2009 GT Award-Winning Mustang: Before, During, & After

January 30th, 2010 by Jordan Greer

Remember the custom-built 1970 Mustang that won top honors at the 2009 GT Awards during SEMA last November? It’s quite an impressive machine, and PS Forums user SWERV_GRIFFIN was on hand when a Polyphony Digital team visited by Grand Touring Garage to collect data about the car. He’s shared his impressions and hundreds of pictures of the car (here, here, here, and here) so we can see it before, during, and after its extensive makeover.

A local website has also posted a great article with more background information about the ‘Stang and Philip Koenen, the man who created it. The most interesting thing: he states the car will be “available for download”. Could we be looking at one of the first cars to be featured in a DLC pack…?

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  1. Feb. 1, 2:17pm

    This car is a monster. Look at it! It looks like a panther, ready to pounce! Very intimating. That said, I think the car will be a great addition to the game. And I’m sure it will elevate the overall class of the game to have custom-made cars. Very impressed. Continue to work hard Polyphony!

  2. Feb. 1, 11:59am

    After speaking with the car builder again, it was clear that the quote about DLC means nothing, so you can safely ignore that until more official info is available.

  3. Feb. 1, 10:59am

    Gone in 60 sec Gt500 would be sweeeeeet

  4. Feb. 1, 1:48am

    From what I heard, this will be in the American version. Now that the Japan date has been pushed back, it should also make it into that one also. This is a beautiful car. A racer for a soul with a body to match. I’m looking forward to running it in GT5. But Swerv will have 1 up on us as I here he might get a ride in the real one. Lucky dog.

  5. Feb. 1, 12:49am

    I understand why some people may be a bit upset about a stock Mustang being cut up and modified… But I think you will change your minds when you drive this beast in game. Anyway for every Mustang that gets modifiied 10 more are sitting in garages mint and never to see the light of day. At least this one is out there for everyone to enjoy.

  6. Jan. 31, 11:09pm

    By the way, I also heard directly from Chris Hinjosa-Miranda, SCEA Associate Producer for the Americas, that this car was to be IN THE GAME, not some “available for Download” car released later. The builder heard the same thing from Sony/PD. I have no idea where you got your DLC speculation.

  7. Jan. 31, 9:26pm

    I do not know why, but this car has a strange charm… because i normally don’t like over-tuned cars like this especially classic ones, i prefer them as they are… Anyway, i’d take a shelby GT500 over this…
    As for DLC it will be VERY dissapointing if you buy the game and then have to pay extra for additional cars… but i find this unlikely, so it must be a misunderstanding or sth..

  8. Jan. 31, 8:32pm

    As usual you guys are batting way out of your league, and have no idea what you are talking about. Look at the Pictures carefully before you spout off a bunch of random nonsense. The car shell was immaculate except one rear quarter that was replaced. This is a true Grand Touring Machine. It is purpose built, and is basically a street legal, show quality, roadracing car. The thing is, Kazunaori Yamauchi who knows more about cars than any of you ever will, recognized the greatness of this car. That is why he chose it for inclusion into the game. The car is much more beautiful in person, the sound of the motor at 6000 RPM stirred my very soul, the paint is flawless as is the bodywork. Your ignorant comments make it apparent that you have no idea what a true world class car is.

  9. Jan. 31, 3:37pm

    1000 cars in the game. DLC is nice, but paying for more cars….ur kidding me right? I’ll be too busy perfecting the 1000 that come with the game than to be worried about shelling more money to polyphony.

  10. Jan. 31, 12:19pm

    Mustang in name only. The floorpan and nose of the monocoque has been cut out and replaced by a space frame set-up. Seems a waste of a ‘stang shell just for the roof and rear quarters. I would of thought there are enough ‘funny-car’ fibre glass panels to make something similar without cutting a genuine ‘stang shell to death. Ho hum, perhaps the shell was rotten from the waist down.

    If I could build something like this in the game, I would never leave the house. I think we can only dream of powertrain swaps aka Forza. Therefore, driving someone else’s creation is a bit ‘meh for me.

    Still a beautifull creation in those photos, despite my ramblings.

  11. Jan. 31, 9:33am

    The Mustang looks ok buit there were better cars at the show.
    Anyway ‘Zavvi’ have got GT5 on their site and it says that the release date is August 2010 for the UK and maybe Europe, hope it is eariler than that!!!

  12. Jan. 31, 8:48am

    Update for GT5: Prologue anyone?

  13. Jan. 31, 8:46am

    I really find odd this claim of “available for download”, it goes against all of what K said about the launch of a game being its ends. He sounded to be against this whole DLC thing.

  14. Jan. 31, 8:30am

    stock mustang is perfection

  15. Jan. 31, 8:12am

    I kind of agree too, the stock looks nice.

  16. Jan. 31, 8:01am
    The Masfer

    If there is any dlc it will be free I’m sure

  17. Jan. 31, 5:23am
    Big Rom

    The stock Mustang defenitly is looking better. This is a Dragster maschine and completely over-tuned.

  18. Jan. 31, 4:17am

    I’d take the green one, it’s a beauty !

  19. Jan. 31, 4:10am

    gotta agree with nick, the before looked better. the new version lost its charm

  20. Jan. 31, 4:06am

    dlc pack?!?? Are u kidding me?!?!? I just WANT THE GAME!!!!!!!

  21. Jan. 31, 3:50am

    Could we be looking at one of the first cars to be featured in a DLC pack…?
    Could this be an evidence that the game will be released ever ?

  22. Jan. 31, 3:41am

    Nice to see some pictures of this car.

  23. Jan. 31, 3:24am

    Possible little Game-Packs, download each track or car, just like in Mototrstorm or Burnout.

  24. Jan. 31, 1:15am

    I’ll 2nd that ‘Djcorrosive’

  25. Jan. 30, 11:56pm

    I think it will be a pre-order car.

  26. Jan. 30, 11:40pm

    Said it before and I’ll say it again. That thing is a beast, and I’m not one to like any muscle car.

  27. Jan. 30, 11:36pm

    Can’t wait to drive it and watch it in replays XD

  28. Jan. 30, 11:27pm

    The ‘stang looked nicer stock.

  29. Jan. 30, 11:24pm

    Yeah DLC cars would be real nice … Even better if we can get the game FIRST! lol

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