A Mitsubishi Starion Is Reportedly Coming to… the “Next Gran Turismo”

Gran Turismo Series 84 June 23, 2018 by

Well this is a surprise. A used car dealership has announced one of its wares is coming to Gran Turismo. No, not GT Sport — but whatever’s next from Polyphony.

Marumi Auto is a small used car dealership in Saitama Prefecture, Japan. Its stock list reads like the used lots of Gran Turismos past, with a bunch of ’90s era Japanese metal rubbing shoulders with a handful of European classics. There’s more than a few cars we’d snap up if we could, but that’s not the point.

No, the interesting part is this recent tweet from the company:

The built-in translation option from Twitter reveals the surprise (we’ve removed all emojis):

“I’ll be in the next Gran Turismo stallion 2.6 GSR-VR ️ ultra-rare GSR-VR ️ even in the rare and the normal vehicle ️ in the movie and the drama was also a lot of people who longed in that it was appointed in the exterior both beautiful, ️ is a car that was also provided to the production company of Gran Turismo the other day  please check the details by all means HP”

In the comments, another Twitter user asks for clarification about whether this means GT Sport or not. Marumi’s (translated) response was “Although I have not been told the details, I said that it is next time.” The plot thickens…

Whether or not the Starion makes it to the current PS4 racer, or whatever Polyphony has up its sleeve next, this is a tidy example. The sports coupe features the larger 2.6-liter engine, and is the rare final-year GSR-VR version.

If it came to Sport, it’d complete an ’80s-tastic trio with the FC-gen RX-7 (which arrived in March) and Supra Turbo A (from the 1.13 update). It’s certainly possible: Polyphony is almost halfway to the 500-car goal Kazunori Yamauchi stated prior to release. The full car list has certainly grown since launch.

Regardless of where it shows up, it’d be the first time a road-going Starion appeared in the franchise too. The Group B — not Gr.B — prototype Starion 4WD last appeared in GT6.

This isn’t the first time this has happened, even this year. Just two months ago, a purveyor of high-end classic sports cars let slip the GT team had scanned a Lancia 037. Shortly after, it deleted the Instragram post.

But what of this possible “future” GT? We’ve heard precious little from the company behind the franchise on this. Back in April, an interview with Kazunori Yamauchi suggested the next game wouldn’t be Sport 2. A more traditional numbered title could be on the cards, while still utilizing Sport’s structured online racing as a backbone. Besides, we know the PS5 is still a way’s away.

It’s all very tantalizing. Stay tuned for any future updates on the situation.

Thanks to PettyWingman for the tip!

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