630PP 2WD Racing Car Super Lap: Nürburgring 24h

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630PP 2WD Racing Car Super Lap: Nürburgring 24h

TT#65 - 630PP 2WD Racing Car Super Lap @ Nürburgring 24h.png
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[TT#65] - 630PP 2WD Racing Car Super Lap @ Nürburgring 24h.jpg

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GT-R NISMO GT3 Nissan GT Academy Team RJN '13 by SpeedyFastKaz
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I'm stuggling so much I don't know why but im so far off my last years lap

We improving driving with time, sometime we improving the way we are driving but we can add some bad things for some tracks for some reason....
I know your feeling, Nur are my home track, did'nt drive on for long time and I'm pretty slow, need somes laps before being fast again.

Yes indeed, but lucky we have the TS030 :D

Awesome car 👍

I'm using the Lexus VGT for the moment lololol
I was using setup from old gt-friend, @DaBomb330, I change the weight to 855kg, using stock engine downgrade to being at 630PP.
I'm about moving final gears little bit higher than 2.000, using his gears tricks, but I tough the best way are to make a new one considerate de power band pretty different.
By the way, I don't use oiled change or body reinforcement, I'm about to change it a little bit, but for the moment this is pretty good balanced, tricky a little bit, but anyone with Nur-knowledge will be able to drive it. ( Steering lock at 650 degree for me )

7:25 first lap, I'll try couples differents cars until use the 2J, wanna see if I can be in top learder board with car no body use it.

ps: Next are 787b '91, because Bomb shared his setup 2 years ago and I never try.