Another Month Has Passed and Where are the DLCs???

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So at what point are we to be truly upset with PD and their broken promises? Where are the monthly DLCs we were promised? Cars? (Yes we have had a couple of cars admittedly) Tracks? Course maker? "B" Spec?

We were promised new tracks and cars for the first six months. Where are they?

Since I know how the PD GT6 FanBoys here like to scream at anyone that dares raise the blasphemous questions that I have and demand proof I have included what Kaz has actually said and from links here on GTPlanet. (Please read the links below)

And finally, I am still waiting for someone to explain to me how on Earth all the time and effort that has gone into GPS Visualiser will in any way benefit me, who lives in Australia and will NEVER own a Toyota 86 and drive it on a Japanese track? This is one of the biggest WTF, palm face plant moments I have ever had with this game!

Just in case anyone cannot tell I am not happy and extremely disappointed!

Just to pre-empt anyone saying "Well, just don't play the game then", I want (demand!) my money's worth (A$109) and want what I have been promised. Regardless, at this point in time as soon as there is a viable alternative I will then abandon this game (and possibly the series) for ever.

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You mentioned the Senna content in May, can you give us any sort of timeline as to when we can expect the other major features to be released, such as the Course Maker, online community features, etc.?
“We don’t have a definite order yet of things, but, you know, January, February, March, April, May, etc., we have updates planned for each of those months, and there are actually more things too which we still can’t mention! [Laughs.]

Here’s a summary of what we learned from the first day:
  • Red Bull X2014, X2014 Standard (no fan) and X2014 Junior cars revealed along with “X Challenge” game mode.
  • “Simulating Everything” feature theme detailing atmospheric changes: time, temperature, humidity, clouds, dispersion of the atmosphere.
  • New Vision Gran Turismo concepts teased: Subaru, Nike, SRT (Dodge), Peugeot.
  • New intro movie presented; features Ayrton Senna karting on his old track and a Silver DeltaWing.
  • New Community Club features will not go live until January.
  • Dedication to improved DLC support and “Continued Updates” restated; new cars, tracks, features, seasonals will steadily become available for download in GT6.
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For me, I've been pretty satisfied with Gran Turismo 6. I can say that because I have never played any other Gran Turismo games nor any competitive games. This is the first one for me. I was given a steering wheel for free from a buddy who got rid of his PS3 and after seeing commercials for GT6 I decided $50-$60 wasn't such a big deal to take a chance. I'm not a gamer, so I can't say that I've ever been scorned by other games that were incomplete or failed to live up to their promises.

Having said all of that, of course I am disappointed that the game hasn't lived up to its promised features. I wish we had more cars and tracks available, or at least more premium model cars instead of these poorly modelled and textured cars from generations ago. But, overall, I am happy. If that makes sense. For you veterans of the series, I definitely understand why you feel ripped off.



Simple because another milestone has been reached and I want to keep this topic at the forefront.

"Another Month has Passed" this is the crux of the post and the point I am raising and the question I want to ask that has still not been answered.

I will also reserve the right to continue to ask the question regularly until either the content is released or PD actually answers. Neither of which I will hold my breath for.

Hopefully this answer satisfies.


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While I agree that this is a drum that does need banging, it is already being banged in a number of places already and I don't think another angry topic with the same theme is necessary I'm sorry.
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