Genesis X Gran Racer Vision Gran Turismo Revealed at BIMOS in South Korea

Genesis pulled the wraps off a new racing-spec version of its Vision Gran Turismo concept car, the “X Gran Racer”, today at the Busan International Mobility Show (BIMOS) in Busan, South Korea.

Based on the earlier X Gran Berlinetta Concept, this new design is part of the company’s Magma high-performance program.

The concept features active aerodynamic elements, including flaps and a flat underbody. It incorporates Genesis’ signature “Two-Line” design in its lighting, extending from front to rear. Aerodynamic enhancements include a large front splitter, rear diffuser, and aggressive rocker panels.

Styling highlights include a long hood, mid-engine layout, and pronounced fenders. The rear design integrates the Two-Line motif into an elliptical concave shape. A carbon fiber rear wing provides additional downforce.

The interior follows Genesis’ minimalist design philosophy while focusing on performance, including a roll cage, racing yoke, and a digital display for essential information.

Power comes from a front-mid-mounted Lambda II V6 engine with an electric supercharger. Genesis claims a combined output of 1,540 horsepower and 1,051 lb-ft of torque, making its predecessor’s 1,071 horsepower look relatively tame.

The X Gran Racer VGT Concept is being showcased alongside other Genesis vehicles at BIMOS, but as of publication, no additional details have been published regarding the car’s availability in Gran Turismo 7.

With the game’s expected June update now overdue, the X Gran Racer’s announcement will only fuel further speculation about what’s coming ahead of the first GT World Series event of the year in Montreal on July 6. Stay tuned!

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