Kazunori Yamauchi: GT Sport Could (Eventually) Feature Up To 500 Cars

The lonely Evo X should be joined by quite a lot of friends in the future…

While GT Sport’s recent Chinese tour hasn’t yielded much in terms of new content, the interviews PD president Kazunori Yamauchi has taken part in have shed light on a variety of subjects. We’ve heard about the plan to involve F1 coaches in the FIA Championships, and saw a reduction in the race track locations in the game. To balance out the track news, the game could see a massively increased car count via post-release support, according to the latest interview (conducted by A9VG, and helpfully translated in our forums by GTPlanet member Yui-san).

The interview naturally focuses pretty heavily on the Chinese market. Regarding the potential for the People’s Republic being included in GT Academy, Yamauchi states that there are no confirmed plans at this point in time. GT Sport’s release date for the mainland is also unknown, though Taiwan and Hong Kong have both been confirmed for November 15.

When asked whether the game will ever include the controversial ‘Standard Cars’, and what the final car count will be, Kazunori drops easily the most surprising bit of news in the interview:

“In the end, there will be around 4 to 5 hundred cars. All cars have been re-modeled, and there won’t be standard cars.”

There have been rumblings of post-release support for the game before, but this is the first time Yamauchi has provided a rough number. What a number it is, too: 500 cars would be over triple what the game is set to launch with (140). Not only that, it would represent a larger tally than all of the Premium models found in GT6.


With the mention of remodeling, we’re left to see how Polyphony will achieve such a massive undertaking. Previously, PD has managed a rate of roughly 150 cars every three years. The team has steadily expanded since GT6’s release — Kazunori stated it was around 200 people at E3 2016 — but a tripling of the launch car count is still very ambitious.

With no timeline mentioned, we also don’t know how long Polyphony aims to spread the new content out. If the new cars are paid DLC, the sheer number raises a question of price: the genre average is roughly $1 per car. Polyphony has a mixed track record here: GT5 had numerous paid DLC updates, while GT6 included all updates free of charge.

Naturally, we’re eager to hear more on the subject. Stay tuned for more news on GT Sport as it makes its way out of China.

A big thanks again to Yui-san for the translation!

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  1. infamousphil

    Because l don’t do abreveiated GT (1000car min), l won’t be going for it. I can wait for…

    Inside wheel detail, weather and time at all venues, full arcade grids, etc.

    Hey Kaz. Your attention to detail is the stuff of legends and is much appreciated, but your english translators stank. Remember. More is better

  2. Sasek

    I will wait post release for news about new cars and tracks. If we have to pay for it, I will quit GT series for good.

    I don’t know what is going on. When in the past I was getting news about GT4, 5 and 6 I was excited about new things. Now it is like: Oh cool new GT > Ok I can live with 150 cars and 19 locations > What? No real single player > Where this series is going? > I think I will not buy the game > I will not buy the game > And now I’m getting closer to completely leave GT series after thiz Kaz words.

  3. SolidRacer

    Well, I was worried a bit, good to hear car count will grow.. Just hope that there are more road cars and less same race cars, especially we don’t need any more of these x2011 hyper cars and vision gt super cars… hope to see old BMW and supra… And other gems of that age …. True gt cars…. In the end knowing Kazunori saying car count up to 500, actually means about 300 then and everyone one of these will get delayed for some months, released with bigger gaps in between until gt7.. Hope they will release gt7 only on ps5 or at least ps4 neo, because in latest years gt has a bad tendency to release new games on old consoles, which in the end makes the game old while being new…

  4. CorvetteConquer

    “Eventually”, “possibly”, “might”, “maybe” “could”, “potentially”, etc. Kaz’s favorite words.

    1. B.K


      Well he is supposed to shut up until he knows the final number. “Eventually 500 cars” could also mean 150-200 cars. Its the typical Kaz nonsense he talks always about things when it isnt necessary and produces confusion.

    2. MeanElf

      “Eventually 500” always means ‘eventually 500’ – the key words here being *eventually*: so to put it another way, eventually 150-200 isn’t the same as eventually 500. How could it be?

    3. MeanElf

      Or put yet anbother way BK – what you said is typical nonsense comment about GT when it isnt necessary and produces confusion…

    4. Johnnypenso

      Sort of like “monthly track DLC” and “All VGT’s will be available in the first 12 months” and “The Course Maker is almost ready and might make it for release”. You mean that kind of confusion?

    5. johnnyman123

      Meanelf, lets be absolutely clear here. Kaz has been taking us for fools since day 1, always blatantly lying about his ACTUAL REAL plans for the series, always lifting our hopes up and than having them crash back down. If you truly believe the words out Kaz’s mouth than I have a 97 Toyota Camry worth 3 million dollars to sell you.

    6. MeanElf

      Once more, it’s a matter of perspective JP – I don’t see lies but instead feel that the intention was there but due to circumstances, certain things didn’t make the cut. It’s a miracle what he and PD accomplished with a relatively small team (back then) on the PS3 but some compromised had to be made.

      As for taking people for fools – that is your interpretation. Annual games developers are more likely to be doing that, or shoddy developers just after a quick cash grab – does PD’s MO fit into either of those brackets? No. As I say, interpretation.

      It’s not a question of blind belief, I still believe that he intends to achieve these things he says but I also understand that when working with software you have chaos theory right in the middle of what you are doing: put simply, it will frequently do the unexpected and what was formerly thought of as achievable, no long can be done. There are always compromises and they only become lies if the statement was made with full foreknowledge of that intent beforehand.

    7. Johnnypenso

      Lol…what? I didn’t say anything about lies…I responded about “confusion”…even used it in my response.

      “Taking people for fools that’s my interpretation”? Where did I say that?

      Looks like you’re just responding to my name and what you think I’d say rather than what I actually said. Not your finest moment.

    1. I_Cameron_I

      Why would they duplicate cars? In a game that is obviously a polar opposite of any previous gran turismo smh

    2. ribloGT

      Because it’s a PDI game off and PDI likes to inflate car count with duplicates…
      AC has something like 100 cars now and about 70 are race cars and every race car has between 5 to 10 liveries (average 7)… If it was a PDI game they would claim it has (70*7)+30= 520 cars… :P

    3. jm79

      Well, now they have a livery editor, I guess they won’t be doing this anymore? Would be cheeky in the extreme… :)

    4. ribloGT

      Jm79 it would be bad but i saw a screenshot of the dealer of GTS as presented in some event and it had the basic GT-R GT3 near of some special livery one… I hope this game of each livery is a different car will not be in the final game…

    5. Isho

      @Cameron, because the current car list that was shown has unnecessary duplicates? You seem pretty desperate to defend him based on your comments here.

  5. Tenacious D

    Ah, can you smell the excitement and anticipation of a new Gran Turismo coming? Sure you can… not. Rather, it’s the usual FUD fest we’ve grown to expect around here. ;P

    Of course there is a real universe out there in which Gran Turismo is still popular, where 11 million people have bought GT5, supposedly the worst Gran Turismo ever made, and you haven’t even been able to get online with it for more than a year. And yes, along with the 360 and Wii – and Wii U for that matter, the PS3 is kind of a retired antique as far as game systems go, selling to an ever shrinking market which brings me to GT Sport.

    Which according to most accounts is coming along in all areas we’ve been complaining about. Graphics are sublime, of course. According to some, physics are roughly on par with modern sims. Sounds are better. Bot A.I. is better, and the fields are tighter in races. Not a Standard in sight neither car nor track. Races will feature cars of THE SAME CLASS, woot. We’ve got a Livery Editor! So let’s mock and complain anyhow. ;P

    Good ol’ GT Planet. Still couldn’t care less what anyone thinks, still loving it.

    1. Isho

      Makes a whole essay about GTP complaining, ends his paragraph with ” Still couldnt care less”. Special guy.

  6. SavageEvil

    Comments in here, broken records are out in force. 500 cars? hmm sounds like GT Sport as a base and continuous additions instead of constant releasing a tarted up game in the guise of a new game? I guess I can deal with that. Based on how car game sales are sub 2 million for even the most vaunted games this would make for a more ideal situation.
    Honestly most sports games can try this approach, this yearly full priced meager updates that folks keep throwing money out for is absurd. Car packs and/or the ability to pay for what you actually want might work out well for folks. PD can keep fine tuning and adding things along the way while the team can keep working on and cranking out more autos, rule updates and other things.

    Off Topic

    Well summer update for the Xbox One is out and background music “still” doesn’t work, even though it was a listed feature. Currently not even the Pandora app works with it, and Groove and Media Player either, arrgh the level of inadequacy that a software tech giant like MS is showing is incredibly grating.

  7. HarVee

    So how many of those 500 cars will be real cars?

    500 cars would be nice, if they were real cars – and there is massive, but balanced, variety too. Focusing on every hypercar doesn’t give variety, and doesn’t help make GT’s car list stand out from any other racing game. Nor does it appeal to people like me that would rather turn a grocery grabber into a GT3 machine.

    You know, like GT of old times? The whole drive-your-car-on-the-televsion thing Kaz? I haven’t forgotten your words.

  8. GTPVenomZombie

    Kaz said there would could be Dynamic weather in GT3, he also mentioned about a new track every month in GT6, what do they have in common? Broken promises. I`m not doubting, it`s just a really low chance i think this will be something he actually will deliver

    1. johnnyman123

      Glad other memebers on the site can trace back Kaz’s lies back to the early days aswell. I remember clearly when he said GT3 (GT2000 at the time) would feature weather and time change and that the PS2 was more than capable for it. GT series is still a great series nonetheless, but other companies like Turn10 quite simply have them beat, and I just dont believe a single word out Kaz’s mouth anymore.

  9. johnnyman123

    Ive been playing GT since GT1 days…and yeah no thanks Kaz. I love GT but I simply do NOT like how Laz conducts hus business with fans….at this point we have NO IDEA where the series is going, how can we get excited for something when we have no idea what its going to be or what’s going to be in it? Its always a gamble with this damn guy. Forza doeant have this problem, I get excited with Forza because I know Turn10 tries hard to maintain the excitement in the series, always delivers and never leaves the customer holding the game. ..when they release something you *KNOW* it will be good. Its not a the ridiculousness Kaz and PD makes us deal with. Heavily doubt the game will have anywhere near 500 cars ever of you give them 5 years. They are LIARS.

    ive switched to Forza and I couldnt be more excited with my decision and whats to come. GT has been GREAT to be during all these years, but I want to restore my excitement for a AAA racing game, not once again be thrown into uncertainity and possible HUGE disappointment. /endthought

  10. ribloGT

    Yes… There will be 100 basic models in GTS each with 4 racing liveries (plus the base model that you use for the livery editor) it’s 5×100 = 500 cars…
    PDI did the magic again i guess… :D

    1. CarBastard

      “B-but we must stay loyal to GT because of…many reasons! Plus, PDs models are much better because…because Kaz says so and he’s a perfectionist! Kunos just can’t compete with the revolution in gaming that will be GTSport…even thuogh other games are already doing it.”

      -Typical GT “loyal fan”.

      If only I had the money for a proper PC to enjoy AC and FH3!

    2. sumbrownkid

      or maybe people like GT because they actually like GT? Just because someone is loyal to something doesn’t mean they are ignorant of any shortcoming. Honestly a lot of the criticism of loyal fans being blind is also applyable to those who just dog on the series day in and day out.

    3. ribloGT

      CarBastard… With AC coming to PS4 soon you dont need a PC to play with it…
      Pity for the mods but maybe Kunos will be able to implement at least custom liveries…

  11. beezball

    If this turns out to be a micro-transaction fest I’m afraid I won’t be partaking. This makes me sad. GT4-5-6 700+ number cars for $50/60. GTS 500 cars $400?

  12. RodolphoPNeto

    Well, there you go, the man said it. Car roster, check. That gave me some hope. Now, 2 to go – solo career and sound :D

    1. Cobra2245

      Something tells me that out of the 500 cars, 120 of them will be the same model Nissan Skyline or Mazda MX-5, etc, like in GT6.
      I get the feeling that Kaz doesn’t even know what he wants to do with the franchise. It may be time for someone new, seeing that he still hasn’t really made up his mind on what he wants out of GTS…

  13. Fredzy

    It’s clear at this point that GTS is going to be GT7, I think Kaz said as much. With this being the case, 500 cars should be the minimum and they should hit that number quickly and at no additional cost.

    Regarding the work scope to create cars for GTS, the key point here is that they are re-modeled, not modeled from scratch. I think most of the base modeling of a GT6 “premium” car carries over without issue to GTS. Finer exterior detail, decals and interiors are likely the only areas that would require attention, so I’m sure converting GT6 to GTS assets would be surprisingly quick and clean. PD would have been fools to not future-proof the PS3 era car models for at least one more generation.

    It will be interesting to see to what degree they comply to the original GT formula. GTP users here are all delivering their eulogies to the series because it’s not going to be more of the same. “Not the same thing we’ve had for 20 years?! RIP GT!” Don’t you think that might be exactly the kind of re-think the series needs? I’m over the standard GT experience. By now, the way I play the game and the value I get from it are much different than back in 1998 on PS1.

    Of course that’s just me. But the point still hangs there: it’s been the same thing for a very long time and has been in decline. Let’s change this up a bit. 500 cars… still more than most could ever know what to do with. Remember, without “standards” there will be a huge decrease in Miata/GTR type duplication.

    I know I’ll be happy with GTS. As for the rest of the racing sim/gamer community, I’m cautiously optimistic. In true PD form, there will be many bite-sized disappointments. Lot’s of “close, but not quite” features. Everyone will have 10-mile-long wishlists on day 1. But I have a feeling the overall experience will be the most fresh GT has been in a very long time.

    1. Johnnypenso

      Whether the series is in decline or not is up for debate. Many attribute the recent sales slump to the PS3>>PS4 transition and it certainly has a lot of merit. I think more than anything else, it’s simply Kaz who is tired of the old formula, not the fans, and doesn’t want to move into his twilight years just making prettier versions of the same game over and over and collecting a paycheque. He wants to revolutionize the genre like he did 20 years ago. We’ll see how it turns out.

  14. cjr3559

    Betting the cars will be the current 400-500 premium cars in GT6. Likely the PS2 era cars won’t make it to GTS, and everyone will complain about the PS3 cars being poor quality. Mark my words.

    1. Toysuprahot

      If that is the case, I’ll buy the game. Premium from PS3 era are already ready for transition becausw of their high quality modelling, not like the standards from ps2. But Kaz probably lied there, or wanted to say something else.

  15. mickoafna

    None of us actually know that there are only 140 cars ready for the game. It was publicly announced, but that doesn’t mean that PD actually re-designed only 140 cars. There might be 280 or even more that they are holding back for DLC’s or freebies, etc.

    I’ll wait it out at least 2 years upon release to see where it’s going. If not to my liking I’ll skip GTS and go straight to GT7 in 2020.

    1. ynot

      Why would you wait 2 years to see how a game is before buying it? I will have it day one and enjoy. It is not going to be like the 6 other GT’s. Not supposed to be. It will will be a good game. You will like some things and not like others same as any other game. It’s 59.99 divided by 730 days is only .08 cents a day.

    2. mickoafna

      I never wrote I’ll buy the game, I just want to see if Kaz’s words come true. In 2 years after release, there should be at least 150-200 new cars added. If not, I’ll wait for GT7 which will be released roughly around 2020.

  16. Toysuprahot

    Lel who believes this liar? I think we all understand by now his evil tricks before the game’s release, like always.

    1. jm79

      I believe him for the most part, because I don’t think he’s a liar and I don’t think he’s evil.

      He’s a man who makes games, for our entertainment.

      Toysuprachill bro.

    2. Johnnypenso

      Jm is quickly appointing himself the GTPolice. If anyone is uncertain of Kaz and his promises, just wait until the game is released and see what it contains and go from there. If you’re worried about content level in the form of cars, wait a year or two and see if they all arrive in big numbers and go from there. It’s not like there aren’t other great games that offer almost everything GTSport has and much more. Dirt Rally, Assetto Corsa, Project Cars and more are all great games in their own right and absolutely excellent in certain areas in ways that PD has not come close to in 20 years. Dirt Rally’s loose surface physics and FFB are far better than anything GT has ever had. AC’s FFB, individual car feel, AI, sound and laser scanned tracks blow GT away in those areas. PCars career mode is the shizzle and it has much better sound and FFB (if you can dial it in) than GT. Spread your wings and fly!

    3. jm79

      I can’t disagree on any of that bro, to be fair. Respect.

      But can I still be GTPolice? Makes me sound so badass ;)

    4. MeanElf

      Ah, JP is here (as expected – because, y’know, he just can’t stay away) and he has his glasses that make non-existent subtext visible to him too.

  17. Magic Ayrton

    Eventuallys Perhaps ifs and buts never got us any where in the land of Gran Turismo. Promises promises.. The ultimate ***** tease.

  18. GBalao888

    Maybe to fill that “over 500+” car list they should probably get every car in Driveclub that’s not in the game, that’s around 99 cars. That way we could get some true gems of cars over there.

  19. letdown427

    Here comes another pointless whine post.

    I’ve been playing since the first one, they’ve been a big part of my life, but after GT6, I think I’m done. There are much better driving sims available, and there are much better ‘fun’ driving games available.

    I’ll be reading the reviews and watching a lot of youtube videos to see how the sound has developed before I even contemplate GT:Sport.

    With regards to the 500 cars, I imagine like many of the more experienced fans, I no longer trust a word Kaz says.

    Realistically, if he’s managing all this, how can he not know how many cars they’ll have?! Are there not decisions made as to what cars should be included? Or is it just a case of assigning a team to model 1,000 cars, and whatever we get, that’s the game?

    So we end up with 70 variations of MX-5 because that’s a quick copy and paste job with the name changed, but actual new cars take longer, so far fewer of them get done. If they’re so precious with recording the cars, they must know how many they’ve got recordings of? The vagueness of his promises don’t exactly inspire confidence, let alone his track record (no pun intended)

    1. OntzettendeJan

      Completely agree with your post. I’ve been playing all GT installments and frankly they’ve gone downhill after 4. Such a shame.


      I don’t know how many times i read the same kind of post “i used to like GT” “it was good until GT4” “I’m quitting GT & never going back” “Other racers does better” YET i still see that they cared enough to post a comment to read the same repeated video tape stuck on repeat mode endless times until the VCR blows up.
      The people who read these comments are the VCRs & you people are the tapes.
      I’ve just came up with a new term for them :
      *Video Tapes On Repeat Mode*
      Sorry but i just can’t stand this.

    3. letdown427

      I tried to warn you it was another whine post so you didn’t have to read it :)

      Yes, I do care enough to post about it because like I said, GT has been a big part of my gaming life, and is without a doubt the series I’ve played more than any other.

      Aside from my narcissitic whinge about how I’ve lost faith in the franchise (as if anyone cares but me!), I think the point does still stand that after 18 years, a lot of us are (justifiably) a little more skeptical about Kaz’s promises, wouldn’t you agree?

    4. cfc

      Im with you letdown427 100%- been playing GT since very 1st GT.
      Not sure what Zero means by calling people VCR who used to love GT…VCR’s – its more likely VCR’s are those who still deluded enough to keep faith with Kaz and GT – its very clear Sony moved from GT being they main title for PS’s,besides GT left in the dust long time ago by others – blind GT fanboys surely wont agree,but for example Forza is miles ahead on everything,they sure dont like as it is main GT rival.Well,it was – Forza won hands down.And now it comes to PC,which is even better.
      Personally stopped playing GT after GT5 fiasco,2 months in GT5 life and i was bored to death,while im still sometimes playing GT4..Im not even mention how im enjoying Forzas since Nr.2.And there is AC and pCars.
      It saddens me to see how once great GT franchise dying without moving forward at all.You can be blind fanboy VCR (yes,thats exactly what VCR is Zero – past glories) or you can move with good memories.
      Im not even sceptical about Kaz – i just dont trust a word after GT 5 delays and fiasco.


      I know that you warned about it which IS the thing that annoyed me – the warning itself was enough to let me reply.
      So repeating it won’t change anything unless Kaz himself takes action.
      So save up our time to even read the warning.
      Yes – even 1 sec is important.


      If you don’t know how to enjoy GT6 – it’s not our problem ( the faithful GT fans ) i just played GT6 yesterday or before yesterday & enjoyed drifting on it in a lobby with Dodge Viper GTS 02 X)

    7. letdown427

      Could you not save even more time by not replying at all?

      Can I ask what you mean by “( the faithful GT fans )”? It sounds a little like you’re trying to imply that anyone who questions the way GT has developed is a lesser ‘fan’ because they’re not keeping the faith as such?

      Maintaining allegiance to a brand based on faith as opposed to objectively evaluating it’s merits compared to the alternatives doesn’t seem like something it’s worth trying to impress upon others.

      We all have different tastes in what we look for from our entertainment. I for one still very much enjoyed GT6, but I enjoyed it despite the sound still being lacklustre for most vehicles. For me a lot of my passion for cars is related to the engines and their sound, not just their looks.

      This means that when iteration after iteration of GT still fails to really improve the sound very much despite making such huge leaps in graphic quality, I’m inclined to look to other alternatives to provide a more satisfying gaming experience.

      What’s sad is that no ‘sim’ style game provides GT’s sense of car ownership, the modification and development etc. feel. Sure Forza has this, but the handling is less taxing and so ultimately less rewarding for me long term. However GT6’s lifespan was damaged for me when ultimately as much as I love trying out different cars, modifying them a little, performing some limited visual changes and taking them out on the track, the utterly uninspiring sound starts to really grate after 18 years.

      I’ve gone way off topic here though, and doubtless wasted more of your important time.

      The original reason for me whining was to chime in with the fact that I basically don’t believe any of Kaz’s ‘news’ any more, and won’t take anything for granted until the game is out. My reason for including some of my ‘background’ with the franchise was merely to try and provide some context as to why I don’t believe the guy any more, to avoid being simply dismissed as a troll or Forza fanboy.

      How do you feel with regards to Kaz’s promise of 400 to 500 cars may eventually be in GT:Sport? What do you think that actually means, as a faithful GT fan?


      Well i’m replying for a wish for not to read the same things again.
      By the way you’re taking things too far – it’s just a video game.
      We can complain but repeating too much will not get us anywhere unless Kaz takes action.
      Also – yes – the faithful fans are the people who are patient for the product to success.
      I don’t think it’s logical to call someone who himself admitted that his post is pointless whine to be a true GT fan.
      If you’re a true GT fan – you can complain but don’t repeat what others said 1000 times.
      At least i used my time to explain something for your sake & everybody sakes – which is to stop repeating same posts.
      If my words didn’t reach you after this – then i’m done.

    9. Johnnypenso

      You’re replying because you essentially want to shout down anyone that has an opinion that’s different than yours. You complain about repetition yet you are repeating posts that are made over and over whining and crying about people who have a different opinion than you. You say it’s a video game and he’s taking it too far, yet you are here, wasting time and energy, not talking about a video game, but about an individual poster. Pot, meet kettle.


      Really ?
      I don’t think so … You have the right to voice your opinion but it’s different when it is repeated – that is what i’m trying to say.
      I can swear that nothing new was mentioned to be taken as a new opnion.
      All i see is a repeated posts which not only me but also other people did the same as i did from the past about 1 year from now – i still read the same things written all over again but only a different shapes.
      I’m not against opinions – i’m against repeated posts.
      Repeated posts counts as spam.


      One more thing to end my statement :
      My direction wasn’t that it’s a video game – it’s directed to the repeated posts – either it be a video game or anything else – my point still stands & it’s the truth & the previoua forums proves my case.
      Zero out.

  20. ALB123

    Frankly, I don’t believe a word of what comes out of Yamauchi’s mouth. There was a lot of big talk about GT6 and look how that turned out. Broken promise after broken promise. It hasn’t been updated since it turned 2 years old (~8 months ago). The Vision GT was a total bust, in my opinion, half the companies didn’t produce a car or just dropped out altogether…

    If they are being remotely serious, then it sounds like GT Sport is going to stick around for a long time. I’m sure GTSport will be the only Gran Turismo title to ever appear on the PS4 platform so there will be expansion, of course. Hopefully they don’t just release fake car after fake car like they did with GT6. The only way I see them coming close to 500 cars would be if they release several versions of the same type of car. Like 4 MX-5’s, 3 Mercedes-AMG GTs – Think Street, Tuned & Racing versions or something along those lines.

    1. MeanElf

      But Eran, you’re spoiling everyones God-given right to spout gibberish here and get away with it… ;)

    2. Johnnypenso

      When was the last time you guys could separate a joke (with an emote on the end no less) from a serious post?

  21. Ryan81

    Haha, yeah. Sorry don’t believe a word of it. Sure, they’ll be some DLC but 500 cars total (I.e. 360 DLC cars?) What’s Yamauchi smoking??? Must think that most people are complete morons. It’s taken them 3 years to model 140 cars and suddenly now they can achieve 360 in what….3 years?

    1. nascarfan1400

      I agree that 360 dlc cars is way too far fetched, but if they are hiring more people at PD, they would be able to make more cars in less time.

    2. ScotteDawg

      According to ‘chatter’ in the forums, PD have outsourced a lot of the work in the production of GT Sport. I’d say it is highly probable…!

  22. chengman

    But considering how almost every car has their racecar equivalent, we will probably be getting 200 street cars and 200 racecars, so right back up to GT6 numbers again.

  23. ESEK

    As much as i want to believe this, I highly doubt 500 cars will happen. I reckon we’ll get a few paid DLC packs and PD will throw in a few freebies like what they did in GT5 and then after that any cars left over will be saved for the next Gran Turismo. Didn’t PD say that in GT6 we would get “a track a month” before that game released? Pretty sure we didn’t get that. I want GT Sport to be a success and I have a collectors edition pre-ordered but I’m not feeling the excitement I used to get from anticipating upcoming Gran Turismo games

    1. imported_KingK76

      See @jm79… now you’re getting it! Forza will welcome you with open arms when you get out of the hospital!!!

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