Check Out This Gran Turismo Fan’s Epic Tribute Video

Gran Turismo Series 27 January 30, 2019 by

YouTube plays host to a lot of fan-made tribute videos. Every once in a while, one comes along that stands out. This is one of those times.

GTPlanet member Luka Zavisic has liked cars pretty much as long as he can remember. When he was four, his father set him up with a PlayStation, TOCA 2, and a wheel. Luka was hooked, but it was the year after, when his dad introduced him to Gran Turismo 2, that one of Luka’s long-term passions was born.

In the nearly two decades since, Luka’s gained others, including a talent for the piano and guitar. Looking for a way to combine all three, Luka and his father put together the video below:

Luka kicks things off on the piano, and it should only take a few notes for Gran Turismo fanatics to recognize the song. It’s none other than “Moon Over the Castle”, the unofficial Gran Turismo theme song from Masahiro Andoh. It’s otherwise known as the best song in the series — if you think otherwise, you’re wrong. Sorry.

After the intro, the video jumps between Zavisic’s suave musical skills and clips from GT Sport. The father-son duo picked plenty of shots, all featuring the Porsche 911 RSR at the Nordschleife, that draw inspiration from the GT2 intro. That lurid slide at 3:24 just before the music picks back up? Yep, that’s a serious dose of nostalgia.

Zavisic dedicated the video to Kazunori Yamauchi, and the Gran Turismo creator recently thanked him while sharing the video on his official Twitter. Our hats off to Zavisic — and now, our hope for a new, MOTC-backed intro video grows…

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