Kazunori Yamauchi: “Things Are Just Getting Started”

December 6th, 2010 by Jordan


In an interview with Red Bull’s own “Play!” video magazine, Kazunori Yamauchi talks about GT5 and a bit about his future:

“There is still a lot of stuff to do for me. I’ve been making games for over 15 years now, and really, things are just getting started.”

That’s good news, of course, for all the fans eagerly awaiting GT5‘s promised updates and, of course, Gran Turismo 6. Watch the show above for more (there’s even an interview with Sebastian Vettel) – thanks to all who sent this in!

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  1. Yellowfever

    They can’t please everybody that’s for sure. I agree the game could use a bit more but the basics are there, physics is the most importrant aspect as we want the car to feel like the real thing. For me it’s about the driving. Changing rims and painting the car seems useless to me. I am driving it not looking at it. I never went by somebody on the track and have them tell me how pretty my car was. To me that stuff is for arcade racers. Online rewards and more tuning option and the game is perfect to me. With mechanic damage I am happy I don’t need physical damage, does nothing for me to know my bumper is falling off. I can’t see it anyways.

    • Yellowfever

      Oh and premium cars, nice but I don’t care I drive from bumper cam as it is easier at high speeds. I hope Kaz focuses on the driving experience with the patches 1st not the appearance related ones.

  2. Server going down for service tonight maybe the update will launch tonight aswell

    • Dragonitti

      I use to say Poly-phony like they do in the vid. But then I started to think that it was pronounced like you would say “Polifphony”

  3. canadasux


  4. I hope Polyphony Digital will learn some from this, and make Gran Turismo 6 the ultimate racing game…

  5. A lot of very good points are made on these forums. I hope PD and Yamauchi-San take note.

    GT5 has too many flaws and omissions. Coming from a AAA Japanese games company, which by nature would be quite detail oriented, and in development for six years we rightly expected a a polished product.

    But GT5 is far from that. If you pay hundreds of dollars for a special edition of a product you expect polish. In that respect GT5 has let a lot of people down.

  6. If he adds the latest Fiat Panda 100hp I’ll be an extremely happy chappy :P, but anything added on would just add to the awesomeness of this game, although I do hope they rework the online sections

  7. FlareKR

    Lol at Poly-“phony” Digital, and the stereotypical Japanese folk music in the background :-D

  8. SwiftPro

    Good morning hate, hate, haterrss… if you people don’t like GT5 then sell it… now. Maybe something more casual will suit your needs, i recommend NFS: Hot Pursuit, then when you eventually grow up you’ll appreciate quality ‘aka’ GT5.

    • Detroitbb

      Or maybe they’ll sell GT5 and pick up something that actually lives up the ‘sim’ label (like any of the SimBin games).

    • FlareKR

      Or they can go to Hell and keep making AI bots for the A-Spec.

    • Squidwert

      or Rfactor , live for speed , netkar , GP legends , iracing etc, i’m not a hater or a Forsa lover GT5 is not worth the wait or the hype.

  9. Squidwert

    well i’m glad i’ve not got it. i’ve played it and it’s just like GT4 but for a few more nuts and bolts. after years of delays it’s a big fail for PD. defo not the best car sim in the world by a long way.

    • the cars handelling has dramatically changed, if you said it was GT5P with a few more nuts and bolts, I’d believe you, but thats just wrong…

  10. Garto…

    “Haven’t you heard too much realism spoils a game? So it may be GT 5 a driving sim, but it doesn’t necessary mean, EVERYTHING is the same.
    If you want to experience realism, get a real car! I know I do :D”

    – I have a real car. Ive had many real cars actualy. In Sweden, youre car wouldn’t be legal to drive if it had as bad lights as the cars in GT5. Actualy, I don’t think you would be alive if your cars had that bad lights.

    “Yes the AI is horrible, but have you ever tried racing in the “same” class of cars as them?”

    What do you mean? That the Ai gets smarter when you have a better car? The Ai is stupid because it doesnt care about you, it just drives in it’s own invisible racing line.

    “As for the livery editor, it can be added. Why not? GT 5 is only out less than 3 months. Why whine when you haven’t seen progress?”

    – Yes, I whine cause I haven’t seen any progres since GT4 that came many years ago. They didn’t add a livery editor in 5 years so I very much doubt they will do it now in a update…

    “You remind me of my 5 year old son who demand results immediately.”

    – You can’t take it that someone is criticizing GT5. That’s more like a 5 year old boy. And yeah, I want results immediately when they once have released the game and I have payed hard earned money for it.

    “As for damage, do you seriously want to debate this? You’re racing with the car, not trying to crash it, dummy! Learn to drive properly and you’ll enjoy racing rather than smashing into everything.”

    – It’s supposed to be a racing simulator and the year is 2010. I don’t need to say more.

    “As for the looks of the cars, well yes, all of them do not look great, but can you find me another game that rivals GT 5? Are you seriously gonna compare GT 5 with Forza? Are you “that” blind?”

    – I havent compared GT5 with Forza, I just said that Forza’s Ai is thousands of times better. That the standard cars looks like something from PS2 is another issue.

    “I do hope you will sell your game. Honestly, DO not ever buy another Gran Turismo game again. You are just another whiney kids who complain just about everything just because it isn’t “perfect” in your little world.”

    – I probably will sell it, and I won’t buy another GT game again if Poly don’t shape up and learns that the gaming industry is evolving and what was “ok” 1998 is not ok today.

    • Mike, why did you buy the game in the first place?
      It was well known that livery editor will not be in the game.

      Never heard PD bragging about their superb AI in the first place.

      You knew there would be 800 not so good looking cars in GT.

      Damage? This is first GT with damage system. Did you really expect it to be perfect?

      You keep mentioning year 1998. Gt4 was relesed way after that and it didn’t have half of the new stuff that GT5 introduced (no premiums, no night drive, no livery, rain, NASCAR, KARTS) all it had was more tracks and cars than GT3.

      Finally,did you not read all of the reviews before you got the game or you saw a couple of trailers and Photomode screenshots before the final decision???

      Preorders can be canceled you know.

      I know you’re pissed, but be a man and live with the fact that you rushed into buying the game. You have only yourself to blame for being unpatient like a child. No use whining about it on forums.

    • Detroitbb

      *It wasn’t ‘well known’ that there wouldn’t be a livery editor in GT5 – just vague Kaz/PD mentions of ‘maybe’.

      *PD always brag/boast about their improved AI routines, but they pretty much always seem the same with each new Gran Turismo game.

      *We knew that the 200 premium cars would be more detailed (interiors/underneath/engine bay), but nobody expected PD to use the exact same car models from GT4. The least they could have done is to upgrade the low-resolution textures!

      *Some people might have expected perfection as Kaz and PD are known as perfectionists… but most were caught off guard by how poorly implemented the damage system was. And I’m just speaking about visible damage – the mechanical damage aspect was the most disappointing.

      *’Unpatient’ isn’t even a word (in any language)… perhaps you meant ‘impatient’?

    • @Detroitbb
      Thnx for the “impatient”, i’m not from english speaking country.

      Kaz is perfectionist, but also human.

      I ‘ve never,ever saw any official confirmation of livery editor.

      You cannot prove that they didn’t do anything about the AI. And I didn’t hear them saying that the AI will be incredible, amazingly smart or anything like that.

      And yes, Mike was impatient like a small child for not waiting for the reviews before spending his hard earned money. If more of you did just that (wait a little longer) you wouldn’t be whining here, PD would not sell as much copies and that, ladies and gentlemen, would be the right sign for Kaz and PD that they’ve went the wrong way.

  11. Chrisorris24

    Gt Academy registration is up!

  12. I wanted to sell after 1 week ( buy Forza instead ) but I didn’t … didn’t regret it at all … get’s better and better !!!


    MORE premium cars !!!!!
    MORE race modification ( 16-17 pcs. available >>> SHAME FOR THIS GAME ) !!!!!

  13. Ummm, it says his CAREER is just getting started, NOT GT5!

  14. yomamma

    Jordan, i thought GT Academy USA was supposed to start today. Am i mistaken?

  15. marky5244

    They sold us what is clearly an unfinished product and for that I am very disappointed with PD and Sony. I know there are some big new features like weather and time of day but there are features in the interim GT5P that didn’t make it into GT5 – e.g. leaderboards, credits earned online – and other obvious features are missing – e.g. rwd and fwd of replays, online matching, HUD removal (and the flashing gear indicator!) – and then there is the toned down damage, limited number of tracks, lack of integration of the racing licences. It all feels cobbled together to make a release of some sort to get our money.

    The big three things I want to see sorted in DLC…

    The physics are great (plus point for GT5, thank you!) but the wheel FFB lacks so much feeling that it damages the enjoyment of the game – I think the GT Academy TT was better.

    The AI – why do they brake so early and drive so slowly through the corners. It makes overtaking them far too easy! And don’t they know that when they rear end you they should back off rather than shoving you off into the gravel?

    Arcade mode needs to be extended. I want to be able to select my opponents and I want to select the AI strength with a slider rather than just levels A, B and C (like GT5P!).

    • ssupr@96

      I agree. The price tag for buying a collectors edition, and limited selection options stateside, and to get an incomplete product. I enjoy the challenges, they’re hard and intense. The handling physics are great. The AI, Kaz just can’t get it right -period-. If I raced on a real track the way these AI’s raced a lot of money would spent on maintenance due to ramming into people in front of me or being rammed from behind. Most would be black flagged or suspended. That’s missing. When looking at the cost associated with the creation of GT5, I don’t see the cost being returned to the gamer. I see a new Citroen car, or an X-1 car that could’ve been created on PD’s physics engine, not Red Bull or Citroen’s offices. The cost associated with testing must have been extreme. Like I said before and its been repeated several times throughout this forum. If I could’ve sacrificed something to get either more premium cars, or more highly detailed cars, it would’ve been damage. I would like to be outside of the car when the pit crew starts working, the HUD setup makes viewing in cockpit difficult. Make more of a domestic car effort in choice selection of cars added to GT5. If 50 miata’s are added and 2 of them are premium, whats the point? Why are there highly detailed WW2 cars in a game that is a racing simulator? If that’s the case, please add a Sherman Tank premium edition so we can race that on rally courses please. That doesn’t make sense right? Exactly. I do understand go-karts, that makes sense, but some of the other additions, just to say you have 1k cars plus is not a good reason to buy GT5

  16. Its not about satisfying everyone, its about keeping promises and dont look so satisfied like Kaz in that interview, we are millions of fans which are not satisfied with the product we bought, because a lot of things that were promised and things we take for granted in a 2010 game is missing. He says he`s most satisfied with the course maker, I tried it once and it gave me nothing. I suggest they just drop GT6, and call it a day now, the time and other developers have reached and gone beyond PD.

  17. I absolutely love GT5 and in my book it would easily get a 9/10. I do howver think that it has been positioned as a halfway house. They’ve only just started implementing Kaz’s grand vision. Everywhere you look in GT5, you see the shadow of GT6. You say to yourself,”In #6, there will be 600 premiums and no standards, “In #6, there will be more challenges and they’ll be more fully fleshed out”. “In #6, all the tracks will have day/night transitions”…This is the case wherever you look. A user really shouldnt have to use a spreadsheet to check if the car they have chosen can be bought from this shop or that shop, then if it can be played from a specific view point or if it can have race mods, then if the track they’re racing on has certain features…For all intents and purposes, GT5 was never released, the game which sits in all our PS3s is in fact GT6 Prologue and I still love it.

  18. Yeah it’s a amazing game…. if it were 1998.

    • The above comments only prove one thing, PD could continue adding features and content from here until the day GT6 launches and there’d still be things missing.

      The automotive world is too large to satisfy everyone.

    • ExtremeGT5

      Whine whine

  19. pasigiri

    Well as far as fixes:
    – brake upgrades is one (how that did not make it in is a mystery in itself although it’s not as straight forward as many might expect i.e. pedal feel)
    – blocky shadows (I know this was addressed earlier)
    – some premium cars that should have been in the game from the get go (Audi RS3 through 5 and TT-RS, VW Scirroco+Golf R, Bugatti in premium, Koenigsegg, Ford Focus RS, to name a few that surprisingly did not make it in but a VW bus and buggy make it in as premiums).

    • pasigiri

      almost forgot:
      – ALL of the wheels available to put on ANY premium car I want. Not a certain selection I can’t control.

    • pasigiri

      and again (sorry)
      – realistic areo parts
      For example, take the RX-8. It has an actual Mazda areo kit that consists of a front lip, sides, and rear trimming. There is also the infamous Mazdaspeed kit. All this available from Mazda. Same with the 350/370Z; Nismo kits are available from Nissan. This is something Forza hit exactly; REAL cosmetic/areo parts. The fact that PD went out of the way to come up with there own “kit” designs is beyond me.
      – and when upgrading wheels, can the wheels be fixed to FILL the wheel well (to see what I’m talking about, buy the Masirati and put custom wheels on it and take a look for yourself).

    • GranTurismo Disciple

      @PasiGirl, I’m a bit dissapointed that their is no premiums for the rs3 to 5 also. And why don’t they have the new shape audi A4 touring car as a premium? That thing is awesome.

  20. PD made this game for the not so hardcore drivers. I guess they wanted to make a game for a wider spectra of gamers. That’s why it has rally, Nascar, karts (yeah, very cool IMO). They toned down the modification and tuning options (fully customisable transmision – yeah right). I would just like them to patch the game up completely (no BUGS), and add more options (leaderboards, custom tracks, HUD options). I’m a casual player, but I like realistic driving games. But I don’t like F1 style tunings and setups, I really don’t have time for that. I want to drive and GT5 is perfect in that area. Most of the people that are complaining got hyped to much I guess.

  21. S3 Racer

    Isn’t that the guy from Gameone (german MTV)???

  22. maxpontiac

    Forza is waiting for all of you.

    Trust me, you’ll be doing GTPlanet a favor.

    • @maxpontiac

      You’re missing the point. People just don’t like to be lied to. Don’t you see that they were and still are feeding us lies? It’s been all said already, there’s no need to go over all this again, but that’s how lots of people feel.

      I’m a fan, not a blind follower.

    • It’s going to be waiting a hell of a long time for me then, lol. I don’t have, or have any intention of getting an xbox thanks :)

    • infamousDee

      Forza 3 is even more of a mess than GT5, despite the issue of Standard cars. -.-

    • I don’t understand all this hype for Forza since GT came out. I fell for the hype so I borrowed my friend’s 360 and rented Forza. It’s not that great. It has some better features, but doesn’t offer the same driving experience as GT5.

  23. Kaz is living in his own world, he has no idea about other car games, he still thinks he`s the king of racing-games, but I dont care, tomorrrow I`ve had GT5 for 2 weeks, and I`m allready tired of it, its just boring without any online leaderboards or at least a decent online-part. It`s 2010 Kaz, not 1998.

    • desmalta

      Go online and join a racing website. They have many sanctioned races for license qualifications and a large amount of races for fun. And the best part is that they’re all people who want to race for the skill and fun of it, not to kill everyone to get to the finish line first.

    • Roy Smith

      Can’t seem to leave a comment of my own so i have to reply to Toms.
      All i would like to see at this point is the ability to save mid championship and during endurance races. At the moment, this is preventing me from playing parts of the game as time is a precious commodity for myself right now.

  24. Iam sorry to say Kaz, the game is NOT done.

    – No livery editor, you can just paint some cars and maybe add a wing..

    – No leadeboards online.

    – You don’t earn any money or exp online.

    – You can’t play your own tracks made in the course maker online, heck, you can’t even play them online with youre friends…

    – The AI is the worse AI I have ever played against. Forza is thousands of miles ahead.

    – The online is very buggy. Sometimes youre car starts in the wrong direction and once the car had damage over it even before the race started.

    – The damage is to un-sensitive. Go 200km/h into a wall twice and you might get some scratches on the car.

    – 800 of the cars looks like you are playing a PS2 game.

    – You barely see anything when driving on a night track, the headlight are way to weak. Not realistic at all.

    – The rally is just bad in every way.. And the fact that some ducktape stops the car like a concrete wall is just making it look worse.

    I could conctinue, but I won’t. The driving feel is awesome and the Premium cars looks great. So everything isn’t bad.. But it’s bad enough for me to starting to think about selling the game already and buy something else. Gran Turismo for me is over and I very much doubt it’ll ever be as good as it once was.

    • jsd1486

      Totally agree with Mike here, also pointed the same a while ago.
      The game is rushed god knows what they have been doing for the past 5-6 years.
      I can probably safely say that forza 4 whenever that comes out will be better than gt5.
      I’m not being a fanboy here I’ve always had a ps3 but I actually bought a 360 for forza 3 but sold it recently looking forward to gt5 may have to get another if things dont improve! :(

    • One question: have you ever driven fast on a pitch black wide highway? Believe me, you really can’t see much.

    • So you prefer to fall right down the slopes and crash and burn?

      Haven’t you heard too much realism spoils a game? So it may be GT 5 a driving sim, but it doesn’t necessary mean, EVERYTHING is the same.

      If you want to experience realism, get a real car! I know I do :D

      As Skiddy mentioned, when driving in pitch black night, visibility is pretty much zero, even more so when you’re driving really fast. That’s why illegal street racing is ever so much more dangerous.

      Yes the AI is horrible, but have you ever tried racing in the “same” class of cars as them?

      As for the livery editor, it can be added. Why not? GT 5 is only out less than 3 months. Why whine when you haven’t seen progress? You remind me of my 5 year old son who demand results immediately.

      As for damage, do you seriously want to debate this? You’re racing with the car, not trying to crash it, dummy! Learn to drive properly and you’ll enjoy racing rather than smashing into everything.

      As for the looks of the cars, well yes, all of them do not look great, but can you find me another game that rivals GT 5? Are you seriously gonna compare GT 5 with Forza? Are you “that” blind?

      I do hope you will sell your game. Honestly, DO not ever buy another Gran Turismo game again. You are just another whiney kids who complain just about everything just because it isn’t “perfect” in your little world.

      Grow up, maybe you’ll learn someday life isn’t perfect and there’s no game that can substitute real life.

    • Very well said Garto!! +1

    • kalekyn

      Amen Garto, I once read “who dos something can go wrong, who does nothing is already mistaken” (or something like that). Great things in GT5, although, as everything else it is not perfect.

    • ExtremeGT5

      HUGE +1 GARTO!!

    • GranTurismo Disciple

      @Garto, i have a car and pitch black at full beam i can see a lot what’s ahead unkike in gt5, the lights are weak unlike real life. The full beam in this game looks like when ur driving a real car without full beam. But hey its still a good game the disc has not left my ps3 in 2 weeks.

    • tyl0r_r

      Garto is the biggest apologist today. LOL @ everyone who buys that defence.

    • Captain Slovv

      @GranTurismo Disciple – It all depends on what kind of car you have. I have a 1990 Jaguar XJ-S and was driving it at 1 a.m. this summer and I couldn’t see a damn thing in front of me. Even with the brights on.

      Also, Forza AI does suck as well. I was playing it just last night. Just use a worse car.

    • Tvensky

      +1 Garto, Well said!

    • Robotron2084


    • Robotron2084

      Garto -1 on the personal attacks

  25. After GT5 apparently being ready and can be released whenever a few months went by and now it’s released and it seems like lots of features are being patched in later. They said that the game would be complete and all on the disc but it clearly isn’t. I’m confused to say the least but I’m all for improving the game.

    • @NBH

      That’s right: what with “we can release the game whenever we want?” How unfinished a product this game had been then, considering what we got from them a few months later? Losing my faith in you, Mr Y.

  26. dearlybeloved

    It’s ‘done’ in the context that the game is playable. I understand it to mean that all the things that have been niggling the gamers since launch day, he will be looking into and improving as time goes by. As for the course maker, I absolutely love it because of it’s simplicity and the fact that I can create a track and not be overwhelmed by the concept.

    I found the comments about the X1 to be so true to the what I thought. That car would in real life be a danger to the health of the driver because it would not be possible to drive the car consistently at the limit. Simply because 8 times your own body weiight would destroy you.

  27. Praggia

    No in certain counries the costs of having internet access is prohibitive its not about just buying a cable.
    Surely if firmware updates can be downloaded via PC so too they should make other updates available in this way.
    I use a 3g card to connect to the net thats how i update my firmware via my pc not everyone is privileged enough to have internet access. And owning a PS3 has nothing to do with being able to afford this. I saved long and hard for my PS3 and purchases it when it was first released at what was almost double the cost of the new slimline. I have no interest in playing gt5 online. Much better playing against a buddy sitting next to you seeing his face as you thrash him lap after lap lol. And what happend to the PS link feature?? linking 2 PS’s and playing 2 players on seperate monitors and non of that split screen nonsense

  28. Following things we NEED :
    – MUCH MORE premium cars free of charge of course ( at least double )
    – MUCH MUCH MORE race modification cars available ( this is ridiculous 17 / 1030 >>> 10x more at least ) !!!!!

  29. Praggia

    He says GT5 is “done”. How can it be done its an unfinished project on which they spent way too much time in development for 3D and which 95% of us wnt even consider because of the huge cost involved(and dont you yuppies tell me 3D tvs are affordable its evident that even the price of this new steering wheel is freaking people out) GT5 is a huge disappointment in almost every dept except the visuals of premium cars and the physics model and thats basically it. Im a huge GT fan and am hugely disappointed in PD and Kaz for delivering this unfinished project. Maybe it was Sony pushing them to turn out this monster creation because as we all know money is the name of the game. If premium cars are so special why cant i race modify all of them only certain ones. Dont even mention the limited number of add on wings and diffusers? The Rally is absolute crap man and so is Nascar. You wanna drive on a dirt road get WRC or Dirt for a more realistic experience. Rally is and always has been a waste of time on GT the physics just suck and most people can agree on this be honest.And why cant they have a paintshop where I can just buy paint for my car??? This game is seriously flawed. Updates?? what about people who have cannot go online with there consoles? will patches or updates be made available for download via pc and then transferred to the PS3???

    • Napoleon_Ist

      “what about people who have cannot go online with there consoles? will patches or updates be made available for download via pc and then transferred to the PS3″

      well… i guess these people can buy a Category 5 cable and plug it into their PS3.

      if they have enough money to buy the ps3 they sure can buy this LAN cable. otherwise they can use wifi which is built-in and free unlike on a certain console you know what i’m talking about do you.

    • Maison Looi

      dirt seems very arcade like to me >_>

    • Tweetman_277

      I want a patch that gives trillions of R34/3/2 skylines the inteior view. Theve given it to one of each, and how different can their interiors be, Really? Couldant they do this with the caterham, and the M-X5’s and RX-7’s and all the other cars which either have interiors or have a similar car with one in premium already??? RX-7 GT-X (FD,J) 90=Premium RX-7 GT-X (FD) 90= Standard. Both are right hand drive, why cant they both be premium?

    • desmalta

      I agree that not many are ready for 3D but you can’t say that it’s not affordable. Last week there was a 50″ plasma with 4 pairs of active glasses for $1600.00. Not for everyone but it comes down to about a grand for the tv and $150 each for the glasses. Well within the reach of many and for those hardcore fans easily affordable. I can’t have one now but I’m saving and will have one in the near future.

    • infamousDee

      You just blew your credibility when you called DiRT a “realistic experience”.

    • Guthrie

      A lot of you people trash the rally experience in the Dirt games but if anything the entire rally part of GT was less challenging than Dirt 2 could become, in my view.

    • researchALLwars

      hey Guth, I agree.

      Dirt2 comes from the Colin McRae guys- they’ve been at it for quite a while and know they’re stuff when it comes to rally.

      The courses in Dirt2 are at the VERY least organic- with ruts, dips, bumps, puddles and creeks to cross, dynamically-responding plantlife, changing surfaces, etc. This is all great stuff!

      The rally courses in GT are, and have always been very static, uniform, and immensely BORING. Not to mention these styrofoam tracks are 4 lanes wide. This is great for rallycross- bad for rally.

      Kaz and PD really need to step their research game up. If they would adopt some aspects from other games like dirt2, we could really be having some stinking fun! How hard is it to grab a couple products from the competition and brainstorm on what they could use?

      “When you copy someone else’s work, that is plagiarism. When you copy from MANY works- that’s called good research.”

  30. shigllgetcha

    i think you’re reading alittle too much into that, it’s very vague.

    he has spoken recently about developing a different type of game, maybe he’s talking about his career more than gt5

    • DrTrouserPlank

      Exactly. I don’t take his quote to even be in reference to GT5.

      Just because a lot of people want a lot of extra things patched into GT5, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s going to happen.

    • Napoleon_Ist

      of course, “things are just getting started” FOR HIM mister kazunori not for gt5!! that’s what he meant.
      disappointing interview btw. :|

  31. George Washington

    I just won the F***ING TANK CAR in GT5… Oh yes. Things are just getting started. Who knows what the HECK else they included and didn’t tell anyone about!

    • GT5 big fan

      can u plz tell me from whitch event i will rely apreciate it if you reply

    • m4fioso

      nice, i only saw it a couple of times in the used dealership

    • George Washington

      A-Spec Extreme American Championship All Gold

  32. Mahi_F1

    Ha, he sounds like jedward.

  33. MitsuStigi

    Probably more Premium cars. Brake upgrades. Custom rims on Standard cars. Midfield…

    • I would suggest that you’ve lost your mind.
      This isn’t happening.
      Stop living in Dream-World.

  34. Did this guy just ignore a chick to finish a video? SMH
    In any case it sounds like he’s done with the game to me.

  35. I really do think we will get DLC. Hopefully including that Shelby Daytona they tested…

  36. Zmann42087

    damn right things are just getting started! So everybody needs to stop whining so much!

  37. The competition still has things on GT. This should not be the case with GT5

  38. cant wait for more updates! hopefully thats what he means ;)

    • It probably means he`s adding something we dont need, and not adding things we do need.

      I would like more premiums, especially a couple cars that are really missing from the list (#1 for most people i bet is the Veyron, but for me also the `97 Supra, HKS R34 Skyline, HKS GTR, also where is Esprit tuning, or Top Secret?)

    • Jakemania

      I’m sure fixing the online will be the first focus. I would think the updates will help correct the small things instead of adding new features.

      For me, it would be the Saleen S7 and some of the other high powered cars that should get the VIP (Very Impressive Premium) treatment.

  39. Obscure Serenity

    “…things are just getting started.”

    Good to hear, as from what I’ve read in the forums, there’s a few people out there who have started, and are almost getting finished!

    Can’t wait to hear more on the ‘updates’ :)

    • Track_Veteran

      This is a classical example of a quote getting taken out of context and unrealistic expectations begin to generate.
      He is speaking of his game development career.
      That quote could have nothing at all to do with GT5.
      It should be taken to mean that he will be staying in this feild for a long time to come.

  40. GT_Fanatiic

    how do you unlock the X1?

    • Jakemania

      “To unlock the Red Bull X1, you’ll need to complete the “Sebastian Vettel Challenge”, which appears at Level 30.”

    • Obscure Serenity

      Get lvl 30 in game, then it becomes available as a special event, complete that… shazam… X1.

    • Jakemania

      How hard was the event to complete Serenity? Or have you got there yet?
      I’m 25.5 so far, just did my first endurance race today.

    • GT_Fanatiic

      damn level 30, im getting there. right now im level 21

    • i’m level 32,9 and i got the x1.. you need to complete the seb vettel challenge in three circuits; nurburgring gp, monza and suzuka.. its pretty hard but at least, even if you complete in bronze you can take the car for bonus. and the challenge gives huge xp and money.. loved it! and car can hit to 501km/h if you got a car in front of you providing how does it say in english just say “lifting the air”..

    • Flavio Briatore


      “if you’ve got a car in front of you providing” a ______

      -1. slipstream -2. draft -3. tow


  41. Robotron2084

    ‘things are just getting started’… ive come to expect this sorta statment from Kaz :(

  42. I`d like more talk from Kaz about planned patches, or that they are hard at work adding more Premiums to the game.

    • SVT Cobra GT

      I hope to see the same! There’s been loads of worthy premiums either been left out of GT or have been kept standard.

  43. Really?

    Fastest car ever in a video game?

    My GT3 Escudo says otherwise.

    • Jakemania

      How fast does this one go? I can’t even remember how fast I got my Escudo going in GT3. It’s been forever. Shame my PS3 Fat died.

    • caasimun

      it died of too much cholesterol XD


      the escudo is not even close. it’s fast but it doesn’t corner even as fast as a F1 car and this makes F1’s look like a reliant robin

    • Really?


      Let’s see the x1 top that.


      No, it goes 2,147,483,647 MPH, which in programming language is the maximum value of a number of type “int.”

      The exact same number appears on the leaderboards in Call of Duty for people who have hacked their scores.

    • GranTurismo Disciple

      I got 300mph out of the X1 last night and my second lap of nurburgring i achieved a lap time of 3,57.977 (with a few mistakes cos its too fast) the X1 is the fastest thing i have driven in any video game lol

    • J. Hayden-Kart Racer

      lets see an x1 beat my gt3 Toyota TSO20.. ~1500mph

  44. Jakemania

    If a dude like that can get one on one time to talk to Kaz, why can’t Jordan?! Oh wait, it’s Red Bull’s magazine haha.

    Really surprised his favorite part of the game is course maker…

    • Whitedog

      Ya, the coursemaker and the fact that you can’t use them online with friends, really scares me. How can such a thing be worth anything, when you can’t race with your friends on it.. TOGETHER

    • Team_MoFF-No2

      Spot On Whitedog, what is the use Then ?..

      And the Course maker is ok as it is, but not really that important, compare to so many other things, I tested the Headtrackng, and I’m sorry to say, that my driving isn’t getting better, it’s hularious unuseable > if that is a Word!!

      But i do like the Horn, and the holding Handbreak ( hold the button for a sec, and it’s locking (red icon) great when waiting on a hillside, for your friends to pas by..

    • They’ve said several time that you’ll be able to race your own course with your friends online. It was probably just in the batch of disabled stuff from the opening online issues.

  45. FreddyBakerNZ

    Where are the updates then?

    • NoxNoctis Umbra

      We already did have an update. 1.02 Fix online issues. THe new update should be out soon. Have some patience. These days there are less and less games that give good updates. AKA Call Of Duty series, or Mario games.

    • Litzner

      They are coming soon.

    • GoldUltima

      NoxNoctis Umbra…….When was the last time you felt a Mario game needed updates?

    • tyl0r_r

      @ NoxNoctis Umbra: Mario games don’t need an update. None of them ever have. Nintendo only ships Mario games when they are actually finished. Can you name one that needed post-release work? Nope!

    • bmw5150

      NEW Update is up folks.

    • Tenacious D

      I’m amazed at all the content, effects and physics in Mario games!

      Oh wait, no I’m not. ;D

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