time now with some people crossing over to the, “Ima post like a grumpus due to the lack of communication between a business and it’s non-employees. We deserve more!”

    6. MeanElf

      Hell, I’m in my early 50s and don’t intend on giving up playing games – I might have less time available to me, but I’ll still be at it.

  23. phil_75

    Jesus christ! PS4 is out next year, people really think gt6 will be on PS3? Put the crack pipe down! LoL

  24. Butimtj

    Just think about it. There has been 2 main games on ps1 (gt1,gt2) and two main games on ps2 (gt3,gt4). If the pattern continues we could hopefully get gt6 after gt5 on the ps3.

    1. KiroKai

      So basically you’re saying that PD should deal with a, compared to modern PC gaming technology, pretty low spec console instead of a slightly better one to keep up their ‘pattern’ or ‘tradition’? That’s really a weird reason.

  25. pay2021

    Ok, let’s suppose that GT6 gonna be in PS4… but sorry, personally, i cant buy console after console, MAYBE the next year my 300-400 bucks going to PC, sorry again Kaz.

    1. smskeeter23

      Some of us have families and bills etc. We dont just sit in moms basement all day eating Cheetos and playing games. $300-600 for a gaming console is a big seal in some budgets

    2. pay2021

      Oh wait! why should i do? pay the rent? pay my children’s school, mmm, better i buy another console… MOM!!!!

  26. BlisteredHand

    I have seen speculation like this for a long time. But I have’nt seen division of expectations like this, for me even before this news, GT6 was for the PS4, and this news reinforces it. GT6 will not be on the PS3.

  27. Dr.Frogg

    What I think would be pretty cool is that GT6 is released for both the PS3 and PS4. In one cover, there should be two discs inside. one for the PS3, and the other for the PS4.

    1. Quakebass

      I don’t see how the would work… and I don’t see the point. It would reduce sales for the PS4, and does anyone really want a major game to be released on a previous-gen console? If they made a PS3 version, what would be the point? it would be a waste of development time for making GT6 fill in the specs of the PS4, and would therefore need to be subtracted from in order to run on the PS3… That is, if GT6 is going to be on PS4, and it actually lives up to the PS4 specs, and is far too powerful for anything of the previous gen…

    1. tpark103

      I agree the buzz is coming like rapid fire all of a sudden. The only thing that has me thinking it may be a few months off is the release of the Euro Bundle.

  28. Kratos_Q8

    when uncharted 1 was released every when went WoW look what ND did they maxed out the ps3, then they released uncharted 2 and it was a big upgrade from 1 in terms of graphics , content and smoothness and i dont even wana talk about how good the last of us looks :) so GT5 is there first game on PS3 im 100% sure if GT6 is coming on ps3 it will look and play better than gt5,

    same thing goes back to GT3 , look how much deference there is between it and GT4!

    1. TomBrady

      what about uncharted 3? That was an even bigger improvement.

      That’s what I was thinking when they said “newer tech”. I mean just look at how much faster load times got after spec 2. It went from like 45 seconds, to 5 seconds. All that just from an update?

      I think they can definitely still improve things like graphics and obviously physics even with the PS3. They do know their stuff, the only problem with GT5 was time, they simply had to perform a balancing act between FPS, and graphics. That’s why you see the crap shadows and low res smoke/particle effects and 2d trees.

      Hopefully like Naughty Dog they’ve found ways to push the PS3 even further, because I for one will be pretty angry if GT6 is a PS4 title. I love GT5 and I still think it’s the best but if it’s all we get for an entire friggin console cycle? I would be really angry about it. No one should be expected to go buy a console when it first comes out no matter how awesome it ends up being. Consoles usually go for like $600 at first right? That’s insane. I will never pay above 350, ever. Neither should anyone else.

    2. BWX

      ”They do know their stuff, the only problem with GT5 was time, they simply had to perform a balancing act between FPS, and graphics. That’s why you see the crap shadows and low res smoke/particle effects and 2d trees.”

      The problem wasn’t really ”time”, not now. The reason we have crappy shadows and low res smoke was because of a bad decision. If they could be fixed with a little more time, PD would have released a patch and ”fixed” it. The reason is because there isn’t enough RAM in the PS3 to support those effects at any higher resolution, AND have 1080p (upscaled, but still) screen resolution, AND have antialiasing, AND have 60 FPS, AND have 16 premium cars on the track, etc, etc, etc. The PS3 just doesn’t have enough RAM to have all that, and High res smoke and shadows. It probably has the raw CPU power to do that and more, but the low RAM is a bottleneck for GFX performance – (another bad decision!)

      What they could do is tone down some other things, and raise the resolution of the shadow maps, or let the FPS dip a little more, or a number of other optimizations.. it’s all a trade-off. They just chose to have the smoke and dust look horrible at certain angles (alfa texturing), and have shodows look bad at certain times (low res shadow maps), in order to let other things look as good as they do such as edges of the lines on the cars (antialiasing) and other memory hogging effects.

      Things like that are what will be fixed on the GT that comes out on the PS4.

      ”they simply had to perform a balancing act between FPS, and graphics.”
      Yeah, that is correct.. but time isn’t the problem now.

    3. TomBrady

      Isn’t anti aliasing like a type of blurring? Personally, I say drop it alltogether or tone it down. My computer sucks so most of the games I play on it have no AA, and I really don’t care. What matters is resolution and clarity. I look at some games like Grid, shift 2, and Dirt 1, and even f1 2010 and forza 4 a little bit, HORRIBLE, blurriness. There’s one thing I despise in graphics the most, it’s blurriness. AND SOME DEV’S DO IT ON PURPOSE!!!!!!!!!! They do it just to mask imperfections. Personally, I’d rather have the full spectrum of imperfections than have it blurry.

      But that’s another topic. Like I was saying, I would hope they could maybe drop or reduce the AA to free up some ram. Another thing they gotta fix is screen tearing. You don’t really notice while driving but it’s there sometimes.

      See I look at Uncharted 3, and I see what can be done with limited resources. Hell even GT5 is an example of that as well, just not quite as shining. I know we all love the 1080p (or near 1080p) res, but what if they lowered it just a tad, and got in some better shadow and smoke res, and some better trees. Can’t they push the Cell a little harder? Can they get it to do more things to make up for the lack of RAM?

      Basically I’m just trying to find hope that GT6 will be on PS3 with improvements.

      The good thing is the physics can be vastly improved without taking up a ton of RAM. And really, that is what’s important, and I know they’ll definitely improve it. What I’m mainly worried about is that they won’t improve it enough to compete with sims like iracing or netkar. It could EASILY be done with the PS3s power, but that’s not the problem. The problem is all the controller users. I really think they should make it like a professional PC sim except with really powerful driver aids for people that don’t want a super realistic sim. It can definitely be done.

      I for one love playing GT5 ONLY when realism is at the max. No aids, tire wear, heavy damage, and using the right set of tires is what I like to do. If the physics were at netkars level, I might never leave my house with all the content GT6 will have

  29. UrieHusky

    I’ve never been so obsessed over gaining knowledge about something, I usually patiently wait for games to come out but DAMN IT KAZ GIVE US A STRAIGHT ANSWER T_T

    1. XXI

      I’m with you, all Jordan has to do is post something up about GT6, and we all turn into hysterical children.
      I have no problem waiting a few years for a GT comeback, just need a little confirmed info to hold me over.


    And also for the “latest technology” remark, you’d be really dumb to think that PS3 is the latest technology in Sony’s R&D labs. It wouldn’t suprise me if PD did have some sort of idea of what the PS4 is, but most likely we’ll see a PS3 release of GT6:P or some sort of life, refurbished version of GT5.


    Ugh, PD has the worst customer/fan relations ever and Kaz is far too pretentious. GT is a great game and all, but it definitely could be a lot better and there is a good sum of fans sitting on pins and needles waiting for the chance to really LOVE this game again. I, myself, am such a fun and all this misdirection and confusion drives me away from the title.

    We all waited for GT5’s release, and I’m sure like most GT fans, I passed up caving to the X360 and Forza and continued to play GT4 while we all anticipated GT5’s release. Even after a hellacious production time and several agonizing delays with Kaz speaking in riddles the whole time, PD STILL can’t come to us with any sort of real answers about the future of the title, sequels, updates, patches, DLC… No shred of humility. You would think that after such a fiasco like GT5’s production time, you’d make an oathe to your fans and customers BUYING your product to never be so disappointing again.

    But for some reason, PD just doesn’t get it. Perhaps they’re being far too transparent or maybe they really are flying by the seat of their pants, but I’m starting to resent it. I haven’t touched the game since March and I can’t say they’ve done anything exciting to bring me and other players like me back. Oh, a Scion… lol really? I’d rather have an obscure Scandanavian super car make into the game rather than more corperate wash like the new Scion. They really think 200hp is going to justify the $25k MSRP?? LOL! Can’t wait to see this car flip and flop to a still death in Toyota’s stupid face. And really I think I’m good on R35 GTRs…

    And most likely GT6:P = PS3 (which will probably be a refined version of GT5 w/o standard cars), GT6 the full game = PS4 (doubt it’ll b a release title). But then again don’t take my word for it… or do since PD probably doesn’t have a blues clue on what they’re doing.

    1. tpark103

      Another_jack is right on this one. I’ve worked on projects before that were confidential until complete.

  32. XXI

    I’m really thinking a PS3 release, but the latest technology comment has me confused now. Information Kaz, information man!

    If someone were to secure a plane ticket to Japan, we will take my HD camera equipped radio control helicopter up the side of their offices and peak through the windows.

  33. carfanatic45

    I like how it said that PD began work on GT6 when GT5 was done, what do they mean by done…I didn’t know ‘done’ was in PD’s vocabulary.


    Yeah yeah whatever about the shanghai circuit , more British tracks please like Donington and Silverstone

  35. marktyper

    Well , we MUST NOT say “I hope” because GT6 MUST BE in PS3 ! Like come on… Polypony Digital made the assurance that in every Console/Platform , there’s always TWO series of GT . So there’s no excuse that GT6 will not be in the PS3. Look at the bigger picture.. Like me, I bought my PS3 only for GT5 and it was only like a 2 years ago… It’s just really not an excuse for them not to make GT6 in PS3. Look at Forza Horizon, (i’m just saying as an example) that they launched another different series in the same platform of 360.

    1. Wiki

      If GT6 is gooing to be on PS3 it will not be that different of GT5 becuase the PS3 limited the development. But PD dont have to do it just for one console why not both? The PS4 will be more powerful!!!

    2. e30 freek

      I think it might be on both like nfs prostreet and undercover were both on ps3 and 2 so who knows it could be on ps4 if sony have anything to do about it!

  36. nissanfanatic

    I have a feeling we are going to get GT6 on the PS3, sooner than we think. It just makes sense to me that they would use the GT5 engine and tweak it rather than focusing on an entirely new platform. The PS3 must have a little more oomph in it surely?

    Plus looking back in time we have had two GT titles on each console so I’d say we will on this one too. I wouldn’t mind if it comes out on PS4 as a release title. I will most probably be getting one at release or shortly after anyway, but for some people that is out of reach.

    That’s just my two cents anyway!

    1. HuskyGT

      I hope so.

      And it’s not really trying to push the PS3 further. The game’s improvements need to be done in other aspects. Graphics and such are still better than in any other game.

      With this I’m saying that they could make a 10x better game with a little re-thinking, rearanging, taking out the unnecessary stuff like B-Spec, or simplifying it like in GT4, eliminating the grinding in favor for a bigger off-line A-Spec like in the old days and just adding what is missing. You don’t really have to make a bigger better looking game for it to be better.

      I dare to say that in quality terms, even GT3 is better than GT5. It proved to have probably the best gameplay and replay value with only 120 cars.

    2. nissanfanatic

      It makes sense looking at it from a business perspective too. Less money spent developing a whole new game. Why start from scratch if GT5 is already such a great base??

    3. notStig

      I too hope GT6 is to be released on PS3 but I don’t think that 2 games per console is a very good reason to say it will, after all ther was only one GT game for PSP. And I agree with Husky. A new game does not need to have the ultimate in graphics to be a good one. If they polish what we have in GT5 now would be already awesome. Take Forza for instance. There’s a video in Forzaplanet showing the evolution of the game and you can see the game was mainly polished without the need of a new graphics engine to look that good. And Forza is now a strong competitor for Gran Turismo.

    4. HuskyGT


      Exactly my point. Just look at Forza 4. It might not be even close as good when it comes to physics, but the game has so much to offer.

      Imagine GT5 with all the options that Forza has, with more accurate sounds, full customization and livery editors so there is no need for RMs, a huge and diverse A-Spec mode at least like in GT4, leaving B-Spec as it was also in GT4, less grinding and better price and leveling system. I can assure you that even leaving standards behind and only keeping the 250+ premiums that we have so far and adding at least 5 new DLC cars monthly, the game would be vastly better.

      This is just an example, of course. If GT6 were to be released, I would expect at least 500+ Premium only cars with every manufacturer having at least 10-15 models, not like the current 70 Nissans and just 6 BMWs. Or more Miatas than there is Mercedes Benz cars.

  37. HuskyGT

    “Kazunori stated that work on GT6 began immediately after GT5 was finished.”

    Which means nothing really. We knew it right after Yamauchi San told that GT5 discs were being pressed as he spoke.

    I love the idea that GT6 will finally ovecome the criticism that has been subject of the current title. Gran Turismo has always been the game that makes me buy the console since the PS1. But I feel that if GT6 is released for the PS4, after all that we went through with GT5, this will be the first time that I will decline on getting the new console right after release date. I love GT, but I just can’t trust the game anymore.

    However, if GT6 were to be released for PS3, I will sleep outside my local videogame store and be the first to get it, since I will know for certain that the game will be at least superior than GT5.

    1. marktyper

      haha Indeed mate! For me, having that 13 years of GT enthusiasm is just beyond the reach.. I love GT5 but it’s true that simple games like NFS and FORZA has better graphics of like trees and car sounds then PD can’t even catch up with it… For sure, GT6 would be pre ordered right away if it will be in the PS3. I bought PS3 only for GT5 2 years ago..

    2. Smuttysy

      If it weren’t for GT5’s disappointments I’d be wetting my pants for the next release to come along. PD needs to get with the times and understand exactly what people are expecting from them now. At least take a look at all the things they’ve, essentially, been beaten on – long-term playability, sound, personalisation – just to add a few to much long list. PD just seem stuck in their ways, unwilling to bring the series up to date in more than just a graphical way.
      Seriously, GT5 is the only racing game that I’ve bought for the PS3 that doesn’t use L2/R2 for the accelerating and braking by default.

  38. TokoTurismo

    OMG! This just made my day. Hope to hear more of GT6, and GT6 BEING ON THE PS3! :D

    Shanghai International Circuit. Hope it comes in GT6, because GT6 really does sound like its close and exciting. :)

  39. sangdude82

    If Kaz is thinking of scanning the Shanghai International Circuit, may be he can scan all 20 circuits from 2012 F1 calender for GT6. I would also like to see some touges (mount passes).

    1. Enthusiastgt

      Mountain passes with the gt5 engine! And cars!!! Ive been dreaming about this to show the potential of kei cars downhilling

  40. Canis

    PS4, that what it’ll be called? I guess it’ll be a worth buy.. would it?? PS3 still offers quite a lot, what can ps4 offer??

  41. greggypoos

    “we’re always aiming for the latest technology and the latest expression,” – still think GT6 is for PS3?

    ”If we were to make it, we’d like to make use of the ability to play anywhere and the ability to use 3G at any time.” – the as-promised remote play for GT5 on vita?

    1. GTP_Versatile

      Well he did say “began” which means GT6 is being worked on. Otherwise it would’ve been something like “will begin”

  42. BkS

    This is interesting to say at the least. I notice tracks which were on PD’s site but not in game have started appearing in game. Like Mogeti. I reckon there are a few tracks still to be released.

  43. daus26

    If it’s truly immediately after GT5, I believe it’s for the PS3, especially if he stuck true to his words on the development time of shorter than GT5’s and the comment about how GT6 will be like a software compared to an OS restructuring… or something like that.

    1. Henso32

      GT6 will be on the PS4 Prologue. Lol
      I hope it’s on PS3. Don’t really feel like spending another $400 right now on a new console, but I’m sure I will.

  44. Tweetman_277

    I for one would love to see more brilliant real-world tracks!
    With the WRC licence, wouldn’t it be fun to see some of the Super Special stages in GT at some point.

    1. DuskTrooper

      I don’t really understand why PD must have a large selection of real world tracks.. I say create more fictional tracks, and let your imagination flow, PD!

  45. GReeK_W1ZaRd

    Improve tech huh. Yup, odds say it will be on PS4, especially if PS4 makes its first appearance in the next E3 show in 2013, it’ll take about 1 year or two to ship worldwide. It’ll be 2015 by then, 5 years after GT5’s launch. All this is speculation…..

    1. Hentis

      The hype will end in bitter disappointment for all the standard – premium car people as well!

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