Lucas Ordoñez & Team Lead LMP2 Class after Spa 1000km

May 9th, 2011 by Jordan

GT Academy winner Lucas Ordoñez and his Signatech Nissan team competed in the Spa Francorchamps 1000km on Saturday, in front of a massive crowd of over 35,000 people. Starting from third-place qualifying position in the LMP2 class, Signatech took the class lead in the first corner of the race. All went well until contact with a GT car required work in the pits that put them 4 laps down, then a steering problem later in the race required even more unexpected repairs.

Despite the tough luck, Lucas and teammates Franck Mailleux and Soheil Ayari put down fast, steady laps to bring the car home to a fifth-place class finish. Though it’s not the same podium finish they had at Sebring, their consistent performances make them the LMP2 class leaders headed into the series’ next event: the epic 24 Hours of Le Mans.

The Spa 1000km was, of course, also host to the Gran Turismo 5 Tsunami Appeal Virtual Challenge last Thursday and Friday. Check out the challenge’s Facebook page for more photos from this awesome event.

Congratulations to Lucas on another great performance (and be sure to take a close look at his helmet…)!

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  1. mjay_123

    Lucas is a really lucky guy to have that opportunity.

  2. =drifting24/7=

    oh yeah, one more thing, Jordan… seeing your website’s logo being placed in Lucas’ helmet by his own will just to support the community here? That’s not something you see everyday. You should be proud of yourself, too. :)

  3. =drifting24/7=

    love the helmet…and the car……and the track… :D

  4. Good luck to Lucas and his team mates for Le mans 24 and the Season! Keep pushing guys :tup:

  5. Bloody hell… I was looking for him the whole time and I couldn’t see him… I did catch a picture of their car and the pit crew when I was standing on the roof. (is there a way to upload it?) Altough i’m not sure if its the correct one.

  6. Good luck at Le mans. Best looking car…and helmet…out there for sure. Reppin’ GTPlanet never looked so good.

  7. Spa? Whats Spa?

    Too bad we have to fire-up some other racing game to enjoy Spa. It’s ONLY one of the most historically important circuits of all time.
    Maybe GT6?

  8. J_J_8_3

    Great Racing Lucas! All best wishes for LeMans! Whole GT Community is supporting you!

    P.S. Spa-Franchorchamps for GT6 would be nice…awesome track…

  9. Amac500

    Well, well, well, look what Gran Turismo web site got themselves a sponsorship deal? Lol

  10. Madman2k10+1

    Theres no better circuit to drive around

  11. Sandersz

    Lucas … Hit Le Mans on GT already ;)

  12. zedextreme8177

    PD, that car= DLC marketing

    Anyways, great accomplishment by the team!

  13. Rattlehead

    I’m very proud of Lucas and his suprisingly high performance. Sometimes I even think that “a star is born”.
    Good luck to become the best of the best, Lucas!

  14. GTP_african_kat

    i’m really supporting this guy…and the gtplanet plug earns him even more repect from this community

  15. Leading LMP2 for the Intercontinental Le Man Cup maybe, but in the Le Mans Series they are definitely not the leading LMP2 team. I think more clarity is needed in the article. Will be good to see them at Le Mans, I wish the team well.

  16. TheFlyingKiwi

    Wow that Lucas has real talent. Maybe he’ll make it into LMP1 or F1 in the near future who knows?

  17. That car would be a sweet DLC..

    • Bobert power

      This lmp car would be a best selling dlc if it was made!

  18. Man I want that car.

  19. occasionalracer

    Go Lucas! Race hard at the 24HR! One question… did you have any part in placing the Japanese Flag on the front of your helmet like that?… looks kinda funny.

  20. samuelesm

    ahh, that must be heavenly, all of my facorite sponsors/companies, : Nissan, Playstation, Sony, Gran Turismo, PS3 and most of all, in Le Mans

  21. guyc1161

    i’ve no doubt Lucas is a great guy,afterall he didn’t have to acknowledge gt planet .nice gesture on his part.

  22. guyc1161

    congrats to lucas and the team (drivers and crew,you wont get far without a good crew)
    nice plug for gt planet somebody should try to talk him into making it just a bit bigger lol
    was that a result of his own doing? (the plug i mean)

    • Yes, that was his own idea, he’s a great guy and is really supportive of our community here.

    • Narutone66

      That’s a nice gesture on Lucas’ part. A down-to-earth great guy! Keep up the great work and more power to you!


      Jordan, you’ll have to see if you can work with him (and the team) to get a sticker on the car, it may end up in the next GT!

  23. Killa Aaron

    You hear me PD i want this car and i want Spa pronto, oh by the way nice helmet.

  24. COOLfiat

    Congrats Lucas! :)

  25. GTP_Davey07-O37

    Congrats to Lucas and the team. All the best for Le Mans too. Cool helmet, and a nice tribute to Gtplanet…

  26. Sgt_Sheep

    Great Job Lucas, you can win at Le Mans!

  27. Snaeper

    It’s a shame the glare is where it is on the helmet.

  28. Bobert power

    Great Job Lucas! Good Luck at Le Mans!

  29. Kingsly

    Nice, good luck in le mans, play some GT to practice!

  30. Ner0_sol03

    You know Im actually really proud of this guy. And i am happy you started at a GT player..

    • GTOne2Three

      Me, too. Wish we could get another shot. I wasnt well prepared last time.

  31. Good luck in Le Mans Lucas! Nice race ;)

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