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This rocks. Really makes me wish that more teams would do retro liveries for Bathurst.

Great! My Foxtel has decided to go poo poo and I can't get it fixed until the 14th of next month.

There goes my Bathurst party/BBQ weekend in my new nearly completed bar area :grumpy::banghead:🤬🤬🤬

Edit:... and absolutely no one will be surprised at this line up.

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@FPV MIC Is it possible for you to set up a free trial for Kayo, most likely under different card details? Or watch the [shudders] network TV broadcast?
@FPV MIC Is it possible for you to set up a free trial for Kayo, most likely under different card details? Or watch the [shudders] network TV broadcast?
I did think of Kayo. I checked it out a bit and they have a 7 day free trial and I do have other email addresses we could use with my wife's details (maybe). I'll hit my nephew up about it as him and his mates do it all the time for footy games apparently.

Telstra and Foxtel both suggested Go but that's crap on a 4k 75'' screen... and I told them so... in terms that made it abundantly clear that I wasn't happy. Don't quite know how I didn't swear :lol:. They have at least agreed it's not acceptable under my circumstances and are trying to get it done sooner, but I won't hold my breathe, and I certainly won't be paying for it this month.

I'm not sure I could go back to free TV and I'll be really pissed at missing all the extra telecast stuff.
Edit: Turns out that my TV aerial is stuffed too. During the course of the re-roofing that's being done ATM it's been moved and some of the channels now don't show up... you guessed it, 7 and 7 mate are both ones affected. Only 10 and 2 are watchable, plus the streamed Samsung ones.

Talk about a 💩-show around here right now :indiff:
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GT4. Too many GT3 series.

GT4 cars with more power and no additional aero would be fun to watch.
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What’s the saddest is, “we” had manufacturers(okay, AMG Australia were being pricks) walking in the door back in 2013. All of us here know how much the series didn’t accomodate the new brands. That couldn’t spell it out clear enough as to what may have made other brands close the book on entering. Even with all the potential rumours, holding onto tradition and not trying to sustain the series, has a man from Ford pretty much begging for others to join.

I’m not in board meetings, but I wonder the time line the money people approved for this Supercars program.
Man, looking at the weather forecast. Saturday looks like its going to be wild (if it stays that way). A wet top ten shootout should be interesting.
Bit of rain always spices it up.
I'm currently watching a replay of the 1992 race to get in the mood for the weekend, now that was a wild day.

I can still recall watching it live it made that much of an impact.
I wasn't around for another 10 years to see that race. But how Skaifey and Crompo talk about being in that race. It's an incredible race in the history of this race.

But this weekend in general could be wild. I'm surprised that have decided to move the race forward a bit. Because it's roughly 30 seconds slower a lap then in the dry. I mean it's Wednesday so they might still bring the start time forward between now and then. But it's gonna be a cracker for sure.
Man, watching the Heritage Revival cars running around the track has got me longing for the old Biante Historic Touring Cars series that preceded the Touring Car Masters. Loved the variety of cars from Mustangs and Camaros, down to 911s and little Alfas. Honestly lost interest in TCM ever since we started getting more “oddball” cars like the Pacer and Monza as well as the later model cars.
So Whincup taking over qualifying the #88 instead of Broc. What happens if Jamie puts the car in the ten? Surely he has to do the shootout as well then. Don't think both drivers can qualify the car.

Edit: Never mind. He didn't make the ten anyway. Superb stuff from Stanaway tho, didn't see that coming.
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Yeah, that was seriously impressive from Stanaway. Has he done any driving since 2019? Dude seriously deserves a drive somewhere and I wouldn’t be surprised if Adderton backflipped on Boost’s motorsport departure for him.
Watched the qualy highlights. Saw that Jones/Giz clip. I’m not a racer so, I’ll keep my fingers away from the touchscreen.
My opinion is, if Jones was also on a flyer he should not be expected to just move out if the way. Especially at the end of the session. Shane could have given himself more room. Penalty is warranted here.
My opinion is, if Jones was also on a flyer he should not be expected to just move out if the way. Especially at the end of the session.
Jones was on a ''flyer''... by his standards :sly:. And you're right, he was under no obligation to move over.
Shane could have given himself more room.
He probably thought he gave himself enough room but didn't take into account that his best time in sector 1, which was on that last lap, was over 1.5 seconds quicker than Macca's best... in that sector alone!
Penalty is warranted here.
For sure 👍. It was a clumsy move in one of the most difficult places to pull off an overtake and was never going to end well. It was going to kill his lap time anyway so I personally don't think it was worth risking two race cars over.

Other things of note so far:

The live timing still sucks and is worse than the tracker and timing system they used to use. How does it take this long to fix it? It's broken at every event. :boggled:

As a surprise to absolutely no one at all the red rims used (or photoshopped) on the promo shots for the DJR cars didn't make it to Bathurst :indiff:

I too am seriously impressed with Stanaway so far. Such a shame he lost his way a few years back as he really is a seriously talented fella.

Edit: Oh yeah, Kayo free trial FTW :D
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