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Hi folks, speaking of Scottish tracks, did anyone try Glen Sheil? From my point of view it is overwhelming and pointless to do something on that scale, nobody is going to be able to go through it entirely and it could be WIP forever. I prefer High Force even though Brun hasn't heard from in months.
United States
United States
I like the way this drives, much improved.

At my settings, the engine sound is way too low. The tire and wind noise is much more dominant than the engine.

@imported_ApexVGear If there isn't already an ext_config.ini file for the car, create one via "<car folder>/extension/ext_config.ini" and add the following lines to it:


This will allow you to increase/decrease the internal and external engine volume on a per car basis. A value of "1.0" is default - adjust to your liking.
Another japanese update:
Subaru Impreza WRC STI 2016 stock 305hp:





What's with the big red arrow pointing at the counter then ?
The one with VAO etc = BLM lights and BLM car...

Oh, and excuse me for trying to be helpful... :rolleyes:

I'm sorry I did not want to be indelicate absolutely. There's that arrow because it is a portion of a screenshot that Paulo posted to show me the FPS but in the meantime I was asking the assetto app that shows those datas in the upper left corner. Thanks for helping it was BLM car and BLM lights. Thanks a lots @Fanapryde


to fix the floating Saab, just add this file in data folder and say yes to overwrite:

Thanks a lots Mike173 wonderful car.

@JakubP Honda Civic Type R EK what a wonderful car!!!!! I'm having fun like crazy


I've done a little mod to GT HUD to remove lap numbers and times I don't like them.
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United Kingdom
I like the way this drives, much improved.

At my settings, the engine sound is way too low. The tire and wind noise is much more dominant than the engine.

I haven’t looked at the sound at all, I think the tyre noise is too loud, for sure. The engine / exhaust sound is the worst thing about the FK8 it is boring, efficient and not at all fun! :(
The closest R34 GTR mod that you are looking for which I could find is NISSAN SKYLINE BNR34 GT-R MINES. They is GTR2 mod for this particle car but I don't thing anybody has converter it yet or made New model. They are lot of R34 mods available in AC for different versions of car some are good quality & some aren't just experiment with them to find ones you want.

thanks for the information, I didn't know there was for anyway ... I'm waiting for a version for ASSETTO CORSA and maybe even a nice evo 7!

sorry everyone if I post only wishes but unfortunately I am not a modder and for this I rely on you ... you are still a great community!
THANKS always to everyone for your answers...
Hello guys! I need help, for some reason when I try to calculate the AO of Delpinsky tcr cars in CM it looks all black. I read something about unchecking the all transparent option in this thread but I don't know where this option is. Thank you very much!! Sorry my bad english
Porsche 961 LM beta V0.1

always the problem of the steering wheel , needles , mirrors but it is already much better like this!! there is also some texture to correct again ... , new data (temporary) , add/correction ligths , correction texture....

Link :

Thanks! Is this different at all to the one you posted earlier?
I'm looking for a suitable shifting animation at the moment but am reluctant to tweak any of the cockpit shaders until some kind soul fixes the needles and reduces the number of steering wheels by 50%... :lol:
That floating needle a few metres above the car has made a return too.
A higher-res windscreen banner would also be good if one can be harvested from the original source like the cockpit was?

This car deserves some GTP TLC, it's beautiful to look at and lovely to drive - it just needs a new handbag and some lippy.
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@Zwiss .. dude.. someone has asked me in PM to help them with optimising this track.. but. holy chilli cheeseturds on a stick.. this track is really really really , really really, really badly optimised.. irreperably so at my skill level

- 8 kn5's,

- one of them contains 380kb of actual data and 110mb of unused textures,

- 250mb total textures inside all the kn5's that all get replaced by textures in the track texture folder anyway..

- trackside cars that are full LODA racecars right down to leather textures on the steering wheels etc.

- 3d people in places you can never see them

- AC_Starts stuck behind barriers

... and the list goes on...

used 3dsimed to try purge all that the extra unused stuff, but even them comes to ~400mb and very poor fps. the people for example are copy-pasta and while they all use the same texture, its replicated with 6 different names, tried find-replace to rename all the shared texture to just one, ~280mb


when I open in Blender and look at it visually, I "feel" like this is a 80-100mb track, its just not that big or complex to warrant that size, something else is wrong as well, maybe geometry duplication, this is a "too hard basket" track to try fix, and while I feel like it would be challenging to do, im off on an rf2 track modding thing at the moment..

All that noise aside, looks like a damn nice track to race if done properly, I saw you did it previously, is this one you can put in your wishlist please? (assuming you have not already done an AC version)


and if its not something you think you want to get to, am I ok to poke a stick at it? Looks like a sat terrain and maybe some higher res horizon images is all it actually needs to be raceable.
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I want sooooooo much a modder made an F3000 and Old and New Super Formula,not a extention with only new sound no,a real Super Formula !!!
Track Updates

Stockton99 Speedway v0.80
- cameras by @safi hellie *THANK YOU
- new fence material
- cones, removed fake shadow meshes
- TSO, removed extra glow objects
- pit light, removed extra glow objects
- startlights now sequenced
- tents now have proper doublesided transparency's
- flag on pole (yay 'murica)
- lots of little fixes, billboard edits
- needs night lighting and AI (help!)
Screenshot_ks_ford_escort_mk1_rmi_stockton99_3-10-120-0-3-26.jpg Screenshot_ks_ford_escort_mk1_rmi_stockton99_3-10-120-0-3-11.jpg

Zwickau Grand Prix v0.70
- rudementry AI with new track limits (help!)
- lots and lots of shader tweaks (less bright)
- full shadow objects
- lots of little fixes
- needs a lights config (help!)
Screenshot_ks_ford_escort_mk1_rmi_zwickau_3-10-120-0-6-38.jpg Screenshot_ks_ford_escort_mk1_rmi_zwickau_3-10-120-0-6-39.jpg

- bug = tirewall/camera/hay-bale objects all messed up, tried to seperate objects, no luck.
Models show in edit, but I think something is super wrong with 4wall model... help!)
another buggy wall...
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As of yet nobody has figured it out

there were rumours in this thread (cant find now) that someone had figured out ripping PC2 tracks but was not releasing the method until PC3 came out so they couldnt block the method, since that boat has now sailed wonder if that will come to light, there are some damn nice tracks in PC2 id love to see in AC,

PC2 - Azure Coast, :bowdown:Bannochbrae:bowdown:, California Highway, Mojave

and from the newer offering

PC3 - Monument Canyon, Tuscany, Wildcrest, Havana.

Whomever posted that up previously, if the person doing it needs a starting point, I'd say BANNOCHBRAE!!!!!! Pretty please with cherries on top..
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Can anyone work out what the issue is with this Honda Prelude's drivetrain? Try driving it - gears seem borked but I think the issue might be elsewhere. Has me a little baffled, which usually means it's something super-obvious... :lol:
Original mod from Jean Carlos on FB. Nice for Gen 4 Preludes to finally start making an appearance in AC after all this time... but only if they can actually be driven.


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