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Fanatec ClubSport Wheel V2 Praised in Community Reviews

The latest high-end wheel from Fanatec receives high marks from GTPlanet community members.

Celebrating 15 Years of Gran Turismo

GTPlanet celebrates Gran Turismo’s 15th anniversary with a special tribute to the driving simulator that changed the world.

Gran Turismo 5 DLC Hands-On, Spa Francorchamps Gameplay Videos, Screenshots

Take an exclusive first-look at Gran Turismo 5’s upcoming content, including the first gameplay video and replay of Spa Francorchamps.

Gran Turismo 5 Review: Expert Hands-On

Amar212, infamous GT insider, provides hard-core fans with the world’s first GT5 review – a unique and detailed study of how each new feature in GT5 actually works and how the gameplay unfolds.

Gran Turismo 5 Weather, Track Editor Confirmed

Jokes were made when our inside man, amar212, first mentioned a track editor coming to GT5 more than a year ago. Today, he gets the last laugh.

Gran Turismo 5 "Special Edition" on Amazon

Gran Turismo 5 has been listed on Amazon.com for a long time now, but a very interesting new product was just added to Amazon’s French site: Gran Turismo 5 “Edition… Read More »

Gran Turismo 5 Track Editor Rumors Resurface

Since our own insider Amar212 first hinted that a track editor would be included in Gran Turismo 5, it’s something that many people, including myself, have approached with too-good-to-be-true trepidation.… Read More »

Gran Turismo Mobile Coming to New PSP?

The pieces of the puzzle are starting to fall into place!  Heavy rumors about the PSP2 were just released today by gaming site 1UP, and Gran Turismo Mobile popped up… Read More »

Gran Turismo 5 Rumors You Can Trust

Earlier today, Amar212 dropped an odd bombshell on the GTPlanet Forums, posting a cryptic message full of hidden details about Gran Turismo 5.  Before you continue, have a look at… Read More »