GT6 Gameplay Video Shows New Clouds & Dynamic Lighting Conditions

What appears to be the the full version of Gran Turismo 6 is on display at the Tokyo Motor Show, and gameplay footage has started emerging from attendees.

One of the most interesting clips comes from YouTuber Angelfish Aquarium, offering our first look at the game’s updated atmospheric system and dynamic lighting conditions on the new Matterhorn track between the simulated morning hours of 7:43 and 8:22.

Although it’s not raining, the sky is overcast and cloudy, clearing up as the sun rises over the Alpine region and Switzerland’s most famous mountain, the Matterhorn.


Weather conditions are quite different from what we’ve seen in previous gameplay videos and screenshots of the circuit, which show a bright and sunny day at the high-altitude location. Flashes from the trackside spectator’s cameras can also be seen as the cars pass by.

GT6’s Matterhorn track is one of the confirmed tracks to feature day/night changes, dynamic weather conditions, and accurate astrological simulation, which were highlighted in a recent official trailer for the game.

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