◆ SNAIL [Race Car] Series - Finished - Thanks to everyone who raced during the past 12 seasons!

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Wednesday Nights @ 9:00PM
Knock-Out Qualifying Lobby opens at 8:00PM
All times listed below are Eastern

Special thanks to @brntguy for the video!

Open to Everyone!

Welcome to the SNAIL Wednesday Night “Race Car” Series. The goal of the series is to provide an enjoyable and competitive night of racing using only purpose built stock race cars on some of the best tracks GT6 has to offer. We will only use race cars that allow driver numbers to be added/modified and that can be painted. Each night will consist of two 40 minute races (each requiring a pit stop) as part of a 4 week season. Although strongly encouraged, you do not need to be a SNAIL driver to participate and is open to all clean and respectful drivers.

Series Director / Host - GrimGrnninGhost
Advisory Council - brntguy, CoachMK21, Dragonwhisky, Parcells2, Wardenclyffe, zii1993
Scorekeeper - GrimGrnninGhost
Statistician - GrimGrnninGhost
Replay Uploader - Wardenclyffe
Series Photographers - jazznoisehere, CAPECOD104
Series Videographer - BrntGuy
Series Stewards - GrimGrnninGhost, brntguy, zii1993


All cars are to remain stock except for required Oil Change and Brake Balance & Torque Settings (4WD Only) adjustments (if desired)
Must use tire compound as stated above. No other tire compound will be allowed. Using wrong tire compound will result in a DQ.



Unofficial and subject to change



Race Format
  • Two - 40 minute timed races.
  • 10 minute break between races.
  • Grid position for first race determined by 10 minute qualifying season prior to the start of race one.
  • Grid position for second race determined by reverse finishing position from race one.
  • Do not leave the lobby between races. Should you leave or be disconnected and come back in between races, you will need to fall to the back of the field SAFELY prior to turn #1. (rule added 6/29/14).
  • All competitors must complete a minimum of 1 pit stop per race.
  • Drivers coming off and on pit road always stay on the correct side of the pit road line (DO NOT cross the solid line).
  • All races will be run under clear weather conditions (no rain) however some races may be at night (refer to schedule for specifics).
  • If you get disconnected or decide to quit during a race you will get a DNF and finish last.
  • If more than one person quits or gets disconnected during a race, your finishing position will be determined by the number of laps completed.

Application Procedure

We are currently at max capacity for season 11. If your interested in being added to the waiting list for season 12, please send me a PM with the required info.
  • GTPlanet ID
  • PSN ID
  • Racing Number – Refer to Driver List below (Active & Retired Drivers) for Available Numbers.
  • By submitting your application you agree to the S.N.A.I.L. OLR (which is a modified version of the GTP OLR) along with following The Good Racecraft Guide.
  • Only Complete driver applications per the above will be accepted for securing a spot in the series

Eligible Drivers
  • Although encouraged, you do not need to be a SNAIL driver to participate.
  • Each week I will list all active drivers in the Pre-Race report with the intent to have all Active Drivers that plans to race confirm their intent to race (just like we did for the top 10).
  • If there are less than 16 drivers confirmed, we will not need KOQ that week and will open the Lobby to all drivers @ 8:30pm Eastern.
  • If there are more than 16 confirmed drivers that week, we will implement the original KOQ process and only the top 10 will be locked in and all other will need to go through KOQ per the below process.
Main Event Format/Schedule

    • On race night, all main event drivers are to be in the lobby by 8:55pm eastern.
    • Any driver that is not in the room by 8:55pm eastern will lose their spot to the next alternate
    • Exception to this rule is if you reach out to me via PM or PSN msg that you are having issues and need a couple extra mins.
    • Alternates should remain on PSN and ready to join lobby if informed by the series director that they can join the main event.
    • This will be managed at the discretion of the Series Director. Please don't wait until the last minute to try and get in the lobby
    • Main Event Drivers not in the lobby by 9:00pm run the risk of missing the first race. The qualifying/race will not be restarted once the qualification/race has started.

    • 8:00pm – 8:10pm – KOQ Lobby is open (If needed)
    • 8:10pm – 8:40pm – Knock-Out Qualifying (Practice Mode 1)
      • Refer to Knock-Out Qualification Process below
    • 8:40pm – 9:55pm – Open Practice (Practice Mode 2)
      • All Main Event drivers enter lobby and prepare for Main Event Qualification
    • 9:00pm – 9:10pm - Race 1 Qualifying (10 Min Qualification Mode)
    • 9:10pm – 9:50pm – Race 1 (30-40 Min Race)
    • 9:50pm 10:00pm – Open Practice to allow for tuning adjustments
    • 10:00pm – 9:10pm - Race 2 Qualifying (10 Min Qualification Mode)
    • 10:10pm – 10:50pm – Race 2 (30-40 Min Race)

Knock-Out Qualifying

If KOQ is required, GrimGrnninGhost will count the locked in Main Event drivers (per the above procedure) and announce how many grid spots are available for the Main Events both in the GTPlanet thread and in the Lobby.

8:00pm – 8:40pm – Knock-Out Qualifying (Practice Mode)
  • 8:00pm - Official Practice Lobby opens for drivers outside the top 10 in points and any current top 10 driver and recent Series Champion who did not confirm participation per the above procedure.
  • Entry into the Knock-Out Qualifying lobby is reserved to the first 15 Active Drivers that enter the lobby.
  • Retired drivers may enter provided there are less than 14 Active Drivers in the lobby.
  • You must not leave the lobby as your lap times may be erased.
  • Drivers participating in the Knock-Out Qualifying may join at any time during this 40 min window. No requirement to run the full 40 mins however you do need to give yourself enough time to get on the track and log a lap time.
  • Can run as many or as few of laps as needed.
  • Remaining grid positions for the Main Events to be determined by fastest practice times during the Knock-Out Qualifying Lobby up until 8:40pm.
  • A photo of Best Times will be taken by Grim at 8:40pm to lock in the best times.
  • Grim will announce who has made it through Knock-Out Qualifying and qualified for the Main Events.
  • In the event we have more spots available than participants at the conclusion of the Knock-Out Qualifying, then everyone will advance to the Main Events!
  • Knock-Out Qualifying lobby crashes - In the event of the lobby crashing in the final 15 mins of Knock-Out Qualifying, grid positions will be awarded based on first come first serve into the original Knock-Out Qualifying lobby. If lobby crashes within first 25 mins, a new lobby will be set up and drivers will need to post new times in an abbreviated session.
  • Main Event locked in drivers should not enter lobby during this time.
  • If the KOQ lobby is full prior to 8:25pm and an Active Driver is trying to get in (that person MUST send me a msg via PSN that they cant get in PRIOR to 8:25pm), I will look at the current lap times (no earlier than 8:20pm) and the driver(s) with the fastest time(s) will then be locked into the Main Event races and asked to exit the KOQ lobby so that the waiting driver(s) can enter.
  • The above process will only be allowed for a max of 2 drivers trying to get into a full KOQ lobby prior to 8:25pm.
  • Anyone trying to get into a full KOQ lobby after 8:25pm will be considered too late for that week's race.
  • Drivers knocked out during the Knock-Out Qualifying will need to leave the lobby. Sorry.

General Rules
  • We expect all drivers to follow the S.N.A.I.L. OLR(which is a modified version of the GTP OLR) and pursue good racecraft at all times.
  • If you're not sure what good racecraft is, watch this video.
  • It can be summed up in one simple 'Golden Rule' of motorsports: It is the responsibility of the overtaking driver, meaning the car that is attempting to execute the pass, to make sure that the pass is made cleanly and incident free. If you don't agree with this rule or don't think it applies to you, this is not the series for you.
  • "Blue Flag" expectations can be found here.
  • Part time drivers will be allowed to re-apply to Active driver status at the start of the following season based on case by case request.
  • All drivers will refrain from doing donuts, burnouts, drifting, driving backwards/reverse or any other activity that would be a distraction to other drivers on the track during all Official RCS Sanctioned Events (practice sessions, KOQ, Main Events, etc..)
  • Additionally, if you are going to park along the track edge to "watch" please make sure you are as far away from the racing surface as possible so as to no cause a distraction to other drivers.
  • In the event of an incident with other drivers during the race, do not discuss it via chat during the race. Repeat offences of this policy will result in being suspended for a minimum of 1 week.
  • Drivers are to continue to race and put their best effort the entire race night.
    • Due to the unique nature of the series and the KOQ process, this is to ensure that drivers are not left out that would have otherwise raced if given the chance
    • Of course real life situations occur from time to time as well as the random DC. This is not meant to penalize the occasional situation.
    • Continued repeat violation of this regulation will be managed at the discretion of the Series Director.

Lobby Configuration

Room Privacy: Club - Club ID 1013022
Room Comment: SNAIL-Race Car Series
Race Type: Race for Real
Fixed Room Host: Yes
Max Number of Participants: 16
Race Quality: High
Voice Chat Quality: Off
Course Settings: Refer to Schedule Above
Start Type: Grid Start w/ False Start Check
Boost: Off
Penalty: Off
Visible Damage: Off
Mechanical Damage: Light
Slipstream Strength: Real
Tire Wear/Fuel Consumption: Season 13 - Very Fast (All Star Race will be set to Very Fast)
Grip Reduction: Real
Minimum No. of Pit Stops: 1
Required Tire Compound Change: Off
Tire Restrictions: (Various - Must use Tire Compound per Current Car)
Nitrous: Prohibited
Vehicle Tuning: Prohibited
Driving Aids: Only ABS 1 allowed

Racing Incident Report

  • If you ever feel like a driver is not following the rules, please wait until league night is over, and then file a Racing Incident Report using the below process
  • Review the replay from the race to get a fresh perspective on the incident.
  • If you still wish to submit the incident
    • Send the Series Director (@GGGMotorsport) and the other driver(s) involved a PM here at GTPlanet (by 11:00pm Eastern Thursday) respectfully detailing the incident.
    • Be sure to include the race, lap and time stamp of the incident.
    • Should the offending driver agree with the account and does not wish to dispute it (reply with this agreement in the PM), the penalty (if applicable) will be reduced in half.
    • Should the offending driver not agree with the account, respectfully state your perspective of the incident within the PM within 24 hours of receipt.
    • Our Stewards will review the incident and enforce the appropriate penalty on the driver(s) in question.

Season Selection Process
Part 1 - Car Selection:
  • I will provide two or three cars to choose from (including tire compound and fuel/tire ware setting to be used).
  • I will also list up to 12 potential tracks to be considered for next season (these tracks will be voted in Part 2 to determine the schedule).
  • Number of votes cast per driver will be the total of races you participated in (same as current process).
  • Drivers will have 48 hours to vote for a car.
  • Car with the most votes win.
  • In the event of a tie, the Individual Series Champion from the most recent season will break the tie.
Part 2 - Track Selection:
  • Once the car has been selected, I will then put the tracks up for a vote.
  • Minimum of one "vote" for each track grouping (will provide minimum of 2 tracks to choose from in each grouping)
  • Number of votes cast per driver (for all four votes listed above) will be the total of races you participated in (same as today's process).
    • If you race in all 8 races, each of your votes will be worth 8 points
  • Drivers will have 48 hours to vote for the tracks.
  • The top 1 or 2 tracks in each grouping determine the track selection for the following season.
  • In the event of a tie, the Individual Series Champion from the most recent season will break the tie.

Point System

Pole Position= 1
1st = 16
2nd = 15
3rd = 14
4th = 13
5th = 12
6th = 11
7th = 10
8th = 9
9th = 8
10th = 7
11th = 6
12th = 5
13th = 4
14th = 3
15th = 2
16th = 1​

Individual Championship
  • All participants are eligible for the Individual Season Championship.
  • Total points earned during the season will determine the Season Champion.
  • In case of a tie in points after the completion of a season to determine the top 10 after each week, the tie breaker will be determined by their # of wins during the season, if there is still a tie it will be broken by who had the best overall finishes.
  • Individual Champion earns the right to the #1 car number for the next season.

Optional Team Championship
  • Open to Active Drivers that meet the below requirements.
  • No extra racing is required.
  • Teams consist of two drivers which divisional total must equal 5 or greater.
  • Example – D1 driver can team up with a D5 driver (1+4=5) or two D3 drivers on the same team (3+3=6).
  • Division assignments based on the following:
    • New Race Car Series Drivers
      • SNAIL Drivers - Based on Sunday S.N.A.I.L. division assignments at the conclusion of the previous Wednesday Night Series Season.
      • Non SNAIL Drivers – New drivers will need to complete a full season (Minimum 5 Races) before they can compete in the optional Team Championship in order to be placed in the proper RCS Division assignment.
    • Existing Race Car Series Drivers
      • Each season, all drivers will be evaluated and placed in a RCS Division based in previous race data from within the RCS races ONLY.
  • Teams can’t change until after Wed Night Race Car Season is finished.
  • All teams must change team mates at the end of each season
  • Points awarded based on point system above.
  • Team Champions qualify for All Star Race.
  • Please paint both cars in the same team colors (body/wheel).
Wednesday Night All Star Race
  • At the conclusion the each season, a single All Star race will take place.
  • Single race lasting 1 hour (plus qualifying).
  • Eligibility to participate in the season ending All Star race is as follows (15 drivers max).
    • All past Series Champions - based on most recent results.
    • If spots still open – Past All Star Race winners - based on most recent results.
    • If spots still open – Past Team Series Champions - based on most recent results.
    • If spots still open – Past individual race winners - based on most recent results.
    • If spots still open – Past individual second place finishers - based on most recent results.
    • If spots still open – Past individual third place finishers - based on most recent results.
  • Finally, the 15th driver for the race will be the one earning the most season ending "Driver Favorite" Votes.
  • The 16th spot in the lobby is reserved for brntguy who will be broadcasting the race live.
  • As part of the pre-race activities, all qualified participants must confirm their intent to race by 8:00pm on the Tuesday prior to the All Star Race.
  • Remaining non-confirmed grid positions will be filled by alternates based on the above criteria that are not within the top 14 spots listed above.
  • Retired drivers who do not participate in 2 consecutive All Star races will be dropped from the eligibility list.

Lobby Issue Resolution Process
  • Club Lobby will be opened (with fixed host) by GrimGrnninGhost per normal schedule
  • Those who can't see all drivers will be asked to leave lobby, reset Cache and return.
  • If still not seeing all drivers
    • Grim will close club lobby and open new public lobby (again fixed host)
    • All drivers will be asked to clear cache and return to new public lobby
  • If still not seeing all drivers
    • Grim will close public lobby and Backup Host (as determined by Grim) will create new public lobby
    • All drivers will be asked to clear cache and return to new lobby
  • If still not seeing all drivers
    • All drivers who can't see other drivers will be asked to exit lobby and perform full reset of modem, router, ps3 and return for race #2. This means they will miss the first race but will be awarded last place points.
The above process should help minimize the down time in working through these situations.

The change here is the room will be using fixed host settings. Although it should be better, with running it as a fixed host, we do run the risk of the fact that if I get dropped during the race, the whole room will go down with me. Thankfully this has not been an issue however, If the room crashes during a race, I will make the call on restarting the race or scrapping the race and points will be awarded based on qualifying positions. Depends on how the night is going and the time


Active Driver
Defined as having priority over Retired drivers in Knockout Qualifying and/or Main Event Races. At the start of each season the series will be limited to 25 Active drivers.
  • New series applications will be accepted at the end of each season provided there is less than 25 Active drivers.
  • Retired drivers will need to request to be re-instated to active status during this time until the series reaches the 25 Active driver limit.

Active Drivers - 20

#1 - Kgffy
#2 - GrimGrnninGhost
#3 - zii1993
#6 - GTP_AlexMk7
#8 - turnupdaheat
#11 - Parcells2
#14 - DoublePass
#20 - RacingChamp30
#21 - CAPECOD104
#30 - vovik05
#31 - lobbanmike
#39 - GTP_Ph7shr
#49 - Kgffy
#55 - aeroliteflight
#41 - CallmeMike41
#60 - DynamoE46
#61 - sinna123
#66 - xsitement
#69 - brntguy
#91 - euclid58
#98 - Kendawg198

Waiting List - 0 Drivers

Retired Driver
Defined as any driver who fails to participate in either the Main Event or Knockout Qualifying for 4 consecutive weeks (excluding All Star races).
  • May participate in Main Events provide within top 10 in points.
  • May participate in Knockout Qualifying provide there are less than 14 “Active” drivers in the lobby.
  • May qualify for Main Event via knockout qualifying provided all other “Active” drivers make the cut.
Example – Main Event has 8 open spots to be filled from Knockout qualifying.
  • Knockout Qualifying has 7 “Active” drivers and 1 “Retired" driver – All drivers move on to Main Event.
  • Knockout Qualifying has 7 “Active” drivers and 2 “Retired” drivers – All "Active" drivers and the single fastest “Retired” driver move on to Main Event.
  • Knockout Qualifying has 9 “Active” drivers and 2 “Retired” drivers – Fastest 8 "Active" drivers move on to Main Event. “Retired” drivers, regardless of times, do not qualify for Main Event.
Retired drivers will need to request to be re-instated to “Active” driver status at the conclusion of the season until the series reaches the “Active” driver limit.

Retired Drivers
#4 - Norml_N
#5 - dcschwinn
#9 - CoachMK21

#13 - dragonwhisky
#16 - GTPdangerzone641
#19 - serge_1919
#22 - Ice_Warden
#24 - goofytyler1995
#25 - GTP_ParkerMO125
#27 - nail-27
#28 - Adventuruss
#43 - syntorz
#50 - TEAMworkPLEASE
#51 - Crystalline_Tear
#56 - USERID_77a23
#62 - sinna123
#68 - Sand_68
#70 - McTrucker000
#76 - FlipJ
#77 - Clutch_800
#84 - vsfit
#92 - Fallen_log


For any other questions you may have, please let me know.​

See you on the track!
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Thanks to everyone who showed up to the track tonight for some track time.

If anyone has any questions, please let me know.


United States
Reston, VA, USA
As mentioned in your lobby last night I'm game to try this, though I'll likely only be able to take part in one of the 40 minute races each Wednesday. I'd like to keep my SNAIL number - 42.
United States
As mentioned in your lobby last night I'm game to try this, though I'll likely only be able to take part in one of the 40 minute races each Wednesday. I'd like to keep my SNAIL number - 42.
Not a problem running only the first race.

Throw my name in the hat and I'll race with the number 27.
Outstanding. - Interested in joining me for the "optional team event" and take on Parker & Jakedog23?
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