First V-Rally 4 Gameplay Looks Like a Return to Form

Back in March, Kylotonn Racing surprised sim racers with the announcement that V-Rally would return. Now, thanks to the fine folks at Team VVV, we’ve got our first look at it in action.

Alan Boiston took the game for a spin on the E3 show floor. After the surprise hit that was WRC 7 (read our review), it sounds like VR4 is continuing Kylotonn’s hot streak. Boiston got to drive a hillclimb stage in what looks like the same impressive motion rig the team used for WRC 7 last year. He reports that while it isn’t a hardcore sim, it does sit more on that side of the spectrum.

The circuit itself looks very impressive. Much like the stages of WRC 7, it’s properly narrow, leaving little room for error. The surroundings look epic too, giving the game some eye-candy (at least, as much as we can make out from off-screen footage). Check it out for yourself:

After the climb, Boiston takes on a buggy race. It starts in a river, and the short lap looks like a ton of fun from start to finish.

On the basis of this first impression from VVV, and the dark horse of 2017 that was WRC 7, we’ll definitely be keeping an eye out for more V-Rally 4 news leading up to its September release date.

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