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-Division 3 Race Report-

Sorry for the delay but I wanted to wait until the IR's were sorted out and out of respect for the process so I can say that its been 4 weeks in a row with no IR's coming from D3. I am proud of all of you in D3 for the respectful racing you have shown each other:cheers:. I have said in a previous race report that, in D3, we didn't care about the prizes, we want to race clean and have good battles. Well, you see what happened because of that thinking, D3 has won 3 prizes in a row. Everyone is not thinking me or I. Your thinking we and that is what you should be mostly proud of.

We had 11 racers on the track and we had 10 finish the night with at least one podium. I think that says a lot:)👍 We had no connection issues to speak of either.

It's a pleasure being your host/director when I see cooperation like I have seen in the past weeks and I don't see that changing. I also want to give kudos to the new D3 racers. It was almost like you have been in D3 for weeks and knew how the room was run. Everyone was on time and followed directions to a tee. HMM tea? I think I'll make some and raise my cup to toast all of my fellow D3er's for a great night of racing and we should all congratulate @noseknows36 for the nights win:cheers:


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I like the Prize A getting complete freedom to choose a new combo.

I (selfishly) like the devilish choices given to Prize B about the second combo.

I like the power granted to Prize C - make the freeze track OR car.... OR choose which one to freeze. And B can't complain because they 'gave' you the power. Remember nothing prevents B from PM'ing C to ask "What car or track might you choose if I let you?"

Voting for favorite and discarding the low score is what we do, we are just awarding -points for the one we don't like.

The prize system isn't perfect, but it is fun, easy (if people actually read), and if you dislike something, it is about 30 minutes of annoyance - a single TV show you don't like, but without even more annoying commercials....

How/who gets the prize has improved. Even if the new formula is not perfect, we will try it for a bit, entertain well explained and reasoned, clearly thought-out alternatives, and continue to progress at a "Speedy SNAIL pace" to better methods. It isn't etched in stone, but there is value in trying things for a few weeks before changing them. No real $$$ or lives are on the line in this hobby.

Harden yer shell and fire up yer engines...


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My husband loves Lagavulin a Single Malt. His favorite. It was $45 a bottle when he first was introduced to it. It is now $90. Lol. Needless to say is an annual Christmas gift.
Not only that but its not the same stuff. When I started drinking Lag 16 15 years ago it was cheap and they had lots of old casks (ie much older than 16 years) that they used because they were not selling enough so had surplus. Back then it was a stunning whisky. That started getting great reviews. Sales went up. The supply of surplus old casks disappeared and quality suffered. The whole time price goes up. It is still a great whisky but not worth the price.

Around the same time I remember looking for the cheapest Scotch at a local convenient store (in the UK) and it was Laphroaig. Was cheaper than Glenfiddich:crazy: I miss those days.


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Lol hella incidents filed. Alot of the new drivers seem to be getting hit hard with them and continuously.

Nah, not hard. Reading... learning... Easy!

Racing-wise, the new guys can drive into a new situation and, like real life, choose either

a) observe the on track actions of others, check out the way things run, :)


b) ferget readin' man! I play this way because "I am Da MAN!" :scared:

SNAIL doesn't really ask any more than any real group, or ask any more decency your neighbor does - don't walk in, 'do something' on the floor or on my shoes, and ask me for more beer. :yuck: In my real house, that will end very poorly for one of us. :crazy: My wife would probably even help me. :nervous: However, the cleanup and/or mopping is likely on you...;)

It isn't really different in real life, much less online - apply Wheaton's Law: Don't Be A D***. New guys, old guys, me... (sometimes guilty, but I am trying to improve) - all of us.

Take responsibility if you mess up on track or on thread. If you are meeting someone, or a new group, online or not, put your best "you" forward. Not a fake version, but the "So how does this run here? I want to be sure I understand the group I am looking at here... I read all this stuff, and is it OK if I..."

I would much rather have new guys read what they can find. Them, ask a few racecraft questions (even if we redirect the friendly, inquisitive questions - that is OK!) before the new drivers hit the starting line. Sure sounds better than as reviewing a raft of dreck that could have been avoided if the new guys looked, and/or asked the helpful older members about what they read, etc.

I wasn't here this week - these are only generalizations. And on that Bombshell - off to bed.

"I will not be a ..."

"I will not be..."

"I will... be.... ZZZZZ... :gtpflag:"

(PS @Neovre - BTCC is where it is at! I bet the old NASCAR guys back in the day would have raced, albeit very nervously, with those guys. Always exciting.)
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V 1.11 just dropped.

Lobby list issue and Multi monitor hang issue in the patch notes.

as far as prizes

a: complete replacement
b: freeze or choose new car or track
c: freeze or choose new car or track not chosen by b

Car 1 at track A gets most votes for elimination
Car 2 at track B gets 2nd most votes for elimination
Car 3 at track C continues for another week

combo 1A gets eliminated and replaced by Prize a

Prize b can choose to freeze car 2, freeze track B, replace with car 4, replace with track D

Prize c completes the combo by choosing to freeze car 2, freeze track B, replace with car 5, replace with track E

basically the same system but prizes b&c get more options
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I would like to join up.


Here's your official S.N.A.I.L. Welcome Post!

Thanks for your interest!
Here's what you need to know (and do) in order to join:

We run a clean league by enforcing a strict penalty system based on the S.N.A.I.L. OLR (which is a modified version of the GTP OLR). We also expect all of our drivers to know and follow The Good Racecraft Guide.
Please become versed in both if you aren't already. Once that is complete, please follow the steps below to complete your entry into the league:

1. You take the S.N.A.I.L. OLR and Racecraft Test

2. You run the Time Trial and submit your information by 23:59 EST on Saturday night if you want to race this Sunday.

3. @JLBowler PM's you with your assigned Division that we feel will give you the closest competition. You will be added to the drivers list.

4. Send a PSN friend request to the Race Director or Primary Host from your assigned SNAIL Division. Sunday night you will need to sort the online lobbies by friends and join the lobby named 'snailracing.org Division_(x) based off your Division placement from JLBowler. That lobby will be where you race Sunday.

5. You drive fast and clean on Sunday 👍

The original post has everything you need to know about what to expect on Sunday night and what you will need to have completed in order to be competitive. If you have any questions, please feel free to post your question on the thread.
If you have a preference for car/wheel colour and racing number, please follow the instruction contained here.

During the week we run a number of different events, we encourage all SNAILs to join as many as possible.
Welcome to S.N.A.I.L. :cheers:


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The post here is the earliest version of SNAIL I can remember. And just to annoy @zer05ive, I still have not raced a single Sunday night. :sly:

It would appear the duration of that thread was the period of labor that ended with the birth of SNAIL. I wasn't aware it existed until after it was raised from infancy some. I'm not sure all its Mothers, Fathers, Brothers & Sisters, Uncles and Aunts, Nieces & Nephews, Cousins and proverbial Black Sheeps, (there have been well over 500 in all, might be over 700, since that not so windy night in December of 2011), have raised it to adult hood yet, but it appears to be able to stand on it's own "foot" now, at least. When, or if, it becomes self aware, we may all have cause for concern.

:D :crazy::lol:

Yes, I may be the only one who finds my jokes funny. Deal with it.
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When i try to open the monthly history list and click on july it always shows june ... and when i click on june it shows may ... anybody else with this problem?
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Can you clarify the sentence in bold? The way I read it, it describes what the "freeze" currently does. Or are you saying that he Prize B should not only be able to replace the car or track, but also decide what car or track replaces it? (what Prize B used to be).

As far as Prize B winners taking a "gamble" on passing the freeze, I think that's just part of the deal. If a Prize B winner really felt strongly about freezing or getting rid of a car or track, then they should use their Prize B to do exactly that. Nobody should make assumptions about something if they're not willing to be wrong.

Two new combos every week could easily snowball into the same two combos for two weeks in a row. Then the same two combos for three weeks in a row, and so on.. An integral part of the SNAIL formula is that we change out exactly half of our lineup components every week. Click here for an old post that some more of my thoughts on changing that 50% formula up.

The part you highlighted in Bold actually nullify Prize C. It means that prize B freezes the car or the track and then decides what the new component is going to be. That's why I stated it in the way that he has the choice to either bring a new car to the existing track OR he has can choose to take the existing car to a new track.

Another option is to give Prize B the Car choice and Prize C the Track choice. Sometimes it is a nice car on a boring track, sometimes its a boring car on a nice track. If Prize B chooses a new car then Prize C is out of luck because the track is automatically frozen to comply with the combo rules. BUT, If Prize B freezes the car then Prize C can choose a new track. At least Prize C will have a choice on average 50% of the time - but we know that Prize B is always in charge of which car will run for the next week.

It also gives more value to Prize B vs Prize C. Currently it is almost equal.
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When i try to open the monthly history list and click on july it always shows june ... and when i click on june it shows may ... anybody else with this problem?
I'll take a look at the links when I get home and can access google docs on something other than my phone.
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