Do You Think December 21 2012 is The End Of The World?

Discussion in 'Opinions & Current Events' started by lethalAE86typeR, Jul 4, 2007.


Do you believe that the armageddon will come in 2012?

  1. Yeah!!

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  2. Maybe..

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  3. I don't know

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  4. Nope!!!

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  5. I'll tell you tomorrow.... :scared:

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  1. Naveek Darkroom

    Canada Time and Space

    Yeah, I heard about that. Even if they did factor that it, it's not gonna happen. I think there was an SNL sketch involving the creation of the calendar. I can't wait until 12:01 AM on December 22. Now that's a time I can look forward to. All those crazy people who who believe in this phony baloney junk will sure be mad then.

    It's gonna be at least a few million years before the world really ends. The clock is ticking. The time bomb isn't.
  2. Strittan

    Sweden Sweden

    Sorry, Jehovah's Witnesses. Not this time either.
  3. Encyclopedia

    Sweden Gothenburg

    They'll just say, 'oops! We misscalculated! The real date is this bla bla bla...' Over and over again and some people will continue to believe no matter how many times it's shown to be wrong.
  4. Zenith

    United States Bay Area, CA


    The Mayan Calendar does not count seasons, only days since creation.

    The leap days on modern calendars are not extra days, they're just a way to bring the seasons back in line.

    The prediction for 12/23/12 still stands.
  5. Tesla

    Australia Sydney

    Incorrect, they're to make up for the .25 of the 365.25 days, which doesn't quite fit in with our calendar.
  6. BobK

    Rhode Island, USA

    Actually they are there to keep the seasons in line (or more accurately, the calendar in line with the seasons).

    The Gregorian calendar was adopted because a year is closer to 365.2422 days than the 365.25 the Julian assumes it is. But that's a whole 'nother topic.
  7. wfooshee

    Panama City, FL

    So we're due, then, right? :dopey:
  8. Starfirebird

    United States Tennessee,USA

    I've also heard that the Illuminati are planning on faking a UFO event which during this time killing billions of people.Then the ones that are left they plan to control.

    This is a group that also believes that Lucifer is the one and only true God.Sooo they are bit wacked out.

    This event is supposed to be planned on the December 21st date,so while people are distracted by all the Mayan stuff,the Illuminati will be carrying out their plans.

    Now remember this is just what I heard and i'm not saying any of this is true,I'm just throwing this out there with the rest of the December 21st claims.
  9. Encyclopedia

    Sweden Gothenburg

    There are also people that claim to be from the Ashtar Command (like a galactic counsil), that will come and bring all the baddies (bankers, illuminati etc.) to justice and elevate humanity to 5d instead of the 3d existence we live now.

    There have been arrests of corrupt high-ups in the banking world recently though so the Ashtar command, or whatever they call themselves has got quite a few believers.
  10. Starfirebird

    United States Tennessee,USA

    Well now that's something I haven't heard of before.On my next day off I'll do a bit of research on them.They sound pretty interesting.
  11. sumbrownkid

    United States La Grange GA, USA

    I heard the dinosaurs ignored the Mayans too. Look what happened to them...
  12. Slash

    United States Indian Falls, NY

    Anyone that beleives any of this garbage are whacked. People make up all this crap to scare people. I don't have any set religion therefore I don't believe half of these groups people talk of exist.
  13. Alex p.

    Germany Hanover/Germany
    PSN:alexpkas This link "explains" the alleged mass arrests, sounds too good to be true, I haven't invastigated into it myself at all, so I can't really judge on it.

    The "Ashtar command" is believed by many to be demonic/demons in disguise, being part of the plan.

    It seems FOX news thinks they are still very well alive and "as intelligent and cunning as humans".

  14. bombe32

    Denmark Denmark

    It better not be the end of the world, it's my mother's birthday. She'd be pissed if it would spoil the birthday party..

    In my opinion, the prophecy of this "End of the World" is the same as the saying we have here in Denmark (maybe in other countries too): "If you tell people often enough that a horse is blue, eventually they'll believe the horse is blue".

    This prophecy has existed for so many years and it's been discussed so many times that some people believe it. Same can be said about Jesus and his achievements (sorry to those of you who believe he could walk on water)...
  15. Alex p.

    Germany Hanover/Germany

    Quantum physics disagree with you.
  16. SuBMWaru

    United States Georgia

    I read something about how the mayan gypsy craps dont account for leap years and other certain days meaning this wouldve happened decades ago or something. And above all it's bs any way.
  17. haitch40

    United Kingdom Nottingham UK

    Mayan people and Gypsies are not the same.
  18. Zenith

    United States Bay Area, CA

    There's discussion about that at the top of this page... Just take the minute required to read it before you post.
  19. 19988pasha

    United States Ny

    its because of 2012 movie
  20. 19988pasha

    United States Ny

  21. SuBMWaru

    United States Georgia

    Ah. Typical. Cant post my two cents on anything without someone telling me "your doing it wrong". Sheesh. Anyways, back to
  22. TopGearFTW

    England Leeds, W. Yorks

    Yeah, the world's gonna randomly implode for no logical reason other than the Mayan calendar starts a new age.

    Let me put it this way: say the world does end on that day, what will all the believers' scare-mongering have achieved? Nothing. We'd still all be killed anyway. There's no point even thinking about it for any length of time. It's not gonna happen, but if it did, no amount of preparation could stop it anyway.
  23. Slash

    United States Indian Falls, NY

    The world could end in a half hour for all we know.
  24. Zenith

    United States Bay Area, CA

    Sorry, you don't get to play the innocent commenter with a good helping of the pity riposte and expect to simply move on.

    Saying "I read something" somewhere is not adding your two cents. You are not adding anything to the conversation when you blindly drop into a discussion to make a willfully ignorant point without bothering to read the previous posts.

    I award you no points. :tdown:

    This is as far as I'm going to take this with you.
  25. SuBMWaru

    United States Georgia

    This is my last post with you as well. It is my two cents however as I agree and know that as well. Everyone is new to a thread at one point so I did drop in blindly. I did read the previous posts but obviously not enough of them. And lastly you don't own the forum. I and many others don't need your help. Have a great night.
  26. Sier_Pinski

    United States Texas

  27. Famine

    United Kingdom Rule 12


    We've always known that to be the case. Zip back to the beginning of this thread:

    The discovery here isn't a "new" Mesoamerican Long Count calendar. It's just one written on a wall rather than on a specific artefact.
  28. Roger the Horse

    United Kingdom A damp rock full of miserable bigots

    The world will end the day that crazy conspiracy theorists stop claiming that because some ancient person said something that may have vaguely suggested something mildly similar to what they're trying to gain attention by saying, the world is going to end.
  29. Starfirebird

    United States Tennessee,USA

    Well since the Mayan thing is busted,that only leaves the other event now.I think that one is more scary than the Mayan event. *too afraid to say what it is as they might be watching* :scared:
  30. Slash

    United States Indian Falls, NY

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