Fanatec CSR Elite Review

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With former steering wheel market leader Logitech resting on its laurels, there’s been a flurry of activity fill the mid-to-high end range of steering wheels over the last few years. For Gran Turismo 5 players, the licensed Thrustmaster T500RS was generally considered one of the best options – until now.

Fanatec has significantly raised the bar in the higher end of the market, according to one of the first reviews of the wheel by famous GT insider and sim-racing enthusiast Amar212.

Amar was given a pre-release version of the Fanatec CSR Elite more than six weeks ago, and has been busy testing the wheel with a wide range of different titles, including GT5 and Forza 4. Read his complete review here, which he conducted with the wheel mounted to a Rinoseat GTR.

The CSR Elite will be shipping worldwide soon – visit Fanatec’s website for more information about securing one of your own. Thanks to Amar for sharing this great review in our forums!

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