2019 Super Formula SF19 Coming to Gran Turismo Sport Later This Month


Seeing this makes me want to tell T10, STEP YOUR GAME UP! GTS is becoming big.

In a way, I agree: I've always loved the lower-powered open-wheelers in GT games, since they tend to suit my driving style more. That WSR car from the Senna update? Oh, what a beaut.

On the other hand, I look at all the classic F1 cars in FM7 from the '60s and '70s, the MP4/4, plus IndyCar and Formula E, and think it's already got a lot more open-wheel variety.

Really curious about the SF19. It's probably a bit faster than ideal for my level of skill, but there's only one way to get better...
I like that there will be a Honda and Toyota version with different sound. I'm assuming they will allow liveries on this thing since it's not any one team's specific car. It's a spec series with everyone using this same chassis. Just seems more likely.