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@__EASY__ just to clarify, I think people largely appreciate the sentiment behind your track updates but it's becoming clear that several people are unhappy with the methodology for the valid reasons outlined above. It seems there is a better way to go about this that won't involve treading on so many toes.

considering the number of likes and downloads on the reworked tracks you are rather in the minority
but I did notice that you're one of those people who's always making remarks...


Carrera4 and Rainmaker / Updated by
Estoril 1988 v1.6
Update shaders and textures
Add 3dgrass
Update outline, map and preview

ps: make a backup of your old track to go back if you don't like it
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Putnam Park.
Awesome little track, great road texture, one of the very best, proper fun track to blast a car around on...

Just added an extension for new grass fx as currently none, just previous generation 3d grass.

Just add extension to track folder and delete or rename if you don't like it!

View attachment 944443 View attachment 944444
Yes agreed, excellent layout, and excellent quality mod, and you just made it even better. 👍
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Le Mans
Please don't look for drama where none exists. This is a civilised discussion at the moment so there's no need to escalate it. There's an issue that might be resolved with polite discord.

There is no drama, but it is too difficult not to impose your point of view, by creating a procedure for updates, tracks, cars, etc ....

and sorry for this french citation: "tous ensemble, tous ensemble!"
United Kingdom
United Kingdom

That little dance over the last few pages which thankfully i didn't mess about with was:

Track posted with some nice updates on sharemods

Track posted again by some one else with few updates over riding the previous one..on sharemods..

Then same track updated BACK to how it was before by first poster...on sharemods...

Some of these updates are just grass and trees which could be given as a stand alone download which can be clicked on and off at will..

It is a bit like doing a skin and 'releasing' the whole car as a new mod..on sharemods..

Not everyone will agree, and EASY is doing a great service....i just think its got a bit out of hand.

For example if a person has downloaded a track, and spent time doing cameras, then it gets 'updated' as a new track...the cameras are gone....
Same with a skin... so maybe you start to think...why bother..

You forgot to add a sharemods link ;)
Virgin Islands US
Virgin Islands US
considering the number of likes and downloads on the reworked tracks you are rather in the minority
but I did notice that you're one of those people who's always making remarks...
What i think Masscot and others wanted to say is that you should spend more time on reworking the tracks giving them better textures and overall better rework quality you don't need to release every update like every 10 minutes with some fixes. Spend some time with the track compare it to the real one with google images or onboard videos ect.... to make them as realistic as possible.
Oh, oh.... this is imo getting the wrong way...
@__EASY__ , @Masscot , @Zwiss , @norms and all the other involved in this discussion, maybe telling you my way handle this could help. :)
For a long time I didn´t installed that "reworked" updates as I didn´t seen any "updated shader" but just some of their settings. I´ve most of tracks made vao-patches too (just done with automated script) and ambient and diffuse values of shaders could be easily chaged with config too (explained it a few posts back).
Besides I did overwritten some of my own changes with this "updates" too, but I´ve a weekly backup, so I ended up with mostly no lost accept for sure losing more time in "refixing" that tracks than it maybe took to make these "reworks". ;)

For now I just add a "_easy" suffix in track folder name and change main kn5 file with this suffix too and if needed the models.ini too.
Example how to do:
create new folder named: teretonga_park_easy
copy all archive content into that folder
rename kn5 file to teretonga_park_easy.kn5
and vao-patch to teretonga_park_easy.vao-patch

in models.ini add that suffix too:
It tooks me mainly 1-2 minutes and safes me a lot restoring time, nerves and annoyance handle it otherwise. ;)

No one is forced to use that updates, but it could be nicer done to match more the "normal" handling most one uses.
This shown way you don´t lose online racing option (checksum error), all own added tags, descriptions etc.

@__EASY__ with all respect, your idea of a own modder discord channel could help getting this sort of things better done. Unfortunately I can´t speak, write french and english isn´t my native language too, but I can even here show you and others too, making most of your shaders value changes with configs, then adding a vao-patch, maybe a skin for updated textures and everyone can enable or disable what needed, wanted. :)

What do you think @__EASY__? Could this be interesting for you?

nobody here seems to mind you providing us with your work, I personnaly thank you for it, it allows me to discover new ones
the only thing I would suggest is to be more precise with the files you update so people know what has been updated.
especialy if they already have the track.

vao patch are great if there where none, same with ext_config.ini for grass light etc, but .kn5 overwiting files are more tricky because it contains lot of informations that can be broken if you start messing with it. as you said earlier "Simed must have broken it...." Unless you really change meshes a lot can be done via the ext_config.file not to mess with the original file.

this tool is really powerful, but needs to be mastered.
you can almost redo the whole track witout touching the original .kn5 file.

and if you bring new meshes you can put them in a new .kn5 file and add it to the track via the models.ini file.

anyway, all this to say that there is a non destructive way already putted in place by the genious that brought us CSP, let's start learning to use it correctly together to improve those tracks!
What i think Masscot and others wanted to say is that you should spend more time on reworking the tracks giving them better textures and overall better rework quality you don't need to release every update like every 10 minutes with some fixes. Spend some time with the track compare it to the real one with google images or onboard videos ect.... to make them as realistic as possible.
That's not quite what I was saying (although others here have), my only point was for @__EASY__ to consider a non-destructive way to release his updates that doesn't impose them on the user, but rather gives them a better way to evaluate whether they want to keep them.
@slider666 and @maruto have outlined very good solutions but @__EASY__ seems to be under the misapprehension that he's under attack so hopefully their suggestions are investigated without being instantly dismissed like other suggestions seem to have been.
Russian Federation
Russian Federation
considering the number of likes and downloads on the reworked tracks you are rather in the minority
This is not entirely correct judgment.
Due to covid and forced vacations, a lot of people came to this thread. There are many newbies among them who find it difficult to understand the variety of mods, besides, their AC is still empty, so they are happy to download all the mods that are laid out.
But you forget about those people who have been creating their own AC, their library of mods for years. Most of them already have all these tracks. You don't count this majority ...
When you have hundreds, or thousands of mods, every little update can be a problem. You have to establish it, check it, compare it, is it really better to understand, or not? It takes time. As rightly noted above, this takes more time to check than you spent on making changes.
Therefore, it is good practice to describe changes in detail, change the version number, or create a separate version, in the case when it is actually not an update, but is an alternative to what everyone has. It is more suitable for what you are doing.
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Le Mans
Testing Car:
DPi Cadillac DPi-V.R.

Folder Name: lemans_2017
Author: Tiago Lima, Jim Lloyd, Terra21
I don't know if this is a conversion from another game or if it's scratch built but this track looks great. It has excellent details throughout and I can't come up with anything negative to say about it. It comes with 4 layouts, a day and a night version of with chicane and without chicane, but in these modern times the night versions don't need to be used, you can just set the time in CM nowadays. Great AI and great night lighting.

It is a Conversion from Rfactor1. A hungarian modder Zolee145 made this beautiful track from scratch.
Here is the original credits from RD:
  • zolee145 For the original 2012 rfactor version
  • Conversion and improvement to Assetto Corsa Tiago Lima
I was the men who, made the original ferris-wheel for Zolee. ;)
It updated a bit in the new AC versions, and the other AC modders, made good imporovements on the track.👍
United States
United States
out of respect for the original creators I keep the name of the track, it's an update not a new track.

But this is not how “updates” work. The original author makes updates. Other people make reworks. And reworks should be a separate project.

It’s disrespectful because you’re overwriting someone else’s artistic vision.

You are also going about it in a destructive way. All of the changes you make to these tracks can be done with edits in an INI file which would save you time and would be easy to revert if the user who downloaded it didn’t like it. You can change any shader values in there, you can add and remove textures, change properties, etc. and you don’t even need to mess with the kn5. There is even a proper distribution method for these ini files, the CSP config github which is an open source repository that people can opt in to automatically download from within content manager.

A forum without remarks is a blank page...

(goes off, add's the letter 'A' and sticks it on sharemods..)

if sharemods is frowned upon I’ll gladly use something else for this stuff. I tend to just use RaceDepartment but since I didn’t have permission from the original author for this particular rework I use sharemods instead because it doesn’t require an account to upload there (google), download speeds are fast (mediafire) and they don’t make downloaders wait with a dumb timer before they can click download (so many), and as far as I know they don’t use deceptive practices to make newbie users think that downloads must take place through their own download client (mega). I do use a pretty robust ad blocker (a DNS server combined with a browser based blocker) so if sharemods is particularly agregious in this area I didn’t realize since it’s basically completely ad-free for me.
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After changing the PC-Hardware (Mainboard, CPU, Graphicscard) Assetto Corsa doesn't run too well anymore.
Should I delete it in Steam and uninstall all the Apps like CM, CSP, SOL
and then re-install everything?
Greetings everyone! I've been lurking here for a good while already, and decided to make my first post now that I stumbled upon this 2011 DTM Audi mod on a discord group. It's got a rather nice 3d model and it even drives nicely, but the shaders are borked in ways that I was not able to fix myself. So I'm asking for your help: Is there a reworked version of it out in the wild already? And if not, maybe someone here would be interested in giving it some love? One can't have too many DTM mods after all. :)


Thank you in advance, this forum is awesome! :gtpflag:
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United States
Haha to be clear this is my fix of the old track with Easy’s tweaks applied, and my shaders reapplied and the grass problem fixed.

Great, With all the updates coming at us fast and furious, it is almost hard to keep up on what is the final fixed version of the tracks. hehe. But I am keeping up with them so far. Keep all the enhancements coming. Would love to do something similar to the many tracks I have from "you know who" to make the quality better. Is there a text or video tutorial on how VAO files are done. Cant find much about this. I have the app that you use to do them.

Anyway, keep up the great work, enjoying them.