2012 Chinese Grand Prix

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  1. LMSCorvetteGT2

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    I thought you wore a wizard hat when not trying to jinx people.
  2. dhandeh

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    I'm still trying to master it. With great power comes great responsibility.
  3. RX-7_FD3S

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    Also Lotus seems to struggle a bit in china, they were never really close from the top. It seems the few last place into the 10 (after both red bull, mclaren, mercedes and alonso) will be quite open. Sauber, Force India, Williams and Torro Rosso seems to be pretty equal in term of qualification.
  4. niky

    Philippines Philippines

    Remember, Lotus is having issues with DRS. We won't know their true pace till tomorrow.
  5. RX-7_FD3S

    Switzerland Geneva

    Where did you see that ? They didnt talk about it where I've watched the practice.
  6. ECGadget

    United Kingdom England

    I have a good feeling about Schumi on the front row on this track. And of course we'll see if the Merc is better now. RBR seems better now though, but the Ferrari again is horrific!
  7. RX-7_FD3S

    Switzerland Geneva

    It's really sad to see the Ferrari's behind the sauber and it's constantly happening since the start of the season (not in GP but in fp I mean). I dont remember that it happen since I follow F1 with ferrari. For Massa I really start to think he's done, I dont know if he sucks or if Alonso is a super genius, but Massa is constantly behind both sauber which is a big shame for him and Ferrari.
  8. ECGadget

    United Kingdom England

    I've always been a Ferrari fan (hence a Schumi fan :p) and I do remember once Ferrari did have problems like these, they managed to get out of it.
    I think with Alonso and Massa, it's just the difference in driving styles. Massa cannot adapt much anymore (not sure if his accident has something to do with it) while Alonso can.
  9. MildAshers

    England Brighton, UK

  10. Sohvakettu

    Finland Finland

    They are allowed to run with additional sensors on the first practice session.
  11. Famine

    United Kingdom Rule 12

    The McLaren tried to get out of the entrance of a car park.

    It's an airflow meter. Each prong is a pitot tube. They measure the airflow as it comes off the back of the car and over the splitter to assess a new design they've put on for China. They're allowed to run these things (and more besides) on a Friday.
  12. niky

    Philippines Philippines

    ESPNF1 commentary. They mentioned that it got bad enough in FP2 that they garaged the car to figure out the problem rather than go out for more laps.
  13. Sureboss

    United Kingdom UK

    Was on the Sky commentary too, if DRS isn't functioning they'll be stuffed during qualy. Hamilton looks quick, very quick, shame about the gearbox.

    Surprised no one has mentioned the Marussia's front wing coming off on it's own accord, maybe it was just going on strike?
  14. GTPorsche

    United States Williamsburg,Va

    Was there an explanation as to how the nose on Timo Glock's Marussia fell off?
  15. haitch40

    United Kingdom Nottingham UK

    What times the race and qualifying start BST?
  16. ECGadget

    United Kingdom England

    Quali coverage starts at 6am, starts at 7am
    Race coverage starts at 7am, race at 8am
  17. chromatic9


    Was put down to a operational issue, nothing mechanical failed so it wasn't fitted properly (finger trouble).
  18. ECGadget

    United Kingdom England

    Yeah, the fasteners on one side weren't attached properly.

    I am curious about flat spotting the tires tmrw... Especially at turn 14, should be interesting to see...
  19. Ardius

    United Kingdom Manchester

    I hate when Ted Kravitz is in situations like that (relaxed, scripted interviewing) or when he is presenting. He becomes a bit of a tool then. He seems, like James Allen, to be best finding and reporting the paddock stories during the weekend and the race..but he's pretty terrible being a pundit, presenter or anything else really. As soon as he is given a little bit extra air time and allowed to ask what he likes rather than ask specific questions, he becomes an idiot.

    Patrick Head looks completely bemused throughout that segment and both Ted and Georgie appear to struggle to articulate decent or relevant questions. At least ask him the right kinds of questions!

    On a side note, Bernie gave me some :lol: today with him telling whoever that Sky reporter was "What a stupid question, and you will get a stupid answer!" after being asked if he will be at the race in Bahrain.

    Found it on youtube:
  20. CarolinaBlue704

    United States Charlotte, NC

    Bernie :lol:

    I don't care what anyone says. I'm going to miss Bernie when he's no longer around.
  21. hawkeye122

    United States California

    This Gearbox and Engine regulation is pretty lame. I can see where it helps teams with low funding, but theres no reason that you should be forced to run your gearboxes too far. I understand they're trying to get rid of the Quali Engine-Transmission and then a seperate race one. But one set per weekend seems fair to me.
  22. Ardius

    United Kingdom Manchester

    ^Nah, the engine one is fine because its a pool of engines, so they don't always get a penalty.

    The problem with the gearboxes is that they have to run a specific number of races and you can't change it, unlike the engines which can swapped about as long as its only the 8 or however many it is that are used.
    They should make the gearboxes a pool like they do with the engines, so say give them 8 gearboxes for the season and every additional gearbox is a penalty.
    That way they can still avoid penalties and even if they don't, they only apply later when they use up the 8.
  23. chromatic9


    Yeah, I get frustrated by the gearbox rules. Should be a pool.

    Funny clip there Ardius. I agree about Ted Kravitz. Sky has some weird stuff airing but I guess its early days. I seen one clip with I think that Sky reporter and Martin Brundle and MB started to basically explain F1 to her as he could tell she wasn't understanding anything he said.

    To be fair on Sky, Lee Mckenzie spoke to Bernie while walking and instead of getting straight to the point she set up a long introduction to the question and Bernie looked totally bemused.
  24. JBanton

    England London

    I'm hoping Lewis Hamilton can get his performance hooked up in this round. Yes he has a penalty, but such racing talent does not get held back by such penalties. Of course I"m hoping that Button hits the front row again. I wonder how the weather wil ,play into this weekend...
  25. Endless-Wilso

    United States oshkosh/WI

    As i expcted RedBull have clawed back a little pace , but its cool to see they've customised the car for each driver Weber And Vettel having there own exhaust layout's.

    And at Ferrari's message to Massa 10 mins before FP2 was over "Alonso isn't braking in turn three!" :lol:
  26. Centura


    Interesting. Vettel is still using "A-Spec" exhaust layout.
  27. thechosenwonton

    Canton, GA

    Colin Edwards of MotoGP fame said that it was ridiculous in MotoGP as well; his argument that was that it was implemented as a cost saving regulation, but it didn't actually lower cost at all - the engineering and testing of an engine that highly strung and to last that long was where all the money was at - the parts costs was pennies to the dollar. 50k to purchase an engine is nothing compared to what it cost to develop that engine. I wholly agree with him.

    That, and I want 1000hp cars back in F1 where they belong. Pretending autoracing is "green" isn't fooling anyone except the ignorant.
  28. thechosenwonton

    Canton, GA

    All times EST

    11:26 - Redbull looking solid so far - Hamilton is on a quick one... bah couldn't do better than 4th - looked like a brake bias issue, locked the front a couple of times.

    11:29 - Alonso is trying - the Ferrari still looks very twitchy - only managed 10th

    11:30 - Paul Di Resta (sp?) is complaining of general instability, loose rear

    11:32 - didn't see rosbergs lap (wasn't televised) but he is p2 - bodes well for shumi - cars are really really fast on the straights .1 off of Webber

    11:34 - Raikkonen on a flyer - had a small mistake, still p4 - car looks stable from my view (certainly compared to the Ferrari) - full second off of Webber's time though

    11:37 - spoke to soon? Grosjean has a minor half spin

    11:38 - 4.2G's of braking force? Are you kidding me... wow

    11:40 - McLaren has the monitoring pods for the front wing and brake ducts on the car - not yet released (measures air flow for those wondering - they can run those on the car during testing/practice) - not sure who's car it was

    11:41 - Schumacher P1 by .167

    11:42 - Rosberg takes it immediately back

    11:49 - Button on a flyer - P1 by .127 - McLaren look very good, slot car like, not a lot of corrections in the car. I think he was on options though.

    11:53 - Massa looking very uncomfortable - P15

    11:54 - Button resets fastest .199 faster - only car to set a quick time on options yet so meaningless really...

    11:55 - Hamilton on a flyer - reaaaaly trying! P1 by .121 on options

    12:01 - Perez P7 - he has got some skills. In car looked fantastic. You can tell the car isn't setup perfect yet, so maybe more pace?

    12:02 - Di Resta is off - probably car damage - didn't hit anything but sounded nasty

    That's that

    Summary - Perez highlight of this - wish they showed more of his laps. He is a talent. You can tell that by the times, and what he does in the car. I do NOT think for one moment the Sauber is a good car. Perez must have some ability to relay his wishes in a good manner, his engineer is top, and he can flat drive.

    McLaren look like Redbull this year (a good thing imo, love both drivers), super stable, lots of grip.

    Mercedes look to be a one trick pony so far - awesome straightline speed (which will serve well at this track), but not so much downforce in the corners. Schumacher does look to be back on form, which is great to see.

    Renault/Lotus - Weird this - I don't think they ever ran on options - so times are kind of meaningless. From my view (the monitor which doesn't mean much) the cars look planted and both drivers look comfortable - not a ton of hand movement

    Di Resta was not happy at all with his car. He stated it via radio on multiple occasions. I wish him well, and he does have skill, but that car is not what he should be in. Love to see him or Perez in a Redbull or Ferrari seat next year.

    Ferrari - horrible. They looked bad in all the previous practice, they look bad in this one. It is the car, I can say that. Very twitchy, lots of fast unnatural corrections - Alonso shines like the sun in this one because he is a supreme talent but... the car is rubbish, I fear it will be all season. It seems to my somewhat trained eye to be a chassis design decision rather than a "we'll add on bits to make it faster" decision. Sad really. Alonso deserves better. Will be awesome seeing him fight for it though. If he makes it to champion status this year, I will be shocked. Pulling for him anyway.

    Cheers (posted for anyone who wasn't able to view this)
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  29. Centura


    I read somewhere that they peak at 6G.
  30. gorsad

    India Pune

    So Hamilton P1 again, Mclaren look set to dominate, hopefully. But I wonder what happened to Jenson Button,meh looked nowhere as quick as his teammate.
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