The Crew 2 Launches March 16, 2018 — Pre-Order Bonuses Detailed

Ubisoft has released a new trailer for open-world racer The Crew 2. Due to launch next year, the game continues its trip around the US but offers players the chance to ride in boats and planes alongside the standard vehicles.

The title was announced at E3 and grabbed attention due to its unorthodox gameplay. Preorder details have also been shared alongside the new trailer.

Land, Sea And Air

Ivory Tower has crafted the latest trailer completely within the game’s engine. We get a first hand look at how the gameplay functions with seemless changes between each machine type. Jumping between land, sea and air appears to be done through the in-world HUD and this would cut out any pesky complex menus.

There’s quite the car selection on show, including favorites from Chevorlet, Porsche and Audi. The biggest positive from the trailer overall is the sheer variety in each vehicle class. Cars, bikes, buggies, boats and planes are all shown within the minute and a half trailer. If Ivory Tower can nail the driving physics this time around, The Crew 2 could provide some serious fun.

From a racing fan’s point of view, the biggest reveal here is the introduction of open wheelers and the return of actual circuits. One of the most underrated parts of the original game was the inclusion of tracks like Laguna Seca. Its still early days but we hope this track roster has been expanded even further. We hope the Corkscrew is a fair bit more realistic, too…

Harley Davidson and AMG Offer Preorder Incentives

If you’ve seen enough so far to commit to purchasing The Crew 2, Ubisoft is offering some incentives. Players who get in early will receive the Harley Davidson Iron 883 ’17 and Mercedes-AMG C63 ’16 Touring Car. Its unclear at this point if the vehicles will be locked to preorder status only.

Assuming your commitment to The Crew 2 is already through the roof, the Gold Edition can also be scooped up before launch. As is common Ubisoft practice, the Gold Edition of the game will secure early access to various pieces of gear, the above preorder bonuses, the Deluxe Motorsport pack and the season pass.

The Motorsport Deluxe pack appears to include the Abarth 500 Monster Truck Edition — which did appear as DLC in the original title. Those hoping that The Crew 2 will feature all the previous game’s cars out the box should be cautious.

A Deluxe edition of the game also exists which includes the two above vehicle packs minus the season pass. With Gamescom just getting underway, we’re sure Ubisoft will have more to show of The Crew 2.

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