$13.50 right now on PSN for PS4

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Been playing on my PS5 and it’s a huge difference from the pro in my opinion! The FPS is way better is and very stable during actual racing, only during replays it chops up a bit. Can’t wait for the PS5 version!

@kjb bro the track atmosphere in ACC is amazing! To see the day to night transition brings a smile to my face every time. I was racing at Suzuka and it was fun even though I was terrible once it turned night. Makes a huge difference with tire management and braking points.
I bought it on Friday but we were out of town for the past few days so I haven't been able to download it yet. Hopefully I can do that today. I was thinking about the DLC for 8.99 too. Might even play some today
I reinstalled this recently to play some career and I’m loving how it feels but single player just lacks depth and it honestly doesn’t look that good. Can’t wait for the PS5 upgrade.
Lol, no it doesn't. I just played it this morning and that couldn't be more wrong.
Pretty much all racing games have the steering dampened for controllers because of how difficult it is to be precise with the stick. Other genres do something like this too, fps games have aim assist for the same reason.
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Seems ok on a duel sense so far, but how do we change the camera? I find the steering wheel moving really distracting. The sound is awesome, it really feels like you are in a racecar in comparison to GT Sport and Forza.

You can turn off the wheel in the settings somewhere I believe.
I fnally got the chance to play last night. It was a good experience on the Dualsense for me. I didn't change anything and I was able to go around Brands Hatch a few laps with no issues. The only problem I had was I couldn't figure out how to change the brake and throttle buttons. I wanted to map them to the right stick as I feel I can control the them more precisely. I only used the McLaren but it was fun to drive very responsive and as long as I was sloppy and and lazy with braking it performed well. I hope to get some more time in the game soon. I cam't wait for the next gen update
Bought it the other day, what a game honestly. Feels amazing on controller too.

However it needs a resolution bump badly, other than that it runs great on PS5. Can't wait for the native PS5 version.
To me it looks similar maybe slighty better than AC. It will be good to get that 60fps though and all of the stuff as well

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