Aston Martin Continues to Tease the Baby Valkyrie With New Rear-End Shot

Automotive News 25 February 21, 2019 by

British sports car manufacturer Aston Martin has released a new teaser image for its third hypercar.

Due for launch in 2021, Aston Martin currently refers to the car as “Project 003”. This follows on from the Valkyrie (Project 001) and Valkyrie AMR Pro (Project 002), rather firmly establishing the car’s lineage.

The heavily shadowed image of the rear of the car reveals a few things about Project 003. For example, the engine cover itself seems to be almost identical in design to that of the Valkyrie. We already knew that the car would be a mid-engined turbocharged petrol hybrid, but the similarity is remarkable.

Project 003 seems to sport slightly smaller rear haunches, with the consequence that the rear wing between them appears wider. Aston Martin promises Valkyrie-style active aerodynamics, so this should be another common theme.

There’s a key difference in the rear light clusters. On the Valkyrie these are three, double-tiered elements for each cluster. For Project 003 it looks like there’ll be five.

Aston Martin hasn’t revealed any further information on the car. That means it’s still planned for 2021, as a full, road-legal car, limited to 500 vehicles only. Along with the hybrid powertrain and active aero, 003 will sport active suspension technology.

There’s no word yet on whether the car will use Valkyrie’s Cosworth V12 or another engine, nor any planned power output. We’d expect the production 003 to be slower than the Valkyrie, but then most things will be anyway…

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