Automobilista 2 - Discussion Thread


Very welcome as far as I'm concerned. brrrrrrrr brrrrrrrr brrrrrrrrrrrrr

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why is nobody talking about it?
  • Audi vehicles will hit Automobilista 2 soon for the first time
  • They will be joined by Road Atlanta – part of an IMSA partnership
  • Visible tyre wear and enhanced particle effects in development
  • Version 1.6 and two DLC packs are on the way
  • There is also info about another new 7 manufacturers joining automobilista 2 (i think Ferrari and Lamborghini are pretty obvious ;) )

I talk about it here and there but I've already posted like 5 times in a row in this thread. 😂
Waiting to hear/read the other dev updates whenever that will be. AMS2 is in it's on universal time frame of non-adherence.