Gran Turismo 7 Update 1.49 to be Revealed During World Series in Montreal on July 6

In a rather surprising turn of events, the Gran Turismo social media team has announced the next update for GT7, version 1.49, will be revealed during the GT World Series live stream from Montreal on July 6.

For anyone who has been following Gran Turismo 7, this is an unusual twist for several reasons.

Content updates are typically always preceded by a post on X by Kazunori Yamauchi himself, with one of his now-famous “silhouette” images that give fans a tease of the new cars included in the update. There have been some variations on the silhouettes as they have evolved into videos this year, but the consistency of the format to reveal new content for the game has been relatively unchanged.

Live Gran Turismo events have certainly been used to preview new content before, but such an announcement ahead of time — and such a specific reference to the version update number — is unprecedented. However, it appears no new tracks will be featured in actual competition, as the race schedule for Montreal has already been confirmed.

One thing is for certain, though: this teaser will set expectations in the increasingly-hungry Gran Turismo fan base soaring.

Although the May update — which included five new cars and the return of Volvo — was well received, nearly eight months have passed since Gran Turismo 7 Spec II was released, and nearly twice that long since the last asphalt track (Grand Valley) was added to the game.

As for cars, the safest bet is likely the Genesis X Gran Racer Vision Gran Turismo, the updated race-spec version of Genesis Vision GT car, but if 1.49 is a significant update it will likely be joined by some others as well.

The Gran Turismo World Series streams for the Manufacturers and Nations Cup begin at 2100 UTC and 2330 UTC, respectively, on Saturday, July 6. GTPlanet will have complete coverage of all the new content revealed at the show, so stay tuned!

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