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Another shot at it... :D
Somebody brave enough to produce this skin for one of the available Moslers (preferably the @DaWallace version) ? 🙏
@Fanapryde, if nobody here takes up the offer, maybe try a PM to this chap on RD?
Yes, and being our millionth visitor you are entitled to a bonus holiday and a series of screenshots of the F430 :D😂

Animations, driver position, seat and other stuff are temporary. Some parts are missing but the BEM did a great job, the car was in good shape but needed some restoration.
Hahah thank you man!! The car looks AMAZING!! Can't wait for the release and to try it out on the same grid as the 360 GTC that we got from RSS. You really are making my dreams come true.
Hi Teddy, i do still fiddling with settings. i'm just using it to enhance the feeling of the roadsurface.
I would be nice when using the clutch, the rumbling stops. In mine setup i'm using the front pads for the brake sensation(?) :). Would be nice if there was a database, where you could share settings and import them though
Kayeos72, I'll send you my current settings. You're using SimHub right? Don't use the software that comes with it. It's no bueno. Use SimHub.
to all who buy it , please tell the rest of us if you found it worth it (price is minimum 6 dollars I see) ...
still on the fence here for buying it (and if not worth it don't wanna blow 6 dollar for never driving it, after all 6 dollars is almost as much as the entire Assetto Corsa game - ultimate edition !!! :lol: )
I don't know, first time I've seen this, but I remember it had something similar like this but I can't remember what I turned off from CSP. I will look at it, and try to fix it. do you use pure or SOL?

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hi Shi, probably you have this one on?
And it's insane.
Superglue grip with a nuke up its ass.
Terrific white-knuckle fun.
That's a jumbo of an emotional wave from you.


(...and if you thought that video back few pages was bad I reccomend you the just released Solar Crown trailer :D )
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Oh good is there going to be an 10 page argument over whos ****** PPF is better?
Although it is all about personal taste, I think that this is going to be more interesting than flexing how many hours you've spent on or talking about how many cars or tracks you have... just saying😂
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Well I have plans to make some skins for @DaWallace Mosler, so this one can be added to the list :)
In case you need any references for making the liveries, I have a big collection of liveries of this car in GTR2. FIA GT, Brittish GT, Super GT, Spanish GT, Australian GT, Belcar and much more

There already is the fully modelled infield in the VRC-version, but it is not active. You can activate it using blender and then you have the correct layout for the ALMS 2000/2001.
Do you happen to know if anyone has done this? Or if it's something one could do following a guide for doing it in blender (for someone who's never really used blender but is comfortable learning new programs)?

Asking for "a friend" who happens to be running an alms 2000 championship with RSS gt 1 & gt2s cars this summer in their online racing group (real people, no need for an AI line).

On a semi related note, to anyone who's driven the RSS GT1s and found the viper to be lacking in pace, -80/90kg negative ballast seems to do the trick in bringing up mid pack. And if you use emperor server for your online racing, they recently? Added the option to do negative ballast online (not just offline in CM).
Mitsubishi Mirage cup
details are in the download section

Honda Civic euro cup (full blown fantasy)

details in the download section

Ford Mustang marc GT2

details in the download section

Screenshot (568).png

Screenshot (569).png
Screenshot (570).png
Screenshot (571).png
Screenshot (572).png

Screenshot (573).png

Screenshot (574).png

Screenshot (575).png

Screenshot (576).png

Screenshot (577).png

Screenshot (578).png

Screenshot (579).png
Screenshot (580).png
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Presentation Image.jpg

Introducing the CART 1990 season for Assetto Corsa!

The season saw Al Unser Jr take his first title and Arie Luyendyk win the fastest Indy 500 at the time, a record that stood for another 23 years!

Mod features:
  • 5 different chassis, 6 different engines with relevant powers.
  • 19 different chassis and engines configurations including oval and road course versions of each chassis.
  • All entries from every round of the series, a total of 88 skins. Many new skins added to the original rF1 mod.
  • Grid sets for each round of the championship, just select the grid and go!

Many thanks to rFactor Pure Formula ONE who were very kind to allow me to convert their 1990 CART mod to Assetto Corsa, and to G0D for allowing the use of his sounds and physics.

Mod Credits
Original rF2 mod by chiefWiggum
rF1 mod by rFactorPure, converted by BruceD.
Additional skins by BruceD.
Original physics and engine data by G0D, additional work by BruceD and PhilipK.
Sounds by G0D.

Copy the race grids to your race grids folder in AppData\Local\AcTools Content Manager\Presets\Race Grids.
Copy the cars folder to your AC content folder.

Mod available for free on my Patreon


Indy 500.jpg

Road America.jpg
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ACTK is reworking the cockpits of all 90's BTCC cars. Now I'm not sure, but wasn't GT_Supreme who released them on patreon? I ask because ACTK published them as "Unknown" author.
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