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Sony Reveals New PlayStation 5 VR Controllers

Although Sony’s second generation of PlayStation VR won’t be releasing this year, the company has today revealed the new design and features dedicated controllers for the system.

DiRT Rally For PlayStation VR Launches Friday, February 17

Following an initial announcement in January, DiRT Rally is ready to add it’s anticipated PlayStation VR support with the Virtual Reality upgrade DLC launching very soon. According to a post on the European PlayStation Blog, players who own the PSVR headset will be able to experience a whole new aspect of the 2016 racer this Friday, February 17 at a price of £9.99/~$12.49 USD.

DiRT Rally PS VR Update Coming ‘In the Next Couple of Weeks’

After an AMA session was held on the official DiRT subreddit with questions answered by DiRT 4’s Chief Games Designer, a plethora of juicy new details were revealed about Codemasters’ upcoming creation. That’s not to say its current game has been left behind to eat the dust, though.

DiRT Rally is Coming to PlayStation VR

PlayStation VR users rejoice, as Codemasters has announced that the highly-rated DiRT Rally will support PS VR in the coming weeks. The upgrade will be available as DLC to download from the PlayStation Store if you have the game, and it will also be available at retail, with a new physical version of the game complete with the VR add-on.

Ars Technica Hands-On Experience with GT Sport VR Is a Mixed Bag

Ars Technica had the opportunity to spend some quality time with Gran Turismo Sport at the PlayStation Experience this past weekend. Not only getting a first-hand demonstration of the stark contrast of GT Sport’s HDR from series creator Kazunori Yamauchi, but scoring some seat time with the game’s dedicated VR mode as well.

“Match Made In Heaven”: Hands-On With GT Sport & PS4 Pro

With all the new information coming straight from the PS4 Pro Event in Big Ben’s hometown, we’re getting our first real view of GT Sport post-delay announcement. As we learned yesterday, the game will support 4K resolution and HDR via PS4 Pro. Now, some more light has been shone on the exact nature of these specifications.

GT Sport VR Functionality Limited to Dedicated “VR Tour Mode”

The news keeps on rolling out of London. We’ve already seen the first footage of GT Sport utilizing both PS4 Pro and PSVR, and heard the revelation that Kazunori Yamauchi at one point considered outsourcing to speed up franchise development. The latter tidbit came care of, the same source for the latest news: PlayStation VR support will only feature in a dedicated ‘VR Tour’ mode.

Driveclub VR Now Available; Shown in Latest PSVR Ad

PlayStation VR, Sony’s foray into the maturing VR market is now available worldwide. DriveClub is one of the many titles supporting the peripheral, and after its mysterious absence from the earlier launch trailer, it can now be seen in the latest advertisement above.

GT Sport (Not Driveclub) is Only Racing Game in PlayStation VR Launch Trailer

After a long wait, PlayStation VR will be landing on shelves across the globe this Thursday, October 13. In a surprising twist, Sony has opted to show off Gran Turismo Sport as a part of the new accessory’s launch media blitz. Despite a delay pushing the title into 2017, and no public examples of the game’s VR capabilities before now, you can catch it mixed in with the other immersive experiences in the launch trailer above.

GTPlanet’s Hands-On Impressions With PlayStation VR

The growing influence and presence of Virtual Reality gets stronger with every passing day in the gaming industry. Headsets like the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift are currently in consumers hands and opening up the ever-present tech to audiences like never before.