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Welcome to the 3rd annual Gran Turismo Nurburgring 24Hour race hosted this year by GTPlanet. It is that time of year again and although no longer under the banner of Wurks.ca, this year’s event promises to be as strong as ever with 7 confirmed teams having contested the N24 Car Selection Series. This is a truly global series with entrances from all over the world.

We are still looking to sign up more teams for an entry list of at least 12 cars so it’s not too late to get involved if you think you and your team has what it takes to triumph over this grueling event.

The event will be run on Gran Turismo 6 and as such may result in revisions to the following information. This will be done as and when possible and will be mentioned in the thread, however it is the responsibility of the teams to keep abreast of these changes and respond accordingly.

Follow the series!

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Order of teams to chose
Only Pro Teams can pick first, Am teams will wait till ALL pro teams have finished.

CCR - Audi R8 Ultra Team Phoenix
TMB - Merc SLS GT3
FRT - Nissan GTR GT3
P24 - Merc SLS GT3
REST - Nissan GTR GT3
STM - Nissan GTR GT3



2014 GTPlanet Nurburgring N24 By CORE


11:00 Drivers in lobby.

11:25 Qulifying for race 1 10 mins

11:35 Megane Trophy Race 1 45 mins

12:20 5 mins to change room settings and make reverse grid

12:25 Megane Trophy Race 2 45 mins

13:35 10 mins break to clear out lobby and allow MDT to enter

13:45 Menace Drift Team show

14:05 10 Min advert run for GTP, GT6, CORE, N24 allowing teams to enter lobby

14:15 Teams will be in lobby and drivers brief will be given over headset

14:45 Cars set off on warm up lap. 65 mph safety car speed

15:00 Cars are released and ready to race.

15:03 Safety car will withdraw from track once all cars have left the GP track

15:00 End of race once leader crosses the line

15:00 Cool down lap once leader has crossed the line

15:18 All cars will make their way to the start line for photo finish

*Small Print:
This is not an official GTP run series, but the name has been allowed to be used. Jordan and the GTP team have nothing to do with the running of this series and any issues should be run by the CORE team or memto89. Please click the image for more information!

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2014 Nurburgring 24 hour

Teams Brief

As you know, at this moment in time we are gearing up for the full race starting on the 22nd of February.

1. Teams

2. Skype

3. PSN

4. Stewarding

5. Time table

6. Rules


Teams have been the main focus of the build up to the big race and with 9 teams signed up this has been a great outcome.


Teams should all have a Skype account made by now and should have added all other teams to that account, this is so everyone is in connection to each other. All teams have a responsibility to monitor Skype at all times as stewarding and team messages might be missed causing more issues to your team. Please make sure all stewards are added to your Skype account as well (list released once final stewarding panel is decided).


As you will know, in order to keep distractions to a minimum we have set up specific team PSN names for each team which means only stewards and teams will be online on that account thus reducing online/offline messages. Teams will need to keep PSN messages turned on so the stewards can contact them via PSN message if they cannot do so on Skype.


Stewarding will be live and as professional as possible, but please remember that this is the first year we have set anything like this up and training has been difficult due to the lack of personnel. CORE has sent out training packs to stewards and will be keeping a close eye on stewarding.

Rules for stewarding

If the stewards pull up your team you will have 4 minutes to either argue your case or confirm that you will take the penalty. If the stewards are adamant about the penalty then that is the final word and you are not allowed to argue the case any further. If you continue to argue the case or become abusive towards another member or a steward then you will receive a [+120 sec] for misconduct, and can lead to disqualification from the event if it continues further.

Time table

There is a tight schedule in place that all teams must stick to in order for the event to flow smoothly. Please make a note of the times.

All build up events will be run in one of the streaming lobbies along with MDT’s show.

13:45 Menace Drift Team show

13:50 N24 Lobby will be opened by host and checks will begin to check everyone is in connection.

14:05 10 Min advert run for GTP, GT6, CORE.

14:10 Teams must have finished pitting in and returning to grid to start the race.

14:15 Teams will be in lobby and drivers brief will be given over headset

14:45 Start of transmission

14:45 Cars set off on warm up lap. 65 mph safety car speed

15:00 Cars are released and ready to race.

15:00 Pace car will withdraw from track once all cars have gone past the pace car

15:00 End of race once leader crosses the line at 15:00 GMT


Due to the nature of this event, rather than post-race stewarding, penalties will be provided in real time by an independent team of stewards. If a penalty is deemed necessary, a steward will directly contact the offending team manager via Skype. The car will stop and hold in the designated area at the first moment available; for each successive lap that a penalty is not served, 30 seconds will be added to the time. As the penalty is being served, the steward will inform the team of 10 seconds to go and then go via Skype. Due to the nature of these penalties, all rulings are final and cannot be appealed; however, teams are encouraged to inform the stewards of potential infractions that may otherwise go overlooked.


Accident: A situation that results in contact in which the instigating driver loses control of their vehicle in a manner that makes avoiding the proceeding contact beyond reasonable expectation.

Racing incident: A situation where contact occurs through the action (or inaction) of at least one of the drivers involved, while maintaining clear control of their vehicle, and no significant damage or delay occurs to those not responsible.

Avoidable contact [+60]: A situation where a vehicle is damaged or delayed through the controlled actions, intentional or otherwise, of another driver, in which responsibility for the situation occurring can be clearly


If a collision is deemed as Avoidable contact, penalties will be given to the parties responsible even if they allow the other cars to re-pass after.

Other Penalties:

Pit Lines [+10]: The pit entry and exit are defined as the area between the outside edge of the circuit and the inside edge of the pit line. If any part of a driver’s car crosses the line it will result in a penalty. There will be a statement in the Driver’s Briefing that identifies which lines are being regulated.

Corner Cutting [+30]: As a generalisation, track limits are defined by the outside edge of the white line on the circuit, however they also include the red and white curbing on apexes and exits; exceptions to this rule will be included in the driver’s briefing. A car must keep two wheels within the track limits at all times. If all four wheels are no longer within the track limits on three incidences within three laps, a penalty will be incurred.

Driving Standards [+120]: If a driver is displaying poor control of their vehicle or deemed to behave in a reckless manner they will receive a driving standards warning. If one driver collects three warnings over the course of a season a penalty will be given. Note; damage is not a defence to this rule.

Blocking [+30]: If a driver fails to provide racing room (the width of the passing car) to a car that has committed to a passing move, or otherwise forces them from the track during an overtake, a penalty will be given to the responsible party even if they allow the other driver to pass afterwards.

Rejoin Blocking [+60]: If a car is moving significantly slower than racing speed, for example, rejoining the track (from either the pit lane or from an accident), or suffering from damage and deliberately moves to prevent another car from passing, they will receive a penalty.

Blue Flags [+60]: In the event of a car being lapped the slower car must find a safe place to allow the faster car through. When the faster car is close enough to overtake, the slower car will pull to the right hand side of the track and lift off, allowing the faster car past.

Team Misconduct [+30]: If a team or driver behaves in a way that countermands or hinders the stewards efforts; including but not limited to, refusal to serve penalties, harassment, use of the PSN text box/voice chat during the race, the stewards can appoint a misconduct penalty. Please not multiple infractions can be administered simultaneously if the stewards deem fit.

Starting grid:

Starting drivers will be required to go through the pits before the start of the pace lap. This will work by the last person on the grid reversing to the entry of the pits. Once that driver has turned into the pits the second to last driver will then start to reverse. Once the driver leaves the pits they will turn around and drive to the start line where they will form up in single file and wait for the grid to clear. Once clear they will head down one by one past their grid slot, turn around, and form up in grid order. Any wheel spins, J Turns or handbrake turns will be classed as dangerous driving and your team will receive a penalty.

Behind the safety car:

The safety car will lead the cars out at 14:45 GMT. The pace will be 65 mph for a full lap of the track, cars will drive in single file with plenty of distance between the cars in front and behind. Once the field has reached the Döttinger the cars will form up in double file and it will be the responsibility of the pole sitting car to lead the group at reduced pace to the start finish line. The pole-sitting car is aiming to be at the start finish line for 15:00 GMT. If the pole sitter hits the start line before the 15:00 start time, then the race will go green the moment the leading car touches the start line.


In the event of a disconnect, the field will continue to race to the until the leader completes his current lap. At this point it is assumed the race has been red flagged and cars will form in order at Turn 1. The order and laps completed by each car (including the last lap completed by the disconnected car) are noted and all drivers will leave the track.

The field will wait a maximum of 15 minutes for the disconnected team to return, if they have not done so in this time they will be made to wait until the next disconnect incident. The field will now reform behind the safety car in the order they last crossed the line, with the disconnected car at the back of the field. The start procedure will then be repeated and the race will be resumed with the laps completed being combined once the event has finished.


It is likely that during the race, a faster driver will be looking to move through the field again and may be a lap down on the car in front. If this is the case then the team must ask the slower car in front for safe passage via Skype. If the team wishes to fight for it then the team a lap ahead has every right to do so. But, it is advised that teams stay in communication with each other to avoid incident.

Penalty box:

The penalty box is where any car that has received a verdict from the stewards will park for the allocated time given. All teams will be able to see who is going into the penalty box and therefore advise their driver if the car in front will be slowing down to take the stop. If an accident is caused due to cars pulling into the box it will be assumed that the driver behind is at fault due to not being informed. It is critical that all teams keep their drivers informed of what is happening. It is also advised that cars pulling into the penalty box do not crawl in, as that will be classed as dangerous driving.

Restart Procedure

If the event happens that a team disconnects and the race is red flagged then the VLN rules of starting will apply lead out by the pace car.

Here is a demonstration video so everyone has a visual reference

It may be worth printing this out so that all teams have a reference article on the day.

The Grid order is now set for the N24


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PSN ID Team Name
To all 'Pro' Teams that will be competing in the GTPN24 race in February, please remember to register your unique PSN ID for your Team Name when you have a chance. This will be the PSN ID that you will use to compete in February so that all is clear to the general public viewing the Livestream. Here is the list of registered Pro Teams, our suggested PSN ID for each (adhering to the PSN 16 a format) with those teams that have already registered clearly marked.

When you have registered your Team Name, please ensure you ONLY 'Friend' the other GTPN24 'Pro Teams' on this account as this will ensure that in February, the Lobby we set up will remain exclusive to only those teams entered/registered.

Please remember to ensure your 'Team Account' car has all the correct tyres and tunes on it for the Big Race on 22nd Feb.

Skype Team Name
For the GTPN24 the live stewarding will require an open dialogue with each Team Manager via Skype. For ease of identification, please can all Team Managers create a unique Skype Team Name and notify Gadget333 when completed.

Below is a summary of which teams have already created their unitque PSN and Skype team names. Please can those who have not completed both tasks yet do so ASAP as we will be planning a race rehearsal shortly and would like to test not only getting all team names into a lobby, but also the Skype comms too.


* All CTCDU information removed and posted to https://www.gtplanet.net/forum/threads/christmas-team-cup-down-under-ctcdu-results.302032/ so this thread remains focused on GTPN24
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@jonnyb1990 @jammyozzy @iwasere @Pluxtheduck @the_proffs @attrapp @LordZ1978 @Romigo @Play117 @WIDFO @TDZdave @GOZHAWK

Please post in here from now on, and make sure your team mates know

There are 12 cars available to pick.

There are 3 different kinds with 3 different power/weight settings so all 3 will be used.

M3 there is no need to use the Motorsport version if you do not wish to, there can be 2 M3 base models with team colours.
Z4 there will only be 1 and it is only available in the one colour.

All 3 SLS's are available and can be painted.

Same as the M3, there is no need for the Team car to be used if you do not wish to.

Tuning of the cars was done at maximum, But it is not fixed. You may if you wish to lower the power and rise the weight then you can do.
Engine tuning:
If you car indicated engine tuning, you may tune it from stage 1-3.
If you car indicated turbo tuning, you may tune it from stage 1-3.

House keeping:

AM Teams

There has been a few new AM teams pop up over christmas. You guys need to PM me with the details of your team, Make sure you have read through the OP (all images are hyperlinked) and make sure you understand that this is qualifying for the N24 and AM teams are only here are grid fillers.

1. If a New pro team comes along and the 12 spaces are filled, one AM team will be removed, it will be the last AM team to sign up.
2. Races are not won on the first lap, Do no cause incidents which results in Pro teams being caught up in it.
3. Make sure you do exactly what you are told by the person hosting your lobby. Failure to do so will result in the removal of your team.
4. Rage quitting is not an option for these races, its an endurance race and sometimes you have a bad race, deal with it and do not rage quit.

If you feel you can deliver on these terms then PM me with details of your team and we will add you to the ranks and add you to the official sign up list for cars.

Pro Teams

1. Races are not won on the first lap, Do no cause incidents which results in Pro teams being caught up in it.
2. After choosing your cars make sure your team are aware of your choice and your paint scheme/numbers etc we are now entering the more serious side of this series.


1. Once you have chosen your car please can you take an individual picture of your racing gear and car together (in the same picture) with your team car/colour/number. This will all go towards the teams bio on the OP.
2. If you are not already then please make sure you have liked the links for the series and spread the word.

Facebook page

Facebook group (for teams and drivers only)


Live stream

Gadget333/334 has organised the last "fun" race before the N24 itself, Make sure your signed up for it if you are not already. It will be on the 28th of december. After that it will only be official test sessions and races.

Please make sure you read through these messages!!!!!
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Ooooh, new team and a pretty good one it seems from what I read on their website, welcome Simtech! Are you guys Pro or Am?
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A wee query, do you and your teamate race from the same place to share the driving?
For the VLN it is 3 PS3 from 3 different locations

For the N24 in February it is 1 PS3 with 3 drivers (on a Team account only linked to other N24 teams)
@Glenalz81 you looking at gathering team to run?? would be great if you could ;)

Yeah i was but at the moment i can only guarantee 2 drivers being able to be at the same place and time..🙁 i will however keep trying...would love to take part in a 24hr race
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My advice would be sign up as an AM team for now and run in the VLN, get use to how things are runs and the guys involved, then if you can bring a 3rd driver in all is well
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@Gillard17 You will need to make an account for February with your team name I.E. we have Concrete_Climax etc etc

This is so we do not get disturbed by people signing in and out of PSN... only the teams will add you to the account
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I must say that on the livestream link in the OP has a replay of the first round of the VLN on GT5, so you can look at that if you want a teaser into what you're in for :)
Noone but me who has noticed that these cars are (a bit) expensive???

Audi R8 LMS Oreca - 1,575,000 Cr
Audi R8 LMS Phoenix - 1,575,000 Cr
Audi R8 LMS Ultra - 400,000 Cr

BMW Z4 GT3 - 350,000 Cr
BMW M3 GT2 - Haven't got a car in my game by this name
BMW M3 GT2 Base - Haven't got a car in my game by this name

Mercedes SLS AMG GT3 - 435,000 Cr

Nissan GTR GT3 - 350,000 Cr
Nissan GTR GT3 Schulze - 350,000 Cr

No I ask how the "frack" we are supposed to get around 4,000,000 Cr til Saturday??

If you say that I should buy credits in the store, you can count me out.
I payed enough for the game itself.

I say, run the game on GT5 until the last round in February so that the living (as in not the "undead") can have a chance to actually try some cars out.

The game was released the 6th of December (I couldn't get my copy until monday the 9th due to two massive storms that forced me to work a lot of overtime) and ten (10) days later you expect people to have amassed that amount of credits by playing the game AND try out the cars????

There must have been something I've missed completely or you simply don't have a life at all outside GT.

Quite winded up right now and noone else have had any reaction so here is mine.

// Lav.
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I understand the issues around getting the cars but there is a glitch which people can use to earn loads of money(orginally I wasn't planning on doing this, but as the next VLN round is pretty close and with the dates I decided to do it, Matt also had to do it as he needed to spec the cars as fast as possible), buy a vision GT(or BMW M4) and delete game data(it will not remove your progress) Go back onto GT6 and don't update, now go to garage and click your Vision GT/BMW M4 and select the "sell" option which should be at the bottom of the others, you will get 333,000cr(down to 20mil because of money limit). The next part is totally optional, what I did was go back to ver 1.01 and bought 20 vision GTs, then repeated the first steps so I could buy 280 cars in one go, so once I used up my 20 mil I just sold another, I still have like 6 of them left and in ver 1.01 they sell for 300,000 so you can get decent money out of this, and also GT6 was our only option, we needed to move on, going back to GT5 would boring for the most part and some of us have deleted our GT5 data in order to free up space to install GT6.

Also BMW M3 GT2 is recognised by BMW M3 GT, but the base model is recognised as GT2:confused:
Base model is given to you when you use the BMW M3 GT in arcade I believe, or by purchasing it.
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I read about that issue but it requires the game to be version 1.00 (mine is 1.01) according to the 1st YouTube video I saw.

This might be a new one.

And I don't have any BMW in my GT Vision, only the Mercedes (which cannot be sold).

Also, resorting to using a glitch might compromise your PSN account.
You're breaking the EULA to which you have agreed to by playing the game.

// Lav.
He referred to the BMW M4, those work because they were added after release. And that makes it possible to glitch it in some way.
Hi everyone! Delighted to join this fantastic race. Quick introduction to who I and SimTech motorsport are. I raced karts in 07-10 professionally and won many awards. Since then sim Racing which Iv won 3 GT5 championships, World Endurance Championships in LMP1 on rFactor, 2nd at GTR24h etc.
SimTech started in 2011,, we competed in the worlds most important sim race ( GTR24h ) where you can watch our mini movie on our trip to Denmark here ..http://m.youtube.com/index?&desktop_uri=/ .
So I look forward to racing everyone here :)
Like our Facebook here: www.Facebook.com/simtechmotorsport
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I read about that issue but it requires the game to be version 1.00 (mine is 1.01) according to the 1st YouTube video I saw.

This might be a new one.

And I don't have any BMW in my GT Vision, only the Mercedes (which cannot be sold).

Also, resorting to using a glitch might compromise your PSN account.
You're breaking the EULA to which you have agreed to by playing the game.

// Lav.
Lav i understand your issue but unfortunately this is the cards we are dealt... the glitch does work and it works fine with no issues afterwards

This goes through everything you need to do... If you can't/won't do the glitch then tbh your best bet is to take a look at the cars you like and say "that one", I'm sorry that we can't be more accommodating but we have to move forwards... I can guarantee that almost everyone here will not race if we go back to GT5
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Sorry but this is not a good way to run a series on GTPlanet IMHO.

I'm out of this series until the game has matured enough to be playable in a proper way.

// Lav.
I agree that this is not perfect.. I won't be able to really test the cars before the deadline either. It's christmas and all that, so I'd rather not spend all my time testing. Probably would have been better if we kept the cars from last race but moved over to GT6, but the cars are probably all different so maybe that wouldn't work. Anyway, our pick will probably mostly be a shot in the dark, a bit sad when it's a very important pick that will be the car for the 24 hours.
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We needed to acquire the vehicles for specing, as the next event is in around 2 weeks time we needed the specs done as early as possible so teams can start knuckling down on testing for the VLN, even though I'm not involved in the specing, but I do know that Matt(and John too) has put alot of effort into running the cars in and making them equal on lap times, I saw him in numerous sessions on the weekends, and probably while I was offline he was still pounding the laps out there and to get done in just a week is a miracle in itself, I managed to complete 72% of the game on just weekends(Friday afternoon-Sunday evening) and from the first weekend(Saturday afternoon-Sunday Evening) I had completed 52% so it's not impossible, and that included defeating the S class, however this glitch was made very public in a thread here which quite a few people have noticed, it's also a glitch which is pretty hard to solve in itself and games have these issues upon release, all we can do is blame PD, or we could say the person who discovered this loophole is at fault, baring in mind that no hacking is involved, it could just be a coincidence that somebody who accidentally deleted his game save and decided to stay on version 1.00 and went to garage and discovered the code numbers, just saying what I think on this, and besides I had already acquired the Z4 and the Audi R8 before I did this glitch, hopefully we can stop and move from this, anyway the cars have been specced and are ready to race if you want to use them.

~ Nin