Fanatec Reveals New $400 CSL Cockpit

Fanatec has revealed its new CSL Cockpit, designed for compatibility with Fanatec peripherals including direct drive wheels at up to 25Nm and the Gran Turismo DD Extreme wheel.

  • USA – Fanatec CSL Cockpit: $399.99
  • Europe – Fanatec CSL Cockpit: €399.99
  • Australia – Fanatec CSL Cockpit: A$669.95

The CSL Cockpit itself, available as a standalone item, comprises lightweight aluminum tubing with steel brackets, powder-coated in a black and yellow finish.

It’s specifically designed to deal with the high torque of direct drive wheelbases, with side-mounting brackets that allow for three mounting positions and stepless angle adjustment over a 30-degree range. The brackets can also be inverted, giving a “karting” position for the wheel, and they’re freely adjustable for reach up to a distance of 8cm.

Fanatec also states that the pedal plate is designed to resist the forces of load cell brakes, and this mounting can also be adjusted for angle and distance too.

The rig also features a unique cable management system, with hollow yellow tubes running down the verticals through which all the leads and plugs can be threaded. These also feature special end caps with cable holes. Two types of feet are also included, with felt and rubber items to account for carpet and hard floor surfaces.

Although a seat isn’t included as standard, the CSL Cockpit will support most standard racing seats in a classic GT seating position, allowing you to transfer from your old rig if you wish.

However a CSL Cockpit Seat is also available as a separate, $/€99.95 item and is designed to match the style of the cockpit itself. This includes embroidered Fanatec branding and yellow stitching, with the seat finished in fabric and coming in at a relatively svelte 7kg (15lb).

Other items available as add-ons include an optional shifter holder, at $/€39.95, and an optional monitor holder, at $/€119.95. This latter item supports most 100×100 and 75×75 VESA mounts, at up to 34″ for widescreen displays and up to 49″ for ultrawide.

We actually had a chance to try the CSL Cockpit at the Gran Turismo World Finals in Barcelona late last year and found it to be quite comfortable and sturdy. With the CSL Cockpit Seat attached, it was particularly easy to get in and out of, thanks to the slim side bolsters.

There was no perceptible flex when using the Fanatec Gran Turismo DD Extreme attached to the cockpit, though we did not have the chance to test with the highest force feedback settings.

We could also see the cockpit’s cable management in action, with the wheel’s power and USB cables neatly running down the yellow tubing on each side.

The CSL Cockpit, along with its monitor mount, shifter mount, and CSL Cockpit Seat accessories is available to order now, with deliveries also beginning now.

  • USA – Fanatec CSL Cockpit: $399.99
  • Europe – Fanatec CSL Cockpit: €399.99
  • Australia – Fanatec CSL Cockpit: A$669.95

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