Fanatec Gran Turismo DD Pro 5Nm Back in Stock in Europe, Other Regions to Follow

With the esports season gearing up and the Gran Turismo World Series on the horizon, Fanatec has announced that its entry-level, PlayStation-compatible Direct Drive wheel — the Gran Turismo DD Pro — is now available to order again in Europe and Australia, with other regions to follow.

It’s the first time in a while that the 5Nm bundle has been available to order and in stock, with Fanatec making only the 8Nm options available on and off for the past years and a bit. That’s likely been to cater for the higher-spending sim-racer crowd while the company has been experiencing production issues prompted by both global and regional problems in east Asia.

However Fanatec signalled that these issues are coming to an end, with the GT DD Pro becoming available again for general orders in December, and the return to stock of the CSL DD in February.

Where the 8Nm and 5Nm versions differ is solely in the additional Boost Kit 180, which is a higher-power transformer that allows the direct drive motor to draw the watts it needs to provide the greater torque.

For now, the 5Nm version of the wheel is only available as the full bundle, including the wheel base, wheel, and two-pedal CSL set, and only for customers in Europe and Australia, with other regions to follow soon. It’s in-stock and available for immediate shipping.

If you prefer to go for the full-fat, 8Nm version, you can pick that up in every region as the standalone wheel base, the standard bundle, or the Premium bundle which includes the CSL Pedals Load Cell Kit.

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