Bryan Heitkotter to Drive for Doran Racing in 2012

March 12th, 2012 by Andrew Evans

Following the GT Academy drivers’ successes in the Dubai 24 Hours in January, we brought you news of the three European drivers’ schedules for 2012. As promised, we now have news on Bryan Heitkotter’s plans for the coming season.

Bryan has joined Doran Racing of Ohio, who will be running a Nissan 370Z Nismo RC in the Grand-Am Continental Tire Sports Car Challenge Series in the top GS (Grand Sport) class. He’ll be participating on a limited schedule, joining Nissan Z-car veteran BJ Zacharias for their first round of the series (having missed the opener at Daytona in January) at the Barber 200 at Barber Motorsports Park, Alabama, on March 31. The series runs over eight more races through to the end of September:

  • March 29-31; Barber Motorsports Park, Birmingham, Alabama
  • April 27-28; Kia 200 at Homestead Miami Speedway, Homestead, Florida
  • May 11-13; New Jersey Motorsports Park, Millville, New Jersey
  • June 8-9; Mid-Ohio Sportscar Course, Lexington, Ohio
  • June 22-23; Road America, Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin
  • June 29 – July 1; Continental Tire 150 at Watkins Glen International – Long Course, Watkins Glen, New York
  • July 27; Super Weekend at the Brickyard, Indianapolis, Indiana
  • September 7-9; Continental Tire Sportscar Festival Powered By Mazda at Laguna Seca, Salinas, California
  • September 28-30; Lime Rock Park, Lakeville, Connecticut

Bryan has also hinted at some other “exciting things” from Nissan in 2012, so stay tuned! Thanks to R1600Turbo for the tip.

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  1. Mar. 18, 9:18pm
  2. Mar. 15, 8:27am

    I prefer the Continental series over the Grand Am races because it has the Camaro, Mustang, BMW battle.

  3. Mar. 15, 5:48am
    e30 freek

    I spelt Brain lol :p

  4. Mar. 15, 1:40am

    Lol at the Forza pic at the GTplanet news section

  5. Mar. 15, 1:04am

    Not to sound like a nerd but 4 days away from the day of the last DLC for the u.s today jan 18 and todays date is march 14 but if I’m correct pd said every 2 months and they haven’t even mentioned DLC come on pd get the ball rolling people want new cars!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Mar. 15, 12:08am
    SZRT Ice

    I feel a DLC announcement coming… I can feel it, it’s like a sense, as if I can smell it, like I can almost taste it… Argh! I need some tracks!

    • Mar. 15, 12:44am

      GT4 Track pack with some events added, yeaaah. :D Pikes Peak.

    • Mar. 15, 9:57am
      SZRT Ice

      Ahh! That’s a fantasy! Would be awesome to race Cita di Aria online in GT5 with my Aventador!

  7. Mar. 14, 8:51pm

    I hope in the future they scan Watkins Glen International, I live 10 min from the track and it would be cool to race around it in cars that I can’t afford in real life. Maybe I’ll go watch Bryan race in June.

    • Mar. 15, 3:32pm

      The Glen is great, very historic course, and one of the very few high speed road courses in North America. I would love to have it for sure, both the long and short course. The short course is a simpler road course, but one of my favorite Grand-Am races, the sprint is very exciting. The long course is just a terrific track, running through the boot and all. It’s one of the top tracks I want for sure.

  8. Mar. 14, 8:23pm
    e30 freek

    Good luck brain

    • Mar. 14, 8:40pm

      Lol brain??

    • Mar. 15, 12:10am
      SZRT Ice


  9. Mar. 14, 6:37pm

    Good luck to Bryan, hopefully he brings some Ws to Doran Racing. ^^

  10. Mar. 14, 1:56pm

    Gt5 is getting boring because there any new cars or tracks to play with come on pd get some new dlc

  11. Mar. 14, 10:58am
    Mac K

    So a fellow GTP member is going to race for real, and all you guys are worried about DLC? Pathetic, absolutely pathetic.

    • Mar. 14, 12:18pm

      Stop whining about whiners.. It makes you look like an idiot.

    • Mar. 14, 12:29pm
      Mac K

      Really? Well I’m sorry.. Ya right.

  12. Mar. 14, 3:11am

    Since there going to all these tracks, we should get them in future DLC’s? I know highly unlikely, but that would be nice.

  13. Mar. 13, 7:16pm

    Good luck.
    I’ll be going to Barber to see him in action.

  14. Mar. 13, 6:20pm

    Good luck Bryan!

  15. Mar. 13, 3:58pm

    If his exciting news is adding another Nissian GT-R to the game I will throw my PS3 in a woodchipper

    • Mar. 13, 4:00pm

      No, if it is exciting Nissian news relating to GT5 it better be an Oreca Signitech LMP2 car. Any other Nissian and I’m going to my nearest bridge.

    • Mar. 13, 4:23pm

      Nissan and Sony/PD have a partnership. Get used to it.

    • Mar. 14, 2:39am

      Please,do jump off the bridge. One less idiot complaining on this website.

    • Mar. 14, 2:49am

      My friends and I jump off bridges all the time, its a really great way to relieve stress….but I digress, get on with the Tweeting Kaz, we need news

    • Mar. 15, 12:04am

      You guys are right about that NISSAN thing. We have 1 too many unless they plan on adding some Amuse GTR35!

    • Mar. 15, 3:37pm

      Exactly uneaq27, although all the incredible tilt of Japanesse to American / European cars are annoying, but come on, there are more cars in the world, and even in Nissian, then the GT-R. I mean, if you ask anybody what cars they would add if they were to add about 5 cars or something, nobody will say “I hope for a 73rd Nissian GT-R in PD’s terrific Gran Turismo GT-R game…… Oh wait it’s Gran Turismo 5, not Gran Turismo GT-R?”

  16. Mar. 13, 3:23pm

    Whens the DLC????? Been waiting ages this time around

  17. Mar. 13, 2:16pm

    Literally gagging for some DLC news here…

    • Mar. 14, 1:20am


  18. Mar. 13, 2:14pm

    Would be nice to have the RWD Sumo GTR.

  19. Mar. 13, 12:17pm

    Who else saw the image of the car and thought it was DLC :L

    • Mar. 13, 2:19pm

      I def got really exited for a second….I think admin might be trolling

    • Mar. 13, 2:36pm

      Your fault for thinking incorrectly.

    • Mar. 13, 3:55pm

      Not me because I read the title of the article that accompanied the picture

    • Mar. 13, 4:02pm

      Gee maybe if you read the title to the article you wouldn’t think that.

    • Mar. 14, 2:50am

      So you guys just assumed that we knows how to read?

    • Mar. 14, 12:27pm

      Guys, the page didn’t fit on my screen. It viewed the picture first, and then I saw the title -,-

      @MyFavoriteGame I know how to read, I wouldn’t have commented otherwise duh! Haha

  20. Mar. 13, 11:08am

    The ZED RC, very nice can’t wait to see how ye does. We may see a factory backed team running the GT-R RC later this year. Even though any team running a factory built RC car gets some support.

  21. Mar. 13, 11:01am

    The Zed RC will be great for the class. We may see a factory back GT-R on

  22. Mar. 13, 9:55am

    This is really interesting and all…but I’m starting to itch for DLC.

    • Mar. 13, 12:42pm

      I have a rash for DLC :(

    • Mar. 13, 2:47pm
      mister dog

      I scratched through the skin and see the flesh now for DLC!

    • Mar. 13, 4:59pm

      thats a little extreme haha

    • Mar. 13, 8:50pm

      @mister dog
      That sounds painful. :D

    • Mar. 14, 1:21am

      The house is full of comedians tonight.

  23. Mar. 13, 9:33am

    Sweet, great job Brian, I’ll be cheering for you at Lime Rock!

    • Mar. 14, 6:59am


  24. Mar. 13, 3:21am

    I think he got screwed.

    • Mar. 13, 10:32am

      Me too. That series blows. Why not put him in alms? He was a better driver than the others in my opinion.

    • Mar. 13, 12:01pm

      Have to work your way up from somewhere.

      When it comes to professional racing, you take what you can get. Finding/obtaining a ride is not as easy as you think.

    • Mar. 13, 2:02pm

      with that said he better kick ass at Laguna Seca and at the Brickyard lol

    • Mar. 13, 10:25pm

      Wasn’t the whole point of winning GT academy that they get him a full time drive, or a ”racing career” or whatever?

      I guess I have to research exactly what happened with all the other GT Academy winners and compare what Bryan is getting, but I don’t think they got a ”limited schedule” in a second rate series.

      I actually like watching Grand Am Continental series, I liked SPEED Touring car championship too- but they are pretty low spectator, low dollar, second rate race series compared to Bryan’s obvious huge talent level.

      He deserves better, a lot better IMO.

    • Mar. 13, 11:19pm

      The only thing guaranteed for a GT Academy winner is a drive in the 24 Hours of Dubai.

    • Mar. 14, 12:02pm

      ^^^ Exactly.

    • Mar. 14, 5:32pm

      Well if that’s all they are promised, I guess anything more is icing on the cake.

  25. Mar. 13, 2:15am

    Bryan knows those tracks very well thanks to Iracing. He should do very well.

  26. Mar. 13, 1:05am

    To see how far GT5 took us players and racers… :)

  27. Mar. 13, 12:06am

    Congrats Bryan!!! Tearing it up on the US tracks with the 370Z. Go Bryan and Z34!! :D

  28. Mar. 12, 11:43pm

    Good for him, he was great

  29. Mar. 12, 11:24pm

    This is so cool. Congrats, Bryan! Hopefully some of their race cars will make their way into GT5. And, hopefully, we’ll hear about the next batch of DLC soon. After all, it’s been nearly 2 months since the last batch.

  30. Mar. 12, 11:06pm

    I’ll probably see him at Mid Ohio when I go this year

    • Mar. 13, 1:55am

      Well that’d be awesome. I’d like to go but I can’t afford it.

  31. Mar. 12, 11:00pm

    Good luck Brian! But I’m still an APR fan first and foremost, so forgive me for cheering on the Audi S4 before the 370Z. You’ll be number two in my heart, though!

  32. Mar. 12, 9:50pm

    Woohoo Bryan. :) Our hero is on the move, good luck bud. :D

  33. Mar. 12, 9:46pm

    Nice! Road America is only about 20mi from me and already have passes for that weekend… sweet. Good luck Bryan ;)

  34. Mar. 12, 9:44pm

    Is the list of tracks mentioned the “Limited schedule” Bryan will be running, or is it the season schedule for the CTSCCS?

  35. Mar. 12, 9:29pm
    Turkey :D

    I’ll be at Millville, NJ in May. Can’t wait to see the Nismo 370Z RC in action! I’ll be sure to snap photos while in the pits.

  36. Mar. 12, 8:56pm

    Very lucky guy, besides the car bbut I wont get into that.

  37. Mar. 12, 8:24pm

    PD has been so quiet lately :(

  38. Mar. 12, 8:19pm

    It sucks that everyone else got a fancy LMP2 Drive and Bryan has to stick to Grand Am.

    • Mar. 12, 8:28pm

      This is where he gets to start at. ALMS/IMSA is on their death bed right now, GT is the only class but I do not there are any Nissan’s in the GT category. In CTSC he’ll be with 70-90 cars on track depending on the track. It’s a good starting place but the series is nuts. Hopefully I’ll have time at the track to watch how he does.

    • Mar. 12, 9:39pm
      Carlos Fandango

      Seconding Jason_B’s comments – this series is really very strong with some top line teams and drivers competing. I think the biggest issue is that the 370Z isn’t as strong as the Camaro, Mustang or the M3 so getting recognition for strong drives is going to be a challenge for him.

  39. Mar. 12, 8:12pm

    Going to Laguna in Sept. Hope to meet him.

  40. Mar. 12, 7:42pm

    Sweet! Must be alot of hard training and a load of fun. congrats!

    — Wonder if the 370z will be the next TC to down load. ??

  41. Mar. 12, 7:42pm

    Congrats to Brian

    • Mar. 12, 8:13pm

      Correction Bryan.

  42. Mar. 12, 7:42pm

    No VIR :(

  43. Mar. 12, 7:41pm

    Good luck!!! Have a very nice season. And congratulations!!

  44. Mar. 12, 7:40pm

    Gran Am is one of the most exciting series in the US hands down!!!!

  45. Mar. 12, 7:39pm
    Mac K


  46. Mar. 12, 7:39pm
    Mac K

    I’m completely envious! CIngrate Bryan and good luck! I know he still reads these forums from time to time so he’d better comment :p

    • Mar. 12, 8:55pm

      What’s his username?

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