“Big Updates” Coming to GT6, Improved Physics & AI for GT7

August 11th, 2014 by Jordan Greer


Italian website Quattroruote recently participated in an interview session with Kazunori Yamauchi, and – as is often the case when journalists get to spend time with him these days – they were eager to ask about the future with Gran Turismo 7.

Although he’s obviously not going to reveal any major details about the game at this point in time, he did re-affirm just how much more the team at Polyphony Digital will be able to do with the additional processing power provided by the PS4:

“I still cannot go into detail, but developing on PS3 was hard: you don’t have enough memory to do all you want. Our goal was to always preserve the feel of Gran Turismo but with the latest installment we had to face limitations. With PS4 we have a lot of memory available: we’ll be able to exploit it easily, inserting elements that we had to force or withheld on PS3.

There will be better graphics, better physics engine, smarter AI and more online options.”

Vehicle damage is also something they will “work to upgrade” on the new platform, thanks to the improved physics processing capabilities of the new console.

When pressed for more information, Kazunori confirmed that there is still much to come for Gran Turismo 6, stating that “we’re planning to launch big updates for GT6 soon”. These updates will likely include features announced for the game, including a new Course Maker, B-Spec mode, and expanded online “community features”.

The Vision Gran Turismo project is also moving forward, as he commended the enthusiasm of automotive designers working at various manufacturers.

Read the full interview here, as translated into English by GTPlanet member @TurismoBad, and thanks to all of you who sent this in!

GT6 Photomode image by carfanatic45.

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  1. Aug. 13, 1:39pm

    The ps1 and ps2 was under powered and they still made gt great and now they can do the same for gt6 what a bunch of crap. It took so long to make a game that’s missing so much but on the older generation system gt was great I love the old test track were u can test your car top speed. U have f1 cars and their is no racing for them on the game. At least gt5 had races for them. I miss soul track and Seattle. They promise so much and we got so little

    • Aug. 13, 1:51pm

      Exactly! I think PD followed the wrong path with GT5 and GT6. Better graphics does not necessarily mean a better game. GT right now is like a riced up Japanese car. All looks but no go.

    • Aug. 13, 1:57pm

      I know that PD have modeled the seattle circuit because it was on the trailer that they launched for the NSX concept car before GT6 came out. It is obvious they are purposely shelving content to save for GT7.

    • Aug. 13, 2:51pm

      With that said, are you guys still going to go get GT7 ? I’m 95% sure that at this point in time I’m shelving games and their sequels and remakes for my PS4 and going with something else ( ie. rockstar games after GTA V , PD after this “prologue” they call GT6 ) so i’m probably going to go with drive club at this point, Gran Turismo might be the biggest racing franchise but it’s just milking off hype now, we bought into a new game that had less features than it’s predecessors and already they are “testing the waters” with word of GT7, what happened to the much taunted “5 year development cycle” and “simulation” ( more like guess work at this point if they need to “improve” it !? oh yeh right, must release GT7 next year because GT6 is a FLOP …. ( PD needs to make more money to support it’s racing habits )

    • Aug. 13, 4:42pm

      To answer your comment kiosk, the reason why GT7 will probably come out next year is because games typically take 2 to 3 years to develop. The 5 years of development of GT5 was out of the ordinary for PD and there are a few reasons why it took them that long.

      The main reason is because after GT4, they developed two games which were Tourist Trophy (2006) and GTPSP (2009). Most people forget about these two titles when talking about the 5 year development of GT5, if they are developing two other games as well, it will take them longer to develop everything.

      Another reason is because of the PS3, I am not the best techy in the world but I know few bits about consoles and hardware. On average, it takes about 12months for a games developer to get a game running properly on PS3, in comparison it takes just 2months on PS4. The reason being is because the PS3 had a hardware architecture that was very different most PCs which made development for games difficult whereas the PS4 is very much like standard PC architecture.

      So for GT7 to be done is 2015 is not really something out of the ordinary. Contrary to popular belief most of the “hype” for the GT franchise has very much gone now due to the launch of next gen and next gen racing games, so I don’t believe PD are milking anything as such because there’s simply not much hype anymore. This is where GT7 comes in because Xbox One has Forza 5 and Horizon 2 and other than driveclub there isn’t a big racing exclusive on PS4, this is were PD needs to get back in the game as they say and make full use of the PS4.

      Will I buy GT7, almost certainly. I have many gripes with GT6 but it’s still a very good game. People complain about how its just GT5.5 or what ever, but if look back at all the previous installments, there all pretty same formula, the only differences are with graphics, physics and some changes in the car list and track list.

      I’m pretty contempt with GT6, I’m not too excited about most of the features they add. Don’t care much for VGT cars, would much rather get new real cars. People tend to point to FM5 regarding new cars and stuff but people forget that you have to pay for most of that and plus FM5 didn’t have much content to begin with. Anyway, that’s views on things.

    • Aug. 13, 5:07pm

      “The ps1 and ps2 was under powered and they still made gt great…”

      Funnily enough, I just started replaying GT4 today (mostlt for the photomode I must add) I think you guys are all suffering from a nostalgia overdoes because the handling was far worse than I recall and the menu very clunky. It takes forever to get to where you want to be and you say that PD still made a good GT game.

      I’m sorry but GT5 and 6 have brought a huge improvement in more than just graphics – oh yeah, one more thing, the AI does the exact same thing in GT4 as it is currently doing in GT6 for all of those with a terminal short memory…runs slow enough for you to catch up if you fluff a corner or two.

    • Aug. 13, 5:42pm

      @kiosk I would be blatantly lying if I say that I won’t buy it. I will be there at the store day one, and as it has been for me ever since GT1 came out, GT7 will be a console buyer for me. the only way I would finally walk away from the GT series will be that

      1. Another title comes out that beats Gran Turismo in every single aspect. And by that I don’t mean those PC simulators that PC Gamer elitists love to smear all over our faces. In terms of content and quality, they have nothing against GT or Forza. Period.

      2. My passion for cars disappears. And that won’t happen.

      But I will be here after the excitement wears off to point out everything that PD failed in GT7, unless they finally deliver the game that we all are waiting for. And I won’t stop until PD finally focuses on the game and makes it their #1 priority. No more BS alliances. No more experiments. No more BS on Kaz’s life or what happens outside the game. No more MT’s or rigging the game. No more excuses on how much time it takes for this, or console power for that. No more “maybe” “soon” ‘I don’t know yet.” GT needs to go back on being a game and not some merchandising company. GT needs to be fun again and finished. GT7 needs to be next GT2/GT4, with all that made GT5 and 6 fun.

      I do have a feeling that we will go through this over again with GT7. And I’ve given the franchise so many chances and placed my hope on it over and over. I’ve given PD my money, blindly, since every release. And will continue to do so until they deliver.

    • Aug. 14, 3:55pm

      Look call of duty graphics great but Gt6 is missing alot

    • Aug. 15, 7:58am
      Magic Ayrton

      Sadly Husky, that is exactly what is killing the series.. people hanging on to a thin thread in the hope that PD will actually care more about the fans than the money.. being able to buy credits in game is proof of that. The improvements are so painfully slow that I will certainly not be buying a £400 console just for GT, especially considering that GT6 didn’t deliver. It’s a great game.. but unless GT7 has everything we want in it, it will not be classed as next gen for me. I will play the waiting game like other intelligent people this time around.. the trust has slipped somewhat.

    • Aug. 15, 8:33am
      wraith of horus

      What happened to Speed Test? It’s the one feature keping my hopes holding onto gt6 for. It’s the only feature sorely lacking if your a drag racer. And the Drag racing community in gt6 is getting big. I know it took 2+ years to release in gt5.

    • Aug. 15, 1:25pm

      Being able to buy credits in game is more an indication of what Sony wants. Perhaps people need a slight reminder that the much lauded GT4 only paid 600cr for first place per race in the Sunday Cup and GT6 paius d 4,420 or so – now how is that a sign of PD being greedy and caring only about the money? Hmm?

    • Aug. 15, 2:18pm
      Magic Ayrton

      Green elf.. What was the most expensive car in GT4? hmm…

    • Aug. 15, 5:31pm

      Can’t remember to be truthful, but there were only 700 in total – the majority I’ve seen were a similar price to that used in GT5: GT6 has been cheaper in some cases like the 2J which makes it a pretty redundant comparison.

      You can still get the top price cars without buying credits is what I’m saying, and with a lot less grinding too…

    • Aug. 15, 5:37pm

      Totally agree with the OP, marketing BS. the featured quoted were printed on the package we bought and he calls it a major update.

    • Aug. 15, 7:38pm

      I hope that we will be able to trade cars again but making it sure when u trade u get the car u traded for.that would be nice and have harder a spec races

    • Aug. 16, 12:57am

      Once more Gotspeed, you are setting yourself up for big disappointment if you think the updates will include even half of the things you seem to want.

      Though surely, car trading is down to the honesty of the person trading with you, and not a fault of PD if the wrong one gets sent? Or am I missing something – sorry, I don’t trade, I just gifted cars which all came through fine.

    • Aug. 17, 3:22am

      Gotta put my two cents in…

      Me thinks PD knows that Sony really screwed up with their PS3 console OS. In an attempt to control hacking. Intellectual property security and all that biz.

      Me thinks PD decided to focus on improved graphics and smoother screen transitions would be the best way to go. Drop all that collectivity business with the museum cards and the cars. Just let them race for cars and toss in some “juicy” bits
      of Senna tribute and VGT to keep us busy while they focus on PS4/GT7 development.

      Me thinks, at this point, PD and Kaz cain’t wait to drop kick the PS3 through the uprights of history. We can consider ourselves lucky to enjoy a single new track and course maker for a solid years time before they shut down online play for PS3/GT6.

      Hope I’m wrong, of course.

      BTW, SCEA(?) aren’t the only guys in the gaming industry to count on maybe half of it’s sales to come from the new kids from the “don’t know sit from sinola” block.

      Me thinks it maybe best to wade in the shallows of PS4/GT7 on the lookout for wool blankets before dropping any big face C-notes. Because 6 is missing way too much so late into its game.

    • Aug. 20, 4:42am

      @jhw93 You forgot to mention that back in 07/06 Polyphony were working on Gran Turismo HD before that got shelved

  2. Aug. 13, 12:38pm

    Maybe the update can be like how in gt2 when u went to the dealership u could mod your cars without having to exit out. It would be nice to have the dealerships race trim for the cars like trd,nismo,ford racing etc. That would be nice. I would like to see the BMW M6

    • Aug. 13, 1:17pm

      I think you missed, or did not understand what the following is saying: “…developing on PS3 was hard: you don’t have enough memory to do all you want. Our goal was to always preserve the feel of Gran Turismo but with the latest installment we had to face limitations.”

      If GT6 needed to tone down a few things from GT5 – then how would all of your amazing ‘new features’ be possible?

    • Aug. 15, 12:31pm

      Yes what happen to speed test? That really let u know how fast your tunes were for top speed and drag. Where is the test track

  3. Aug. 13, 11:17am

    Maybe I am off-topic but do we know anything about GT6 in Gamescom???

    • Aug. 13, 7:02pm

      That’s pretty much why I started perusing this thread.

  4. Aug. 13, 11:04am

    At this point in time I would just like a load of premium cars to be added to game in an update, I’m kinda doubtful that this would happen but we can always dream. I wouldn’t mind if they charged for it in a DLC pack. I mean, there are some awesome cars in the game that are standard that could be made premium;

    Jaguar XJ220
    VW Nardo Concept
    Cadillac CIEN
    Vauxhall VX220 Turbo
    Lotus Carlton
    Ford Focus RS
    Ford Mustang SRT Cobra
    Aston Martin DB7 Vantage
    Renult 5 Turbo
    Peugeot 205

    Got some awesome cars in the catalogue are just dying for premium treatment.

    • Aug. 13, 11:20am

      Peugeot 205 and aston martin db7 my faveroute in that list i wish they make it premium

    • Aug. 13, 1:58pm

      Just cuz I cain’t comment w/o reply first… ;)

      Premium Jag XJR-15 and Lotus GT1 (street and race versions). Beautiful whips. Slow but sexy as…

      And the return of NYC, Route 11 and El Capitan tracks. Sincerely missed ;(

    • Aug. 13, 2:25pm

      Imagine a NYC circuit with time/weather change….

    • Aug. 13, 11:05pm

      LOL, while we’re at it, why not kick in some snow, some trash to swirl about our wake and those pesky windshield washers ;) while we wait at the standing start line.

      Also, here’s a novel idea… paint those idiotic, molasses slow AI “taxi yellow” ;)

      The hype train can be fun with the right attitude, Progress ;)

  5. Aug. 13, 10:52am
    German_V8 Fan

    Updates sounds nice. I also like that Vision gran turismo thing going on but I would also love to see some new production cars. Alfa 4c, new srt Challenger, charger hellcat etc. A camaro zl1 or z28. No matter which, bur some american or european cars

  6. Aug. 13, 10:43am

    Hahaha nothing new here folks… Mr. Kaz says “big” updates are coming. Wow. Unless you’ve been living under a rock ( or at least don’t play/care about GT games) we all knew this. Question: When? My ps3 is clearly on a steady march towards dying on me, and when it happens I don’t plan to buy another PS3 so….
    Maybe I’ll seriously think about a PS4…(maybe even xbone;FH2 sounds more tempting everyday)

  7. Aug. 13, 10:43am

    People on here have really got the wrong end of the stick about kaz.

    When Kaz is talking about lack of memory, he’s talking about the lack of RAM in PS3 (it has 512MB total). What he is saying is that the PS3 limited them in terms of graphic quality, physics and AI.

    These are technical aspects of the game, this has nothing to do with the lack of features such as course creator or a sound update. He is not using the PS3 as an excuse for that all, hes talking about how PS3’s hardware made it difficult for his team with technical aspects of the game.

  8. Aug. 13, 8:47am

    And will it please be possible when the new updates will come to gt6 that we will see endurance races please, aswell as tyre and feul depletion. Please I cant wait for gt7 to come out, I know it will be a perfection!! So excited. But for know please give as that on gt6. #Endurance#

    • Aug. 13, 9:11am

      … and i’m even more exited about GT8!!! it will be heaven on earth … we will become ALL things soon – or in future updates … omg :P r.

    • Aug. 13, 9:32am

      Tyre and fuel depletion in Arcade mode too!! Just that little feature right there is why I’m not playing GT6 right now.

    • Aug. 13, 10:44am

      If they deliver the B-Spec mode withouth Endurance I will get dissapointed for sure. XD

    • Aug. 13, 3:52pm

      what if b-spec worked like gt4, in offline and online lobbies

    • Aug. 13, 5:59pm

      Yes! That would be great. Actually, that should’ve stayed in the game in the first place. I don’t understand why PD does something great in the game and then takes it way in the next title. GT4 was full of wonderful features, and so was GT5. Both of them had these amazing features that their predecessors had, taken away for no reason. It’s like they don’t want us to have fun.

      Making these tiny Endurances was not the solution. In fact, it seemed like a joke. Keeping long Endurances without a way of completing them for those of us who can’t sit in front of our consoles for 12/24 hours isn’t the solution either.

      So yeah. If they plan on putting B-Spec back, better do it the GT4 way.

    • Aug. 16, 5:16am

      Thanks guys! Lets hope for that GT4 way of B-spec combine, and endurances races with in tje next update

  9. Aug. 13, 8:30am

    i hop the people that were crying for a ps3 gt6 release are happy now and i hop u FINALY understand why we wanted this game to be on ps4 only gran turismo reputation is now DOWN the hill

    • Aug. 13, 9:03am

      I highly doubt he released it on PS3 because we asked. PD never follows advice from its fans. And console power doesn’t determine if the game is good or not. I know PS2 and even PS1 games that are better than current gen games.

      And I can guarantee that it will be the same story all over in GT7. Kaz saying he wanted to do lots of things but couldn’t and that he has plans for other nice things in the game which will never be done, missing features, standard cars(he shamefully admitted this already, which is a prove that it’s not a console thing, but lack of man-power or time to work on the game), glitches… Anyway. That’s Gran Turismo.

  10. Aug. 13, 8:02am

    And better sounds??

  11. Aug. 13, 7:36am

    This major update he didn’t mention anything about improvement in sound?

    • Aug. 13, 7:54am

      Becouse he allready explain everything o the PitStop blog… com’on guys.

    • Aug. 13, 8:48am
      Magic Ayrton

      Proper sound update is for GT7, even then, I can’t imagine it being what we all want.

  12. Aug. 13, 5:29am

    Kaz should start a political career. It would bloom for sure with all that promises he gives and doesn’t deliver on them … Same old story as allways – limitations on current system and waiting for new system because it will have more [insert whatever hardware option you have in mind], and so on… I’ve lost allmost all hope and will to play this game anymore… Sadly

    • Aug. 13, 6:51am
      Tenacious D

      Good, more bandwidth for us who do like to play it.

    • Aug. 13, 7:20am

      At least he ain’t blind and doesn’t believe every word Kaz saids after GT5/6.

    • Aug. 13, 7:53am

      Again people who like the game and belive the updates will come are all blind fools… Toko you can’t belive people are falling for this anymore. Do you? You don’t like the game and we all know this by now. Now if only you can get over it. Play you favorite game on your brand new console and to oblivion with GT (with all his blind fools fan base)..

    • Aug. 13, 8:10am

      Did I say “people”? No, I didn’t. That was directed at only T.D. :sly:

    • Aug. 13, 8:48am

      Toko said: At least those who complain actualy has eyes and brains…

      Hmm.. I can’t see what you wrote cous I’m blind and even if I actualy saw that would not understand it cous I’m missing brain too. Sorry for missnterpretation..:P

    • Aug. 13, 9:17am

      No problem man. *Bro Fist* :)

    • Aug. 13, 9:17am

      Oh btw, I take that too. Sorry.

    • Aug. 13, 10:30am

      You’ll see when course maker come Grumpy Toko will take a vacation……let’s hope it will stay there for a week or two. ;)

    • Aug. 13, 11:06am

      Agreed! :D

  13. Aug. 13, 4:29am

    salut a tous d apres vous la big maj aura lieux quand??

    • Aug. 13, 5:32am

      I don’t speak franch but I bet the answer is……. soon. XD

    • Aug. 13, 8:44am

      Soon = bientôt. Donc on ne sait pas quand exactement…

  14. Aug. 13, 3:56am

    Kaz giving information = empty promisses, marketing strategy, fooling fans….
    Kaz not giving information = broken promises, marketing failure, ignoring fans..

    GTP – such a nice place for people looking for some information about Gran Turismo. I don’t understand why the same persons need to express again and again their frustration for over8 months on this forum. Wat’s the point? It’s not like GTP is conected directly to PD. You guys are only harming this forum, imo. All the bashing was somehow fun at the begining. Now it’s more anoing than waiting for updates. And please don’t give me craps like all this is just a result of GT beeng broken. Take a vacation, play other racing games – save this forum. :P

    • Aug. 13, 4:07am

      Haha i agree with you… life is colourful, just smile and relax :)

    • Aug. 13, 8:49am
      Magic Ayrton

      If you hadn’t bumped off Tony Montana I might believe you sosa!

  15. Aug. 13, 3:23am

    Yawn! How many times have we heard “updates are coming soon” from half-a-job Kaz? Too little, too late I’m afraid although he’ll probably have to try and pull something out of the hat to try and prevent a mass exodus to Project Cars and DriveClub when they get released.

  16. Aug. 13, 2:48am

    “I cant go into detail, soon, Update”. “there will be better blah blah blah”

    Jam it Kaz. Your game has become a frisbee.

  17. Aug. 13, 1:54am

    Oh no! I’m not falling for this **** again! XD

  18. Aug. 13, 12:57am

    “Update” and “soon” = not again…..

  19. Aug. 12, 10:09pm
    Fat Tyre

    Fool me once…

  20. Aug. 12, 9:38pm

    I just hope that the car sounds for GT7 will be actual car sounds this time.

    200th comment :)

  21. Aug. 12, 8:57pm

    I would like to see an online matchmaking system the future, but better improvements than GT5 prologue’s matchmaking.

  22. Aug. 12, 6:43pm

    My concern with these ongoing feature updates is the game is never considered complete until the next title is released. Intentional or not, the process basically strings you along waiting for the next update ad infinitum. While it’s nice that the game evolves and offers new features, the wait time is frustrating and slow. Still, I’d rather wait for releases to be done properly and not rushed before they’re ready.

  23. Aug. 12, 6:18pm

    It is very annoying to come on here and have 90% of the comments be negative when it is about the future of GT. No speculation about what the specifics of the updates might be, just complaining. I know someone will say ‘we just want the game to be better’, but really it would be nice just to talk about what GT has, not what it doesn’t

    • Aug. 12, 7:43pm


    • Aug. 12, 9:10pm

      At least those who do complain actually has eyes and brains and aren’t always blind and deaf at everything.

    • Aug. 12, 9:21pm

      So what am I blind and deaf to? I enjoy GT, and I have played it since GT1. Sure, there are things I would like to see on it, but I also like it for what it is now. Tell me what game is better for racing on the ps3? I can’t think of any. In fact, I don’t think there is any on any system. That is my opinion though. If all you do is complain about what it doesn’t have then you can’t enjoy what it does have. And if there are games you deem better, then, by all means, play them.

    • Aug. 12, 10:19pm

      @Toko So complainers who refuse to acknowledge any of the game’s good points are saints?

    • Aug. 13, 12:35am

      100% right benny44, someone whose not afraid to say what’s on their mind about the good of GT6.

    • Aug. 13, 2:27am

      As a GT follower for 15 I think I’m entitled to be impatient and frustrated. No one is saying GT is bad; it’s just incomplete.

      Imagine paying for a brand new Ferrari and only getting the car without the engine. Then having the manufacturer send you the engine bolt by bolt, but you only get one piece every now and then, or you have them telling you that you’ll probably, maybe receive the rest eventually while they talk about how great the newer model will be. While this happens they send you gift cards for walmart, or a basket of chocolates. Sure, it’s appreciated, but not what you really want. That’s pretty much GT.

      As long as I continue being a die hard fan of GT, I’ll be here complaining until we get the game that we all deserve and want.

    • Aug. 13, 2:28am
      SZRT Ice

      The comments section is like a lounge to me. And in this lounge there are multiple conversations between different groups of people taking place. We’re all free to “roam” through this “lounge” and engage in any conversation or debate @ our own discretion. If a conversation is taking place that we aren’t interested in, we can simply choose to ignore it. But what purpose is there to go up to a group of people who’s conversation you don’t approve of and engage in their conversation? Unless a valid point is proven, it only serves to set the topic aflame to be discussed in greater detail. Better to just ignore the conversation & engage in conversations you approve of. If the complaints are valid, they will continue, regardless of your disapproval. But if they’re weak, they’ll inevitably dissipate due to unanimous consensus. But as of now, it’s highly unlikely to change and is simply something that won’t stop until PD delivers on a few key features. The best way to stop it imo, would be to ignore it, as attention is just fuel to the flames.

    • Aug. 13, 7:40am

      I take your point, but there are 200+ comments here, mostly negative and all complaints we’ve heard over and over. The few neutral or positive comments are immediately shot down. You can’t just tune out of the negativity, it’s like going for a quiet drink and finding yourself in a bar fight! I have plenty of complaints about GT, but don’t feel the need to trot out every one on every single thread repeatedly. For the most part I’m actually enjoying GT as it is. *ducks flying barstool*

    • Aug. 13, 3:21pm

      Exactly Sheer – 90% of all the negative comments are from about 5 people too. And please tell me which games do it better?

  24. Aug. 12, 6:03pm

    What do you think is meant by big updates? The last update was 2gb and included 2 new VGT cars which was basically the extent of the update.

    This RAM/memory issue I can see reappearing – GT7 we just didn’t have enough to do what we wanted on the PS4…it’s a poor excuse, many other games on PS3 seem to be able to produce some pretty hefty physical damage .

    • Aug. 12, 7:05pm

      Im pretty sure 256 MB of RAM cannot deliver as much as 8 GB of RAM, and may I ask what other games have better physical damage? ( GTA or non-racing titles does not count ) also keep in mind the physics engine has to work for 1200 different cars ;)

    • Aug. 13, 2:49am

      SDS Power. Just look at any other racing game on the PS3, they ALL have better physical dmage than GT. ALL OF THEM!!!!!

    • Aug. 13, 9:13am

      @John Im not trying to defend the GT title, I have lot of complaints here and there aswell (especially the “sound issue” ). But when talking about physical behavior and damage the best ive seen is from Beam NG and the Next car game no other games comes close to those. Also I wanna know which ps3 racing games have better physical damage then GT (seeing the ps3 is so limited in hardware Im pretty sure they had to make sacrifices).

    • Aug. 13, 10:03am

      @SDSPOWER01 -> true 256Mb RAM < 8Gb RAM, but it does not mean memory is constantly used for all 1200 cars constantly. At the most it is 16 at any given time (well max number of cars on track).
      Using RAM limitation is just a poor excuse. PD knew how much RAM was available in the PS3 long before even GT5 would've been considered and should had accounted for it's limitation in the GT franchise. Not use as an excuse to pardon slackness.

    • Aug. 13, 11:25pm

      I’m not a tech-guy and I could be wrong but we have to keep also in mind that the RAM not only works with the physical department of the game but also sound and visuals and no I dont think its an excuse, as I’m pretty sure you have seen comparisons from Current/Next gen and Last Gen hardware capabilities. This will completely be off topic but for example Battlefield 4 ps3 (256 MB RAM) the so called high res textures looks awfull the physical movement is not smooth and the game runs at 720 P 30 FPS, PS4 (8GB RAM) version however comes at a mid – gaming pc level of experience the textures are way better the physical movement are much smoother and runs at 990 P 60 FPS. The leap from PS3 to PS4 will change many things. Like I said I myself have alot of complaints but I know the ps3 can do as much as it can.

  25. Aug. 12, 5:58pm

    deliver more, promise less please. Too much to ask?

  26. Aug. 12, 4:21pm

    Not even hyped. I’ve learned my lesson long ago. I do hope we see the touted features of GT6 at some point down the road.. :( I want that track generator back so bad.

  27. Aug. 12, 4:16pm

    Project cars brings Forza and GT fans together. Lets hope PD and T10 wake up. But Kaz looks never to other games lol…

  28. Aug. 12, 3:47pm

    Not sure what to expect, when to expect it, or how much we’ll get. All I know is I’m not so hardcore into this game anymore and I’ll take whatever updates whenever they come around…

  29. Aug. 12, 2:06pm

    like i said previously about the editor,it was one of the key reasons why i bought the game.but i’m a fan since GT1 Kaz i think has gotten to the point where his philosophical limitations he has self imposed on polyphony has resulted in the situation.i know i share the angst and anticipation of when the features will arrive along with whatever else they release.i’m also bucking a trend of not playing GT6 until things are the way I think they should be.I’ll continue to be optimistic despite losing one of my favorite comedians whom i won’t be the only one.Laugh,it will help the sadness

  30. Aug. 12, 1:37pm

    Hope the Mercedes A45 and E63 will come (as it was told some months ago), yes I bought every GT games, imported from Japan when they were released many months before France for PS1 and PS2 and the GT5 Prologue, glad to know the B-Spec will come soon, I’m really curious about the track editor.

  31. Aug. 12, 1:30pm

    Memory may be a problem for Kaz lol.
    My Memory is fine and that’s why I don’t believe anything he says until he delivers.

    Same old Kaz.

    • Aug. 12, 6:41pm

      Did you forget that you already posted this comment? (Again, apologies ;) )

  32. Aug. 12, 1:29pm

    Memory may be a problem for Kaz lol.
    Memory is fine and that’s why I don’t believe anything he says until he delivers.

    Same old Kaz.

    • Aug. 12, 6:39pm

      Did you forget to add ‘My’ in there somewhere? (Sorry, the memory pun was there for the taking ;) )

  33. Aug. 12, 12:49pm

    Remember guys, in a “future update”! ;D

  34. Aug. 12, 12:23pm

    Pretty cool free 6-car pack that Forza just put out though. No “licensing” issues over there at Turn10.

    • Aug. 12, 12:41pm

      Can’t complain™ over updates or upcoming (previously missing) features.Now, bring it on that car clubs , b spec , track creator … :D

    • Aug. 12, 12:47pm

      Cool I agree, free is a litle bit exagerated. And be sure T10 payed huge money to get all the licences. Not to mention all the war on exlusivity. I have no idea how much a sub-licence for a P1 or LaFerrari cost, but I bet it’s way more than 2.000$. On the other hand I think the VGT project is more cheaper.
      Imagine GT6 with 150 new cars over GT5 with additional 50 added via DLC for a 10$ pack price…. No, better don’t.

    • Aug. 12, 1:15pm

      GT6 already has 150 cars that have never appeared in the series before.
      With over 20 more VGT’s still on the list.
      Plus I see no reason why freebies like the M4, Hudson, Chevy vette, TS030 etc will stop.
      DLC probably will appear at some stage, but the new car count in GT6 isn’t exactly shabby.
      Whether you’re impressed with the line-up is another matter, but the same could be said for any DLC pack that is offered in the future.

  35. Aug. 12, 10:28am

    I’ve been a faithful follower of GT since its inception.

    One thing i’ve learned after all these years is many of these promises never really come to fruition. Things keep getting put on the backburner and after a certain period, the next iteration comes. Then the cycle repeats.

    Don’t get me wrong, the games are still great. I’ve just learned not set myself up for disappointment.

    • Aug. 12, 12:15pm
      SZRT Ice

      I’m still learning this.

  36. Aug. 12, 10:27am

    I started talking about memory (lack there of) for GT6 a months ago. It is by far the major drawback to PD profiding significant updates and features. Indeed it was only in update 1.10 that the memory issue with Bathurst was finally fixed.

    The best thing about this article is the admission that ther are memory problems.
    More honesty will help heal a lot of open wounds. It will also prevent new ones.

    Hopefully there is a backlog of new cars and updated real world/original tracks waiting for release in GT6 and GT7. However, new tracks in GT6 must be limited to those with low menory impact. That means Special Stage Route 11 is out of the question.
    But Sonoma should be in line.

    • Aug. 12, 1:06pm

      we will see if he was talking truth about RAM in few years after he will finally “finish” GT7 :D

  37. Aug. 12, 9:24am

    Maybe Endurance races section to replace the GT Academy section that they removed

  38. Aug. 12, 9:15am

    As much as I love the GT series and PD’s work, I have moved on to sim racing for now until they get this all sort out. Hopefully GT7 will exceed my expectation. All im asking is the best physics and graphics on console. GT6 was great, but Assetro Corsa imo really made me realized that quality is better than quantity, and GT1, GT3 and Tourist Trophy showed that. Hope PD goes back on what made GT the king of racing game. Now they’re more like bottom feeder or laughingstock.

    • Aug. 12, 9:17am

      Moved om to PC sim I might add.

  39. Aug. 12, 8:11am

    He said improved AI for GT6, and what we got, was literally worse than what we had in GT5.
    I’m not holding my breath.

    • Aug. 12, 10:55am

      What we got was better than GT5. Perfect? No, not by miles. But at least AI cars can become a legitimate problem sometimes, even if it is due to rubberbanding.

    • Aug. 12, 11:49am

      In GT5 they were dummies. In GT6 they now run off track if you pressure them hard enough.

    • Aug. 12, 12:17pm

      In GT5 they ran off-track frequently regardless of whether you were pressuring them or not. In GT6 they run off less often than they did in GT5 if you’re not right behind them.

  40. Aug. 12, 7:08am

    TRACK EDITOR? It’s all I want really.

    • Aug. 12, 8:53am

      Same here man, this is all I want as well.

    • Aug. 12, 9:01am

      … a *good* track editor pls ;) r.

    • Aug. 12, 12:22pm

      ditto here let me make my own tracks and I do not need them to develop anymore!! :)

    • Aug. 12, 1:32pm
      SZRT Ice

      Same here. I just hope te environments aren’t bland.

  41. Aug. 12, 6:01am

    Some more GT3 liveries would be nice. And the Bentley & Aston Vantage GT3’s would be good. Perhaps some GT2 cars too.

    Race interior change would be nice too but I think that’s asking a bit much

  42. Aug. 12, 5:57am

    Your “big update ” might be the for the fia championship there gonna run next year so we might not see that update until 2015

  43. Aug. 12, 4:44am

    PD , What heppend to “Quick match” ? we are waiting for 9 month for that and what we got ?: nothing!

  44. Aug. 12, 4:39am

    I hope PD will improve arcade mode in a future update as well, adding all the cars in the game in arcade mode and adding quick-tuning for arcade mode cars.

  45. Aug. 12, 4:11am

    Kaz, we know you’ve been working on a new way of recording engine sounds, and it’s been a while since that info was published. So, if it’s possible to release at least ONE new engine sound for at least ONE car in the next month, i’m sure it would make a lot of people very happy. Or just let us hear a sample, anything!

    • Aug. 12, 4:16am

      may not be possible for PS3 due to limited ram.

  46. Aug. 12, 4:05am

    Just put an OPTION ON/OFF for ALL HIDDEN AIDS in GT6,for this you do not need more RAM

    • Aug. 12, 6:10am

      … yeah, and that means, just work on a better physics ;) r.

  47. Aug. 12, 3:47am

    If PD are working on GT7 and supporting GT6 they are obviously up to their neck in it, the new track and features for GT6 are in the works and we will be getting them soon methinks. GT7 needs to be special and I think it will be, PD have always produced something amazing when arriving on a next gen platform, I expect nothing less from GT7. I have all the GT’s from the first, I still think GT4 had the best single player campaign, GT5/6 seem to lack in the single player which is a huge shame. Pre order bonus’s really don’t help matters, cars, a million credits….you used to start a GT game with 10,000 creds, that was it and you had to buy a car and slowly build up your money in order to uprate your car to compete, that’s when GT was at its best and most competitive, the internet has been great for gaming but I think there is a flip side to that coin…

  48. Aug. 12, 3:35am

    1.12 is inbound . It would give you the option of not to download large data files in the patches such as video / music from past and future patches. Not sure how it would work for past patches to be honest not unless it means if you have to re-install GT6 it would take effect then. I suspect this has been a result of everytime we have a new VGT car there’s also a video Included.

  49. Aug. 12, 2:21am

    Longtime player here. 1997. GT1. Been following all things GT-related VERY closely since GT5 Prologue time.

    We have heard this ALL before. Every word. It’s like some sort of twisted, cruel deja-vu.

    Sing it with me, fellas:

    Ohhhhh GAMING PC, Ohhh GAMING PC!!
    Your time for me is NEARIIIING!

    (sits back and waits for Penso to finish the lyrics in typical super-hilarious fashion…)

    • Aug. 12, 4:12am

      please come to me
      more options and fun there will be
      never stop to entertain me!

    • Aug. 12, 9:52am

      Lol, not bad supergt. : )

    • Aug. 12, 3:04pm


  50. Aug. 12, 1:05am

    I still think a big update with Zahara and the Alfa VGT will happen with in the next week. I update 1.11 added the unlock code for the new content and I think it will presented at Gamescom and be unlocked in the game right there on the spot.

    • Aug. 12, 1:32am
      SZRT Ice

      I hope you’re right…

    • Aug. 12, 1:39am

      That is very specific information.

    • Aug. 12, 2:39am


    • Aug. 12, 2:20pm

      Nothing about GT6 in the Sony press conference.

  51. Aug. 12, 12:42am

    I hope they update the Standart cars to Premium cars.

    • Aug. 12, 9:02am

      What is a Standart car?

    • Aug. 12, 12:28pm
      SZRT Ice

      It’s a standard car. You can’t edit your comments so you can’t fix typos.


  52. Aug. 11, 11:38pm
    Cloud Strife7

    lame every time ZzZzZzZ

  53. Aug. 11, 11:29pm

    I hope we will be able to mod all the cars that would be great.more cars is a must.i got a ps4 and if drive club is better which it will then bye to gt6 hello real racing. So please give us gamers a big taste to what to come in gt

    • Aug. 12, 3:33am

      You guys don’t get it, Drive Club is a (Free-to-play if you have PS+) arcade racer, I believe it just has 11 cars or so

    • Aug. 12, 3:34am

      I meant 11 tracks sorry :P

  54. Aug. 11, 11:21pm

    Expanded online “community features”.
    To me this sounds like avatar, personal message and comeback of user profiles on GT website. Nothing more.

    I pray for matchmaking, shuffle races and marketplace.
    But it’s never going to happen. We know PD.

    • Aug. 11, 11:40pm

      Twice you’ve mentioned this, and yet I don’t read it in the translated interview.
      From what I can tell you’re only quoting Jordan on things he suggests the updates will ‘likely’ include.
      There are 2 things called ‘Community’ and ‘Quick match’ on the GT website.
      Perhaps you should check them out.

    • Aug. 12, 12:04am

      In the end the updates are all about very small things, and don’t tell me not to be upset and that I’m ungrateful.
      GT fans ask for customization and livery editor? We get to painting brake calipers (oh yeah very useful) and put a number on a car (oh yeah very useful).
      These things to me suggest the same treatment for online and other features.
      GT fans ask for new sounds? After FIFTEEN YEARS of great popularity and millions earned they tell us on a blog: “oops we have a problem. Send us your CV”. And find old excuses while any other developer has mastered these departments 10 years ago.

      Let’s keep blaming PS3’s hardware shall we?

      Kaz has “his own vision of GT”? It’s not exactly what people want and that’s why the sales have dropped considerably since GT5.

    • Aug. 12, 12:18am


    • Aug. 12, 12:49am
      SZRT Ice

      These things are HUGE actually, because it will change the way we play and interact online and give us more of a “reason” to even play. It adds a social aspect to the game that will boost interactivity, and the more people interact, the more amount of time they spend gaming, playing, and talking about GT, which is also advertising in a sense (We need to be able to share/view each others photos & videos too Kaz!).

      Organizing race events & tournaments with my racing team against other racing teams will be awesome. Quick match will be cool for some quick pick-up & play sessions for people who just want a quick/instant challenge. Course maker will give endless replay value as we can make layouts of varying technical degrees (environments will play a pivotal role in keeping this entertaining). And if we can route a course using a mobile app? Man, I could play with that all day…

      As for sounds, I can see them coming to GT6, but he already said they’ll be on GT7, I’m not losing any sleep. Liveries however, I’m not sure GT can handle. In MCLA the game would freeze sometimes if you changed your car too close to a group of others (or even one person) if you had an elaborate livery on it. And that game has far inferior graphical quality compared to GT6 (more like GT4 even). TDU2’s livery editor was good, but not very user friendly (again, inferior graphical detail & physics engine to GT6).

      Digital Foundry has also confirmed GT6 to push the PS3 to it’s limits and suggest the game be played at 720p instead of 1080p for the sake of smoothness in frame rate. And looking at the patch job PD did over the FIA logos on the TS)30, adding a livery editor as an after thought would be a horrible idea (the barcode sticker hovers above the surface of the car). It needs to be created within the mapping functions of the game, like right beside that paint function. It will happen eventually… The only question is… when?

      Knowing PD, they will give us the tools used by actual auto industry paint shops and vinyl designers to create in game paint/vinyl jobs. We’ll have to wait to see how that turns out.

    • Aug. 12, 12:58am
      SZRT Ice

      Also, the sales dropped because GT5 was purchased by most off of anticipation and reputation of GT4. It was a system seller, the reason many bought PS3’s, many of which, did so, well in advance to the release of the game. It was hyped up and marketed enough to make just about everyone go out and buy it. GT6, not so much. GT7 will likely get a similar push to that of which GT5 and GT3 did, and GT8 (if it releases on PS4) will again be a “reputation” game if GT7 sets the bar high enough (as it very well should).

      GT8…, heh… wow… I can’t fathom that far ahead… Hopefully they have a livery editor figured out by then…

    • Aug. 12, 5:27am
      Magic Ayrton

      @SZRT ice, you are right on so many levels when I read your comments, but I for one will not buy a PS4 or GT7 until I see the actual evidence this time. No amount of hype will make me buy GT7. Once I have read all reviews, a year after it has been released.. only then will I decide on a purchase. Sadly, I have lost quite a bit of trust in PD.

    • Aug. 12, 1:39pm
      SZRT Ice

      Uber detailed interiors and Morpheus say otherwise.


  55. Aug. 11, 10:50pm

    The good news I’m seeing here (and unfortunately some of the only new news) is that PD seem to be putting most if their effort into finishing and supporting GT6. But that will mean nothing if we don’t see the fruits of their labor within the next month or two.

    PD was able to get significant physics and graphical improvements squeezed into the PS3 with GT6, so it is within the realm of possibility that the listed improvements could happen when the hardware cap is (figuratively) removed. However, again, we haven’t even seen a tech demo of PD’s software capabilities on the PS4, so right now it’s kinda hard to have another position than “I’ll believe it when I see it”…

    • Aug. 11, 11:26pm
      SZRT Ice

      I am certain that what we have now are actually scaled back uber-high polygon models of the same cars we will see in GT7. They will be without limitation and viewed on track as viewed in photomode. There will be improved lighting, improved reflectors, improved mapping, improved draw distance, and improved immersion. Also, obvious hints at “future technologies” have made it apparent to me that Morpheus will play a key roll in changing the game and the way we play. GT7 and Morpheus will likely place Gran Turismo back where it was in the PS2/PS1 days. Unriveled King of the Race World. I just hope they get a quality vinyl/livery editor figured out. : )

    • Aug. 12, 2:39am

      You don’t even necessarily need high-poly, you just need smart and efficient adaptive tesselation to make edges look smooth. It’s already working in GT6, it’s just limited my the PS3’s processor. Under proper hardware you won’t be able to see tessellation in-action since it’s working real-time, as apposed to GT6 where it only adjusts after camera position tweaks have been made.

      A big thing that’s possible now in the lighting department is ray tracing, where reflections can actually be dynamic and show the true environment and assets around them, rather than a pre-determined environment. Combined with a higher particle cap, weather and smoke effects will look absolutely gorgeous.

      I have no doubt that GT7 will look absolutely stunning, but I worry about the gameplay aspect. I know there’s all sorts of new capabilities with the PS4 hardware, but so far AI has had little improvement over the course of 6 games. Great physics are useless if there’s no proper competition, and even more so if the career mode is as lacking as it has been the last two games. And especially now, it needs to be a complete game with all it’s key features situated at launch.

      GT7 REALLY needs to have that king of the racing world status when it’s time comes, or I will lose my faith in the series. I need that and appropriate support for GT6 in order for my money to be spent.

    • Aug. 12, 1:47pm
      SZRT Ice

      With the PS4’s processing power, people will pray that the A.I. returns to the idiot A.I. of yesteryear. A difficulty setting will be necessary then, but good times offline will definitely be had. As for the tessellation, it won’t be as necessary with the ram PS4 has, but it will make a livery editor that much more possible. Intricate designs up close can be displayed in full glory, and as the painted vehicles grow distant, detail of any liveries can dissipate into the distance. My biggest concern is track environments however. I want the tracks in GT to finally feel alive, and immersive, and not lifeless and stale.

  56. Aug. 11, 10:46pm

    ALL ABOARD!? The hype train has already left the building.

    LOL, these kinds of “announcements” from the wonder kid (Kaz) will never stop.

    Ain’t gonna hold my breath. Besides, I’m tired and it’s time to hit the bunk. Maybe tomorrow…

    Thanks GTPlanet ;)

    • Aug. 12, 6:52am
      Magic Ayrton

      That’s one train that I will be missing on purpose.

  57. Aug. 11, 10:25pm

    Updates coming. So is Christmas!

    • Aug. 11, 10:36pm

      At least we always know when Christmas is coming, because it actually has the same date in the same month yearly. This update Kaz talk talks about, is unknown and can come whenever he feels the need to bring it.

    • Aug. 12, 6:53am
      Magic Ayrton

      Christmas smishmas, too painful to watch, I think I will wait for GT9.

    • Aug. 12, 1:52pm
      SZRT Ice

      Lol @ Magic

  58. Aug. 11, 10:07pm

    Course Maker?
    Limited options and environments just like in GT5.

    B-Spec mode?
    Just like in GT5. Boring. I don’t need this.

    Expanded online “community features”?
    Add your own racing number, avatar and personal message. Period.

  59. Aug. 11, 10:04pm

    Soon = after the release of GT7 on PS4 (2020)

    • Aug. 11, 10:38pm

      Funny. That’s the same year that ugly Nissan VGT (future GT-R) is given. So, GT7 for 2020 for that because GT-R! xD

    • Aug. 11, 11:05pm

      it all makes sense now

  60. Aug. 11, 9:42pm

    He’s just spinning wheels like he’s been since GT6’s release….the small amount of fame got to him. Still don’t care to watch his documentary sounds like a real waste of time.

    • Aug. 12, 5:30am

      Good for you, please take the comment trolling elsewhere.

  61. Aug. 11, 9:41pm

    The inconsistency of PD and Kazunori when it comes to the promised updates is beyond ridiculous.

    Very professional of you, PD.

  62. Aug. 11, 9:11pm

    Lol, cue to moaning…oh um, I way late for that. Wait how big is big? Lots of GT players have pretty crummy internet and 1.10 was pretty hefty and there was no shortage of cries. PD needs to have a way to download their updates to a portable device and then update later(this poses issues with piracy but honestly PS3 is already at critical mass in the market) just do it PD.
    I wonder which is first, Course Creator with GPS or Community Update or both. I await more on the livery front as 1.10 had me tuning as many cars as possible to GT3 weight spec and 580 PP on sport hard tires. Sucks the updated standards can’t get number plates or dedicated front aero parts or flat bottoms. I’ll make do with what I have which is a lot without those, but I hope they get the number plates on those cars too.

    • Aug. 11, 9:34pm

      You’re probably gonna get flamed for enjoying playing GT6 as a game.

  63. Aug. 11, 8:28pm

    Talk talk talk is all I’m hearing from this man. All talk and shows no action… I’ll believe it when I see it.

    • Aug. 11, 8:43pm

      You can’t expect him to lug around a PS3 and a tv and show people everything, everywhere. The man talks because he’s been asked questions.

      Damn can he at least say something without being vilified?

    • Aug. 11, 8:53pm

      And that’s good he was asked questions. However, Kaz has a lot to prove if he wants anyone (me included) to believe anything him saids at all. For me right now this is “Soon” to come in a unknown future.

    • Aug. 11, 8:56pm

      @sumbrownkid Except these answers have been repeated for over months now.

    • Aug. 11, 9:34pm

      And he’s been asked the same questions for months now.

    • Aug. 11, 10:49pm

      Because he hasn’t delivered his promises for over 8 months now.

    • Aug. 11, 11:26pm

      ^ period.

    • Aug. 12, 1:05am

      @sumbrownkid Questions which shouldnt be necessary if the requests had been released in time which was promised. The fact that theyre so late with delivering obviously gets people annoying and give full reason to ask. Thought this was pretty obvious… guess not.

    • Aug. 12, 1:07am

      Questions which shouldnt be necessary if the requests had been released in time. Seems obvious to get bombarded with the same questions when you’re not delivering something which was promised a long time ago. Smh.

    • Aug. 12, 1:09am

      Sorry for the 2nd comment, GTP just goof’d..

    • Aug. 12, 6:58am
      Magic Ayrton

      This is what happens when pure complacency sets in.. wow us PD or don’t bother.

  64. Aug. 11, 7:26pm

    Tell us something we don’t know, Kaz. If you hadn’t improved all those things people would rightly ask what the hell you did with all the power of the new console.

    • Aug. 11, 7:32pm

      I’m sure he was simply confirming that these things will happen due to the fact that this is what was asked to him by announcers. It’s not like he’s going to randomly talk about something else, he already gets made fun of on here for the few times he’s done so in the past.

  65. Aug. 11, 6:39pm


    • Aug. 11, 8:37pm

      This! Haha

  66. Aug. 11, 6:34pm

    A little clarification: Quattroruote (that means “fourwheels”) its not a game magazine (or a website), but a newspaper that reports news, essays, price lists, comparative; in short, everything about the automotive world.

  67. Aug. 11, 6:32pm

    I am curious, I admit, but to this point, I know that anything that PD or Kaz say will either mean waiting years, hearing the word “soon” over and over, unfulfilled promises, or simply things that go on forgotten.

    My hints on this “big” update:

    -More VGT’s
    -The huge track (hopefully)
    -Some extremely minor customization option

    … that’s pretty much it, I guess. Honestly, right now I have more faith on GT7. GT6… I’ll just pretend it never happened.

  68. Aug. 11, 6:29pm


  69. Aug. 11, 6:24pm

    He goes into detail and mentions “more online options” but he completely leaves out “better sounds”. Hmm.

  70. Aug. 11, 6:21pm

    Improved AI for GT7? About time!

    • Aug. 11, 7:33pm

      well GT6 has improved from gt5. By that I mean ramming in the back of you, thus causing you to fall of course.

    • Aug. 11, 10:58pm

      Have fun being disappointed in the end when you find out the AI hasn’t improved, YET again.

  71. Aug. 11, 6:20pm

    I got that funny feeling of excitement in my chest for a second, but I’ll be cautious…

    “we’re planning to launch big updates for GT6 soon” – This is as vague as Kazunori can be. Soon can be anytime of what’s left of 2014. And not specifying, or even hinting what these “big” updates will probably bring doesn’t make it too reassuring.

    Prove me wrong, PD ;)

    • Aug. 11, 8:32pm

      Actually, when kaz says ‘soon’, its not as vague as he can be, its about as informative as he can be XD.

    • Aug. 11, 8:43pm

      HAHA! Yeah, you’re right!

    • Aug. 11, 11:53pm
      SZRT Ice

      I hope we get this well before Jan/Feb 2015. Surely when he say soon, he’s not speaking of that far into the future. I hope…

  72. Aug. 11, 5:46pm

    I love coming here and looking at all the salty hate filled comments about Gran turismo.

    Personally, if there’s something I don’t like, I don’t go to forums dedicated to them just to whine about them. But that’s just me. I’d rather play video games than whine about them allday.

    • Aug. 11, 5:57pm

      Amen brother.

    • Aug. 11, 6:21pm

      GT6 isn’t just ‘something I don’t like’, it’s the GT brand as a whole that loses its focus on making a great game more and more. Many regular people here became fans of GT way before GT6 came out. GT was once a franchise ahead of the competition, not perfect, but great for its time. The problem is, the last time it was really great measured by genre standards was about 10 years ago.
      Personally, I would like GT to be as great as it was again, because the core what the brand is about is amazing. But GT6 falls back behind the competition across platforms more and more, so it’s no surprise people start to complain. We don’t complain to bash on the game, but rather because we want the GT games to improve.


    • Aug. 11, 8:59pm
      Tenacious D

      If people aren’t bashing, it doesn’t show.

      Tom is right, criticism is fine, but the complaining and whining and especially the gross exaggeration about Gran Turismo’s issues is beyond old. “The cars sound like vacuum cleaners / pencil sharpeners / weed eaters / mad gerbils” / whatever meme it is this week. Or “You can’t lose to the bots (yes you can).”

      I know that promised features are slow in coming (woops), but as others have said, PD have been working pretty hard to give us free stuff in GT6, some of which we had to buy in GT5. So while I want to see insanely cool goodies like Race Mod and the Livery Editor, legacy tracks from all GTs as DLC, the Event and Course Makers and a slew of other stuff – GT PRO anyone? – I’ll be patient because I know PD are busy working on GT6 and a whole new game for PS4. And that’s a lot of work.

    • Aug. 11, 11:56pm
      SZRT Ice

      Mad Gerbils. Haven’t heard that one. Epic, Lol

  73. Aug. 11, 5:30pm

    If PD does it right then GT7 could possibly compete on Project Cars level. GT6 is already excellent considering how old the PS3 is.

    • Aug. 11, 5:45pm

      Have you even played pCars lately? It’s pCars that has catching up to with GT6, not the opposite.

      Physics > everything else. Better graphics and better sound don’t make a better racing game.

    • Aug. 11, 5:59pm

      +1 TomBrady, I was going to say the same. It’s funny how some think that that game is the game to end all, Pcars is going to have more bugs than a little bit when it comes out, it’s going to be a lot of disappointed people and I bet it’s going to be update after update to fix X problems with Pcars. I’m looking forward to GT7, and when GT7 and GTA5 hits the shelves for PS4, PS4 sales I bet is going to double.

    • Aug. 11, 6:10pm

      @vr6cas side note, cant wait for gta5 for ps4. recently traded in the last of us ps3 version for remastered and it is a lot better on the ps4. runs smoothly and graphics are very pretty.

    • Aug. 11, 6:50pm

      Racing sims don’t “compete” with each other. That’s pure hyperbole from the gaming press. The Toyota Camry competes with the Honda Accord because both companies are courting buyers who can only afford one product or the other. Most gamers can afford as many racing games as they wish to play. They may “compete” with each other for your time, but they don’t compete on the store shelves. If you like both, you’ll buy both. Developers mission accomplished.

    • Aug. 11, 8:49pm
      SZRT Ice

      Not everyone buys every racing game. Some stick to just one to a few per every few years. It still costs devs when the lose a sale of a game to another game, so yes. It’s very much a competition.

    • Aug. 11, 9:23pm
      Tenacious D

      “Have you even played pCars lately?”

      I have to admit that I only know P CARS through YT vids, and they do look very good. But that’s different from having your hands on a virtual wheel. The GRIDs look good too, but their handling is pure simcade, though Autosport nudges more towards GT and Forza. I’m hoping P CARS is much more like Live For Speed than Need For Speed.

      Still, I’m frankly with you guys. I did a shootout with GT5, Forza 4, LFS and GTR Evo and 2, and both GT and Forza held their own physics wise against the PC sims. Both GT and Forza do different things right, so they almost complement each other. For instance, cars in GT5 felt solidly planted on the road and “safe,” even heavily souped up sports cars. In contrast, sports cars in Forza get rambunctious and feel rather dangerous when you take turns with them at high speed. I think if you could merge those two series, you’d have the perfect racing sim, and 1400 cars to enjoy.

      Still, when it comes to the pure pleasure of racing, I’m Gran Turismo all the way, so P CARS is going to have to be a little more persuasive than GTR. Having a Livery Editor will go a long way with that, because the car list is way too skimpy for my tastes.

    • Aug. 11, 11:02pm

      @vr6cas: PS4 sales won’t magically ‘double’. By the time GTAV “hits the shelves” on next gen this year, there won’t be a Gran Turismo on PS4. There will however be Forza Motorsport 5, Horizon 2, and the multi platform racers all available on X-Box One. The only racing game draw on the PS4 at that time will be DriveClub. Woo.

    • Aug. 12, 12:07am
      SZRT Ice

      GTA5 has a very large install base and considering the fact that your data from any current gen console will carry over to the PS4, I see a significant boost in PS4 sales underway. And once GT7 drops, I can imagine a second wave of PS4 sales to arise. The combined sales of GTAV this year, and GT7 sales whenever it arises could in fact nearly double the sales of PS4’s thus far. Weigh in on the fact that many who are still content with their PS3’s and 360’s are still waiting on a definitive reason to move to the PS4, GTAV next gen ver. & GT7 are two very big reasons. And don’t forget about Morpheus.

    • Aug. 12, 1:10am


  74. Aug. 11, 5:30pm

    The big update they’re talking about is obviously spec 2.0

  75. Aug. 11, 5:29pm


  76. Aug. 11, 5:25pm

    .. and then we will wait the big update of GT7 …. never ending story!

  77. Aug. 11, 5:15pm
    Fire Yoshi

    Seems like this course maker is going to be something totally different from GT5’s. Seeing that Kaz used the word “new”, I guess that means it’s going to be something completely different from the course maker in GT5…which I hope is true. GT5’s course maker just felt like an experiment to me.

    I hope we get an unlimited amount of options, because I would love to recreate Midfield Raceway. :)

    • Aug. 11, 7:14pm

      Midfield Raceway always was a great track. If possible, the track I’d love to recreate would be Seattle Circuit.

  78. Aug. 11, 5:10pm

    Awesome news! Anyways it’s not a gaming website, it’s the website of the most important italian car magazine.

  79. Aug. 11, 5:00pm

    My patience is on the limit now. When this GT6 beta end?

  80. Aug. 11, 4:59pm

    I thought they were announcing GT7 stuff… Darn article titles…

  81. Aug. 11, 4:55pm

    “we’re planning to launch big updates for GT6 soon” / Kazunori Yamauchi

    many promises and much ADO. I’m disheartened, soon the game will complete 1 year and we are still in some sort of beta

    • Aug. 11, 4:59pm

      Soon = in distant future, for Kazunori.

    • Aug. 11, 5:50pm

      Soon means when its finished and tested. GT6 is what you make of of it. If you dont like it get rid of it. Theres so much I want to see in GT6 but I know that its not going to happen. I can deal with it and get on with my life. All the se people going on how Project cars will be the nail in the coffin for the GT series. Most of the footage you see is all on hi spec PC’s. Yes its nice but at the end of the day when I have my copy sat in my PS4 and I can compare it with GT7 then I will make up my mind. not take someones overated opinion from seeing PC footage.

  82. Aug. 11, 4:45pm

    “Please stay on the line. Your call is important to us. Thank you for your patience as you wait for the next available representative!”

  83. Aug. 11, 4:40pm

    “we’re planning to launch big updates for GT6 soon” – Kazunori Yamauchi
    Soon is a very subjective word, he could be thinking several months from now for all we know given his “awesome” track record.

  84. Aug. 11, 4:13pm

    Kaz please release these updates soon it will save me buying drive club

    • Aug. 11, 4:58pm

      How are they at all related…

    • Aug. 11, 5:03pm

      If u have a ps4 u would know

    • Aug. 11, 5:22pm

      I have one and I get depressed with the lack of racing games on it, but they are totally different types of games. What you should do is get Project Cars…

    • Aug. 11, 6:28pm

      I get bored too but only 2 months left until the big games arrive on ps4 then gt6 updates wont be so called big lol

    • Aug. 11, 8:30pm

      True enough, but being a GT fan since the beginning, there will never be a game that I enjoy more!

    • Aug. 11, 8:59pm
      SZRT Ice

      GRID and GT6 are 2 completely different games yet I still find myself playing GRID more… Heck, I play GTAV more! Them being similar has nothing to do with what entertains you and makes you desire to play. GT6 needs content, BAD! I just want the course editor, community and club features, and event creator. A La Ferrari and P1 wouldn’t be enough to make me want to play GT6 for more than a few days right now. GT6 needs things to do imo, and a track editor, event creator, and club features along with a community function will set a better environment for GT6 and give us endless replay value. That’s what I’m waiting out for.

  85. Aug. 11, 4:12pm

    It’s been a while since I comment on anything GT related, but I really feel that all these awesome undertakings by Kaz, all these different projects, are actually getting in the way of him creating a proper GAME. Maybe he is living his dream of being a race car driver and also an opinion leader in the automotive industry that he forgot about us. I love cars, but I don’t really get excited anymore to the point of bringing out my old DFP and attach it to a desk to drive around the Nurb or compete on stale races. GT6 just doesn’t seem up to date, i might as well play GT4 on a large tube TV, which for me was amazing and much more satisfying. I think the only thing that will get me completely back into GT or “sim racing” is something like project Morpheus or Oculus Rift, but let’s see what Kaz has in store for us, or may Project Cars, although I watched a funky gameplay video of it a couple of weeks ago. PS: That Senna content was awesome but ridiculous at the same time.

  86. Aug. 11, 4:03pm

    Thank you for using my image! I’m looking forward to these updates.

    • Aug. 11, 4:36pm

      Awesome image:-D

    • Aug. 11, 5:11pm
      SZRT Ice

      Word. Nice shot. I like the lighting used and shadows cast from the trees. That’s also my favorite perspective of the Huayra.

  87. Aug. 11, 3:57pm

    From what I’m reading, this interview brought no new info apart from the usual vague statements (although I do realize that Kaz simply can’t get into details, for whatever reasons).

    We already know that PS4’s Gran Turismo is going to be better and that the console’s power is far superior to that of PS3.
    We also know that there are updates coming for GT6.

    This might sound harsh, but I can hardly see any news in that.

    • Aug. 11, 4:49pm

      Amen to that, they should just release it so they can move on to other projects and not waste everyone’s time anymore.

    • Aug. 11, 5:55pm

      Well, I’m not saying it in the “OMGPLZGIEFNAOBBQ” way, I just can’t see the point in interviewing him -all that results from 97,43% interviews with Kaz are always the same statements overflowing with vagueness not seen since 1963.

      I’m so god damn TIRED of hearing the same stuff over and over again…

  88. Aug. 11, 3:53pm

    Promises, promises, promises. Getting so tired of hearing, “we’re going to do this, we’re going to do that”….just do it for petes sake, enough talking about it. Not believing anything this man says anymore until it actually happens. There are those that worship this man and live their lives by every single thing he utters, I’m not one of them. To me, this news means nothing, just more hot air.

    • Aug. 11, 10:51pm


      Like I said above. Kaz is all talk, but shows nothing. Why should anyone believe anything this man, who makes promises after promises, saids?

  89. Aug. 11, 3:50pm


  90. Aug. 11, 3:46pm

    Seems to me that they only ever talk about how great the next version of Gran Turismo will be. They always promise the world with Gran Turismo N+1.

    • Aug. 11, 3:56pm

      I agree, it worked with GT5 and partially GT6 too. Why not continune this tradition :))

  91. Aug. 11, 3:46pm

    Sounds good. hopefully they deliver the goods. :-)

  92. Aug. 11, 3:42pm

    So looking forward to Track editor. Can’t wait! Thanks Kaz!

  93. Aug. 11, 3:39pm

    Soon doesn’t mean anything anymore Kaz. Give us a deadline for pete’s sake. Tomorrow? Next week? Next month? Come on. Saying “Updates are coming soon” doesn’t really help us estimate the time of release very well.

    • Aug. 11, 3:50pm

      Why? Do you need to have a countdown or something so you and others can wind each other up endlessly with speculation?

      It’ll be here when it’s here…sinmplest way to say it.

    • Aug. 11, 4:32pm
      SZRT Ice

      Elf, when people say soon, they usually mean within a relatively short amount of time. Kaz has been saying “soon” in regards to the course maker since before GT6’s release.

      Can’t say I don’t understand peoples complaints, as I was there not too long ago. I’m tired of people asking myself now as well however, not because people are wrong in any way for how they’re feeling, but more so because I’m just tired and over it. Kaz is saying the same thing to different people around the world (soon) in these interviews, but to us it’s something we’re hearing time and time again and taking personally as if he’s saying it straight to GTP each time. This article isn’t for people who frequent here regularly and in the know. It’s for the grazers and passerby’s. I’m just waiting for confirmed official updates and information.

    • Aug. 11, 5:55pm

      Soon means soon. Nothing more nothing less. What happened in February when Kaz ventured out and said that the huge track would be available in February….. then it never came (for some unknown reason). Look how the community vented spleen on that subject. It sill be here when its finished and ready for release. That will be it. Nothing more nothing less.

    • Aug. 11, 9:03pm
      SZRT Ice

      adverb: soon; comparative adverb: sooner; superlative adverb: soonest

      in or after a short time.
      “everyone will soon know the truth”
      synonyms: shortly, presently, in the near future, before long, in a little while, in a minute, in a moment, in an instant, in a bit, in the twinkling of an eye, in no time, before you know it, any minute (now), any day (now), by and by;
      informalpronto, in a jiffy;
      dateddirectly, anon
      “we’ll be there soon”

      8+ months is not “soon”. Definitely more, definitely not less. An instant would be less. Which Kaz’s “soon” is not.

    • Aug. 11, 10:40pm

      New updates for GT6. “Soon” to come in the far, far future where flying cars are invented.

  94. Aug. 11, 3:39pm

    Again. Improving physics that were not broken since GT5. Sheesh.

    • Aug. 11, 3:50pm

      so now it’s obvious to everyone that you have never tuned a suspension in your life

    • Aug. 11, 3:56pm

      So your telling me that higher front and lower back ride height is supposed to increase oversteer?

    • Aug. 11, 4:36pm
      SZRT Ice

      Grip/Drift threshold? Roll over physics? Low speed physics? Damage? Crash/impact physics? Torque steer and power over?

    • Aug. 11, 7:23pm

      Shocking physics in GT.

  95. Aug. 11, 3:39pm

    I just fell like gt6 was just hastily put together. Not that it is a bad game, it is just missing some key characteristics and seems to lack focus on the GT series.

    • Aug. 11, 3:42pm

      It’s like they forced it out before the PS4. For some of us who have moved on to the PS, this installment is too little too late. There is no real reason to step back a generation to play it. It’s been months with no real amount of content and a poor single play game to boot. Hopefully GT7 will be better and not several years off.

    • Aug. 11, 4:39pm
      SZRT Ice

      This was obvious to me.

  96. Aug. 11, 3:38pm

    I’ll guess and say that the Toyota VGT will join this “big” update in september.

    Place your bets, ladies and gentlemen.

    • Aug. 11, 4:13pm

      Yup, always expect the least when it comes to PD.

    • Aug. 11, 4:44pm

      August would be better.

  97. Aug. 11, 3:38pm


  98. Aug. 11, 3:35pm

    I wonder if Bertone will release their VGT car after going bankrupt..

    • Aug. 11, 3:41pm

      I would expect that to hinder the chance of it. But you would figure that something like this could really prove their product and give them another chance with someone.
      I personally was and still am hoping for the design firms VGTs Zagato and Bertone were high on my can’t wait to see list.

    • Aug. 11, 4:00pm


      It’s a shame to see that Bertone went down, a real pity considering their portfolio…

  99. Aug. 11, 3:34pm
    young car joc

    Big updates coming to gt6. When? Next month, this month? 5 months away? But I guess it doesn’t matter when it comes. As long as the content is what I dream it to be

  100. Aug. 11, 3:30pm


    • Aug. 11, 3:32pm
      young car joc

      That’s all you have to say. That’s cool….. Not a man of many words I guess

    • Aug. 11, 4:43pm
      SZRT Ice

      He was simply trying to get in the 1st comment.

    • Aug. 11, 7:24pm

      So are half the comments by the “opinionated” children of this forum.

    • Aug. 11, 9:06pm
      SZRT Ice

      Nah, just him and Ninners.

    • Aug. 11, 11:58pm

      No. I legitimately thought this article was just, cool.

    • Aug. 12, 12:08am
      SZRT Ice


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