Lucas Ordonez & Team Finish 2nd in Class at Sebring 12h

GT Academy winner Lucas Ordonez and his Signatech Nissan team finished second in class during their first race: the challenging 12 Hours of Sebring. After starting on pole, the team was forced to battle with gearbox and electrical issues, but still managed to bring the car home in one piece with a very respectable finish. Check the official race report for a complete overview of all the results.

A huge congratulations is in order for Lucas, GT Academy, and Signatech. This is a great day for GT fans and sim racers everywhere! Next up for the team: a 6-hour endurance race at Spa Francorchamps in May – then on to the 24 Hours of Le Mans…

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  1. Johan

    Past this in your address bar and play asteroids on Gtplanet


  2. JTSnooks

    I watched most of the race as well, and if it hadn’t been for their Nissan gearbox they would’ve won their class by a number of laps. They were by far the fastest car in their class, but spent so much time in the pits they went from leading by 4 laps to being down by more than 4 laps.

    I attend the Petit Le Mans every year at Road Atlanta, hopefully he’ll be in the race and I can meet him in the pits before the race.

  3. NapalmSanctuary

    I was watching this race today on Speed channel, poor green Ferrari when the porshe hit the vette, that was pretty nasty.

  4. Paulo

    It was cool to see his face on screen when he was leading he race at certain points. Congrats to the team, and I would love to see Sebring in GT one day, amazing circuit. ///M POWER with a 1 – 2 finish!

  5. Rob

    whoa, whoa…
    it’s kind of misleading what did he get second in? did he get 2nd overall? or did he get 2nd in his class? and if so what class?

  6. hurahn

    Calm down. He’s not a couch jockey like many of you. He was racing karts since he was young. He did great and is talented and he also honed a lot of that skill in real life.

  7. dearlybeloved

    forget the car being in gt5 i want the track to be in the GT franchise. Please let this happen as it is such a demandind circuit. Please PD listen to us some more.

  8. ram8484

    I don’t know where you got your info , but this is what i found. 30. (11) Franck Mailleux, France; Lucas Ordonez, Spain; Soheil Ayari, Aix-les-Bains; Oreca 03 Nissan (7, LMP2), 290

    1. Duck

      I also read this, and was surprised by this article in gtplanet. Nevertheless, congratulations Lucas for your first race with prototypes.

    2. bonesawtx

      2nd in class is a correct Headline. LMP2 overall wins are rare. Last time i remember one in the ALMS was at the Grand Prix of Houston won by the Penske Porsche RS Spyder.

    3. Jordan

      A link to the source (the official American LeMans website) is in the article above. Official results sheet is here. You’re looking at their overall results (30th). Sports car races are divided by class.

    4. Moby45

      Correct, but if you knew how to read(or wasn’t a dumbass) you would have realized it said “2nd in Class”.

      Study up before being stupid please.

  9. Hypergolem

    Congratulations! This is the prove that a good driver can come out also from video games, not only from the professional circuit.

    1. Dan the BMW Man

      Wow. I, living in Florida, was able to attend this race and it was really cool! I was lucky enough to get a pit tour (through BMW) and was able to shake Lucas Ordonez hand as I strayed from our group who was at the BMW GT2 area. It was a really eat experience & I have pictures and video from the entire thing.

      I even got to drive 2 laps on the track on Friday in a BMW parade. If any of you have never been to an ALMS, your really missing out because it’s a great experience! =)

    1. Patrocles


      How did LO perform relative to his teammates? same level? slower? faster? more racing incidents? less racing incidents? etc. curious people want to know!!

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