Vision GT-Inspired Bugatti Chiron Could Touch 290 MPH


Bugatti-Chiron-StitchingLast November, Bugatti announced that the Veyron replacement would be known as Chiron. Named after the dominating driver of the 20’s and 30’s, Louis Chiron, the car is expected to utilize a variation on the Veyron’s immensely powerful W16 quad-turbo heart. Now, a new report has surfaced alleging the car will continue the modern Bugatti tradition of setting insanely high top seeds.

According to Magazin ProDriver CZ, technical specs have been shared at a recent customer presentation prior to the car’s unveiling at Geneva this upcoming March. The numbers play out like a serious game of Top Trumps: 1500 (the total horsepower, as well as torque in N·m); 467 (top speed, in kilometres per hour); 2.2 (seconds, for the 0-100 km/h dash); and 2 million (the price, in Euros).

Bugatti VGT Profile

With regards to the look of the machine, Gran Turismo fans will have a better idea of what to expect than others. Judging by Bugatti’s own holiday image up top, the car will carry the signature C-shape of the window-line/intake seen on the striking Vision GT vehicle that was showcased in the metal at last year’s Frankfurt Auto Show. In fact, most of the major character lines match up nearly exactly to the VGT, though obviously the more outlandish track-inspired aspects, like the fin, wing, and prodigious front spoiler are notable for their absence.

Geneva opens in exactly two months, so expect to hear more on the Chiron – and very possibly the Vision GT – around that time. Before that, pop into the Chiron discussion thread in our forums to discuss this and other news about the car.

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    1. WyldAnimal

      Won’t see them in GT6.
      if you watch both promo’s you’ll notice the Blue Glow from a DS4 controller..
      (look for the reflection in the TV screen… )

      Both of these VGT cars will be on the PS4…

  1. Probuff

    I hope they still keep oldies going. Its really crazy cars coming out and its amazing to experience them, but driving experience and different soul of each car cannot be forgotten. I still wish to drive night nürburgring in mod-ed E30 with freshly recorded variety of sounds and sink into the emotion witch I tuned. Slower cars is fun to drive as-well ;) I hope to see 2 playstations running 3 projectors/monitors instead 3 too, more exploitable adjustments

  2. jrsnijder

    Why they hold on to this vision stuf?
    Money, sponsored by the car dealers?
    Is this realy where the most of us are waiting for?
    I’m not, but that’s personal.

    1. infamousphil

      Gran Turismo continues to be encyclopedic(?)… Means not a lot of current stuff but a bunch of old historic and legendary… modern is not the same as new. If l’m lucky, we’ll get the latest SRT Viper GTS-R race car or an RM (race mod) version of it in GT7.

    2. infamousphil

      I’m not wanting for the next new VGT model either… but they (PD) do entice us with announcements and curtains in the VGT showroom. But l do enjoy driving most of them AND it is the future for some. It is definetly something that seperates GT from the rest. No… l don’t mind at all.

    1. Rich S

      Wasn’t this car supposed to be released in October or something like that….. Anyhow, the VGT cars have been a mixed bag. Some good, some nicht so gut. Hopefully cockpits are coming to all cars in the next iteration of GT.

    2. Scuderia Paul

      You can only make a luxury car with an 8.0lt Quad-Turbo W16, 4WD and apparently 12 radiators this time, so light.

      A perception of quality and luxury in cars can be in the weight. Remember Bentley said they could make cars significantly lighter but that would be detrimental to customers perception of quality according to research.

    3. chengman

      @Obelisk McLaren 650S has better ride quality than cars weighing more than it. Weight has nothing to do with ride quality

    4. infamousphil

      I don’t know what Bentley said Paul. But that sounded too bleeding PC for me. However, l don’t think anyone wants to sell – to the wealthy – a car that will land it’s engine onto your lap in a serious mishap.

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