What Phone Do You Have?

Discussion in 'Computers & Technology' started by benzoboy, Jun 14, 2006.

  1. CMvan46

    Canada Vancouver, BC

    Yeah I only plan on flashing mine after my next upgrade this summer. Then if something does go wrong I can go in for the upgrade.
  2. Korza

    New Zealand Nelson, NZ

    My friend once went swimming with one of them in his pocket. :D
  3. ShortAznGuy


    Samsung Galaxy S2 Skyrocket.
    I only got it because I get bored and it keeps me entertained with music, games, etc.
  4. Korza

    New Zealand Nelson, NZ

    How do you find the HD screen? I've considered importing either a SII HD LTE from Korea or a Skyrocket.
  5. robert1

    United Kingdom England, Kent

    we get loads of that where i work...you can tell they tried stuff with it..but i fix it anyway...boss if your reading this..what i just said is all lies..and i follow all your stupid rules
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  6. CMvan46

    Canada Vancouver, BC

    :lol: maybe it was you? I was sent a brand new phone still in all the protective plastic and everything so I get he feeling he tried to turn it on and when it didn't turfed it and sent out a new one.
  7. robert1

    United Kingdom England, Kent

    ah no i dont send out new ones...normaly, 1st try annd force the orignal software onto it, sometimes works, if it doesnt, change the flash (memory) and after that you should be fine, all without samsung or your boss knowing :lol:...as far as they no...its faulty memory :lol:
  8. jagdrag77

    Australia Australia

    Comedy gold man :sly:

    On topic, I've recently purchased a HTC Incredible S, and it's totally perfect. It has everything an iphone has, but at a much cheaper price.
  9. vandenal


    :lol: Nice!

    I've dropped mine on cement a few times, it still works fine. Nokia who? :p
  10. Dylans1o

    Ireland Emerald Isle

    Nothing too special.
    Samsung Galaxy Mini (S5570) with a 16gb memory card
    At least if doesn't break if I drop it from 6 feet.
  11. GT-R

    Germany Germany

    HTC Sensation XE. :tup:
  12. Shoogar

    Australia Fields of Justice

    Currently: iPhone 3 (It's at the end of its life)
    Hoping to upgrade to an iPhone 4, or to the new Android system. Although, I don't know if I could, i've become an apple-person.
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    United States Dallas,Texas

    Today, I have upgraded from the Samsung Intensity to my first smartphone: The Samsung Stratosphere:


    I'm liking it so far. Still learning everything, but its enjoyable for the most part and now when I don't have my laptop around, I can get on the internet.

    BTW, that makes another device thats USB rechargeable with my PS3 :lol:
  14. Emman1984

    United States Missouri

    They just announce Sprint HTC One X I'm sure getting that
  15. FoxHound

    EU (time:GMT+1)

    Blackberry Bold 9700 and i hate it with a deeply rooted passion :(
  16. Ph1lmar


    iPhone 4S, and I am amazed by its camera
  17. hazellnut134

    United Kingdom Trial Mountain

    First phone I had was a nokia 5030.
    Now I have a nokia 2330c. Does what a phone should do, so I'm fine with that.
  18. mp10

    United Kingdom Coventry

    My trusty old Nokia 6220c, had it for 5 years now.
  19. N99GT

    United Kingdom UK, B'ham
    PSN:npanchal / GTP_N99GT

    The Sony xperia S!!
    After some debate over this and the HTC sensation XE and i choose this! And I love it!
  20. Emman1984

    United States Missouri

    Now it's called HTC EVO LTE
  21. MPatel

    United Kingdom Bolton
    PSN:RiVAL1101 / m_p_1998

    Blackberry Torch: Quite fed up with it tbh The apps on blackberry are rubbish!!
  22. robert1

    United Kingdom England, Kent

    yes i repair your £400 smart phones...but here is mine!
  23. Korza

    New Zealand Nelson, NZ

    Samsung Galaxy SII GT-i9100T. Brought it today and I am absolutely loving it!
  24. MatskiMonk

    United Kingdom UK

    It's ALIVE!!

    So after several months as being used as a door stop, by HTC Desire S has sparked back in to life. It has now earned my respect.. and since it will self re-generate, I now like it -- for the first time in the decade since my Nokia 7110.. I like a phone.
  25. Digmac

    United States Earth

    Nokia Lumia 900 HECK YA!


    Anyone elce have the lumia 900?
  26. hywelkidd

    Wales Malvern

    Sony Ericsson XPERIA PLAY. Although my original handset died on Monday (had it since October - really surprised it only lasted that long), got a replacement next day, had problems with it in/after calls on Wednesday and finally got a working phone in Friday!
  27. eSZee

    United States Chicago, iLL

    HTC Titan 2
    Still debating whether to keep it or not. The OS is great, the "lack" of apps is a non issue, I'm just not sure when Tmobile, switching to them soon, will support ATT 3g/4g bands.
  28. neema_t

    United Kingdom United Kingdom

    I tried quite hard to avoid getting an iPhone, but years ago when I said I wanted to upgrade to the Nokia N95 8GB I was told an iPhone would cost the same, so I thought I might as well do it. Since that phone call I've had an iPhone 3, 3GS and 4S, my favourite of the three was the 3GS because I preferred the feel of it in my hand, but it just got a bit old and slow and I was offered a good deal on the 4S, so I went for that instead of upgrading to the same phone again... I'm trying to find a case that makes the 4's shape feel more like a 3 (i.e. with a curved back, like the case the 'lost' 4 was in) but I'm not having much luck, I never know what to search for; so far I've tried things like 'iPhone 4 3GS case' and as you can imagine I just get every single iPhone case in the world and there are loads of those.
  29. Dennisch

    Netherlands Hilversum

    Galaxy S2. Nice and quick.
  30. gtone339

    New Zealand Auckland New Zealand

    Samsung GT-S5230 -

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