Driveclub VR Still Planned For Public Release, Confirmed by ESRB

Coming soon to a VR Headset near you, the Vulcano captured by xHACHIK0

UPDATE: The ESRB have now removed the separate Driveclub VR listing. Did we stumble upon something we weren’t supposed to?

After Evolution Studios’ hasty closure (and subsequent acquisition by Codemasters), the future of Driveclub VR was very much in doubt. Although playable just weeks before the announcement of closure and shown off as one of the featured PSVR games, a lack of clarity on the future of the title clouded any sort of excitement. In the past 24 hours, the ESRB has listed Driveclub VR in its registry which seems to suggest some form of the game will be available to the public despite these worries.


The listing describes DCVR as “A racing simulation game in which players drive a variety of cars around real world locations. Players can engage in traditional races, time trials and drifting challenges.”. Although incorrectly described as a simulation title, the summary simply provides a standard description of what regular Driveclub had to offer. Looking at a comparison of the original Driveclub’s listing though, there could be a key difference: “This is a racing simulation game in which players drive real world cars around international race tracks. Players can compete in variety of race series, time trials, and drift challenges.”.

Although this could be viewed as conjecture, the description of DCVR indicated a ‘variety’ of cars can be driven. This could point toward the game having a depleted car list compared to that of vanilla Driveclub which doesn’t make this distinction. Also, whilst Driveclub references that players can take part in a variety of ‘race series’, Driveclub VR only indicates that players can take part in ‘traditional races’ which may also indicate the title may be more of a tech demo than a fully fledged retail release.

The tranquil waters of Lake Shoji captured by torque99

As E3 fast approaches, Sony will be confirming what the PSVR line-up will look like on release so the full details of what Driveclub VR is – and what it isn’t – should be unveiled to us soon.

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  1. binbin90

    I’ll never understand why Sony closed down Evolution Studio, they we’re able to bounce back from the rocky launch of Driveclub…….. Although I’m expecting something like “Oh, it’s business, they come and go”.

    1. Mickeman

      Sony closing Evolution doesn’t have anything to do with Sony PlayStation. Sony is loosing money in every division but PlayStation which is why they cut costs wherever they can.

      I heard that the CEO, the Riiiidge Raceer guy, is trying to cut PlayStation loose from the rest of the company for the same reason. I hope he succeeds.

    2. JKgo

      …Incorrect on the assumption Kaz Hirai wishes to spin PS brand off from Sony.

      It’s true that Sony is losing money from several of its divisions, but PlayStation isn’t one of them – that’s why the current re-structuring of the company has seen fit to focus on the gaming and entertainment sector as a whole.

      It’s the manufacturing of TVs and Stereos that’ll see a selling-off.

  2. torque99

    ^^Thanks for using one of my pics-Brend :) I think I will wait until they are released and try one out with DC/GT before buying (depending on what games are released and what hardware 4.5/Neo upgrade is needed) early days yet..Look forward to the E3 details though.

  3. Andyc709292

    Got driveclub about a fortnight ago, so late to the party.
    But I think that getting it so late has helped, I’ve only raced in hardcore and have a plethora of cars to run.

    And I’m loving it, it’s most excellent as it is. But VR, meh, a gimmick just as 3D was, to me at least.

    Anyway, to any early adopters I suggest a revisit with hardcore enabled!

    1. TomBrady

      Hardcore is broken IMO because some of the tour star goals are literally impossible to achieve with Hardcore enabled. With the aids on, the cars are usually 3-4 seconds faster per lap just on short tracks alone.

      They really should’ve adjusted the difficulty to compensate for hardcore mode but they didn’t at all.

    2. TomBrady

      And actually, I messed up. It wasn’t 3-4 seconds slower, it was more like 6-10 seconds slower on the track I tested. It was 3-4 seconds slower than the lap time goal they had set on hardcore mode, but my first try with Hardcore off I beat the goal by 2 seconds so really it’s at least 6 seconds slower per lap on hardcore mode. And that was on a short track too

    3. Andyc709292

      @TomBrady – yeah, that is a valid point. Compounded by some race times set by other drivers that make me look terrible (probably am!) when time trialing.

      I’ve got round tour mode by going to easy on the settings to start and am now in standard for most tour races, no chance to go to hard any time soon.

    4. MeanElf

      Tom, none of the star time targets were designed with hardcore mode in mind, that came far, far later. It was just a way to re-experience the game, nothing more.

  4. SavageEvil

    I’m surprised that PD doesn’t have a VR presentation of GT ready to go as well, I mean GT5 interior was all set for that, you could peer around the interior as it was fully modeled, you had greater range in Prologue but all premium cars with rear windshields allowed you to look behind you from inside the car, I wonder how they will work VR with race car seating, their view is very limited due to safety systems.
    I’ll definitely plopping down some cash for a Neo and PSVR, I want the full experience, will probably donate my PS4 to my little sis for her SF5 itch.

  5. JKgo

    …How mindblowing would it be, when it’s revealed in E3 that PDI European office in Amsterdam has taken over DC? GTP would go into a full-on meltdown mode, I’d imagine…

  6. wallpaper42

    Driveclub is successful enough that they make an internal team to continue support for it after they shut down the developer that birthed it. Kinda messed up.

    1. MeanElf

      Are you saying that Evolution ‘kinda messed up’ or Sony, or is it a comment about the situation in general?

    2. wallpaper42

      I’m saying it’s messed up that Sony shut down Evo and then continue to support Evo’s game without them.

      If Driveclub is successful enough that it still gets support two years after launch then why shut down the dev?

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