Beater or Sleeper? COTW Forza 7 Week:END The Ultimate Sleeper, The Holden Sandman! Thanks Everyone!!


I feel like we would all be more equal in laptime if that chicane wasn't there. :lol:

Can't call this car a sleeper, can't call it a beater. Gonna call it fun.
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Decided to give this a go since I haven't driven any virtual laps in a long long time and this seemed like a good way to get back into the groove and get reacclimated with a wheel and pedals.

Now onto the car. What a tricky car to drive on the edge. You really have to contain the wheel spin to get a fast lap. I can see this car dipping into the very low 55s maybe even 54.9 territory.

I wouldn't call It a sleeper, but its definitely not a beater.

Just out of curiosity is there a way to run a virtual mirror with the view i'm using.
So the times for the S800 are as follows.

@Jerseyboyss 1:55.891
@Drex124 1:56.314
@Vic Reign93 1:56.415
@Obelisk 2:00.378
@RikkiGT-R 2:02.027

Some great times across the board, including from the newcomer Jerseyboy. 👍

The leaderboard is a friendly incentive for all to really test a car and get fair reviews for it.

Today saw a smorgasbord of cars dropping in the world of Forza, Horizon got Mitsubishi back and Motorsport got the free monthly spotlight car and the final car pass pack(which is getting mixed feelings depending on who you ask.), The Barrett Jackson pack.

The main choice for this week is that very spotlight car and I’ve picked one of the cars from the pack to be the second event.

So time to bring in...


The 2018 Audi RS3 LMS!!!

The second of the Audi front wheel drive racecars and quite the looker ain’t it?? ;)

Built to TCR regulations with the idea being a more cost effective race series (Much cheaper than the BTCC for example.) and the RS3 is respectfully a cheap racecar, well as about as cheap as fully TCR spec can be. :P

CAR magazine has the prices on the Clubsport version and the full race ready model, £86K for the Clubsport with a production DSG gearbox and race diff, but £113k gets you the race sequential gearbox.

TCR regulations cap engine size at 2.0 litres and power at 350hp with the RS3 packing 345hp from its engine and 310ft-lbs of torque.

Also regulated is the drive layout so Audi took off the the rear driveshaft so it’s front wheel drive, weight is also regulated with a minimum weight of 1250kgs if using a production gearbox and 1285kgs with a race gearbox.

The Audi weighs in game at 2,601lbs which works out at just under 1180kgs (Guessing either ballast or driver weight isn’t factored in.).

You’ll be taking the RS3 LMS around the Hockenhimring National Circuit layout this week in the dry. 👍

Now as for the BJ car pack (Stop laughing at the back.:sly:) I had to pick one for this week and it was quite simple in fairness.

While both the Chevelle and the Double Down Ford had huge 9.4 V8’s(Over 10 litres with a Race displacement upgrade. :drool:), the Ford Hula a Supercharged Flathead V8, both plymouth’s packing Hemi V8’s and the Bronco a Windsor V8, The one I picked had a 289CI(4.7) 400hp V8, but it’s quite the car it’s powering.

It is...


The 1963 Shelby Monaco King Cobra!!!

1 million and 650,000 dollars, that’s what this car went for when it went under the hammer at Barrett Jackson’s auction. :eek:

The history of such a machine is worth checking out for yourselves, but here’s what it’s got.

The previously mentioned 400hp 289CI V8, a 5 speed manual gearbox, 4 wheel disc brakes and 4 wheel independent suspension with coil springs, all wrapped up in a car which weighs in at half the weight of the RS3 LMS, 1300lbs to be exact. :drool:

Where to take such a historic racer? (Sweet) Virginia International Raceway on the Full layout.

Once again, it’s a old school racecar against a new school racecar in this weeks episode of COTW. :D

Best of luck people. :cheers:

Gonna keep it brief for the Audi, easy to drive, grippy, basically what you expect from a touring car.

Only thing that leaves me scratching my head is the fact we already had a front wheel drive Audi in the Touring car division, The S3 to be exact. :confused:

But in any case, it’s a Neutral for me. :)


Very twitchy on Sim steering, the back wants to step out under braking and makes full use of its 400hp with great acceleration.

It’s quick, but like it’s name sake, it doesn’t take much for it to bite back if you run out of talent or step off the knife edge that you need to be on for maximum pace. :D

It’s worthy of the King Cobra title, unlike the Mustang II. :yuck:

In the right hands, it’s a Sleeper, other hands? maybe not. :lol:

Verdict: Sleeper 👍
Forza Motorsport 7 1_22_2019 2_11_15 PM.png


She can go faster, but I sure can't, it's too darn cold right now.

If you have the patience and talent this thing can be an absolute rocket, but boy does it not take any prisoners. It's twitchy, unstable through corners, and incredibly quick in a straight line.

That said I don't mind sliding around VIR for fun with this one in the future.

Verdict: Sleeper
Ok so the times for the Monaco KC

@Drex124 1:51.811
@Vic Reign93 1:52.054

Edit: And the Audi’s times..

@FastBud 1:34.114
@Vic Reign93 1:35.544

Having survived the King Cobra, let’s tone it down to something that’s less terrifying, but comes from an era where motorsports madness was not only common, but was recommended in order to win.

Yep, It’s the mid to late 80’s. :P

A time when F1 was sending power numbers (and sometimes pistons:sly:) through the roof and Group B had the monsters of the off-road duking it out against one another.

But it’s Group B’s 2wd class we’ll be getting todays pick from.

And it’s here you’ll find some oddballs of the Group B division like the Renault 5 Turbo, the Lancia 037(the last 2wd car to a WRC manufacturers title IIRC.) the Nissan 240RS, Mazda RX-7, Porsche 911, hell even a Ferrari 308 showed up in this mad period of rallying. :lol:

And there’s many other cars that got Group B certified, including this one..


The 1984 Opel Manta 400!!!

Almost as many front lights as the Cizeta V16T. :D

So what engine powers this car? Quite a interesting 2.4 litre NA 4 cylinder(with carburettors) making 275hp and 221ft-lbs of torque while capable of over 9000 rpm. :eek:

Cosworth built the 16V twin cam head for Opel’s CIH 2.0 engine block, but Opel found out it wasn’t powerful enough so they had to improvise an unusual engine get more power while retaining the Cosworth head.

They took a 2.0 litre block with an overbore and larger pistons, a crankshaft from a 2.3 diesel engine of the same type and ended up with the 2.4 motor that’s now resting in the engine bay. :)

That engine is hooked up to a 5 speed manual gearbox and sending power to the back, that in term pushes the 2,403lbs Manta along rather briskly.

Sadly FM7 doesn’t do rally tracks, but city streets are close enough, I reckon Long Beach Full layout would do just nicely for the Opel. :D

Best of luck people :cheers:
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Crap I forgot to post my times :/
I did the Audi on day 1 and then eventually got around to the KC. Forgot to post them.... Sorry!
Post them up anyway @FastBud @RikkiGT-R I’ll add them retroactively, with an asterisk on them of course.


Quite a fun machine the Manta, but for a competition ready car you’d expect that. :P

Responsive, handles good, playful without being too twitchy and puts its power down rather well.

It does require a small detune to fit its divisions restrictions, but B or A Class could be a good place for a solidly built Opel Manta. 👍

Verdict: Sleeper 👍
Since Daytona is a car park at the moment now's as good a time as any.

Forza Motorsport 7 1_27_2019 1_35_04 PM.png


Great fun to drive, it's quick, makes a decent noise, and handles like a go kart.

Forza Motorsport 7 1_29_2019 6_02_59 PM.png

Aaaand time's up. I did manage a (dirty) 1.33.619 at some point, but while you can hit a wall and be fine, same can't be said for the tire walls. Not using manual and clutch really hurt on this one, it's so frustrating getting a better exit on a corner only to have the ghost pass you half way through the straight. Hats off to you @FastBud
So this weeks times for the Manta are as follows.

@FastBud 1:33.700
@Drex124 1:33.747
@Vic Reign93 1:35.384
@Obelisk 1:38.013

Top 2 were on a charge this week, great times folks. 👍

Turning back the clocks this week to the golden era of prototype endurance racers and this one is a particular icon.

While it’s rival would go on to win Le Mans 4 times in a row, this ultra rare racer still stamped its name into the history books.

It needs no introduction, but it’s getting one anyway as it is...


The 1967 Ferrari #24 Spa 330 P4!!!

One of 4 P4’s ever built(one was an ex P3 chassis so technically only 3 P4’s were built.), it’s the successor to the car that Ferrari fielded in the 1966 24hrs of Le Mans, the same race where Ford got its act together with the GT40 and scored a 1-2-3 finish and a famous photo of said finish.

As an act of revenge, The 330 P4 took another win at the 1000km race at Monza and then did it’s own 1-2-3 photo finish at the Daytona 24hr race, both in 1967. :sly:

Packing a fuel injected 4.0 V12 mounted in the middle, it made 450hp and 384ft-lbs of torque which was sent to the rear via 5 speed manual gearbox.

Weighing in at only 1030kgs with a 40-60 weight balance, the P4 will require a degree of finesse to get everything out of it.

And seeing as it’s dressed up in its #24 Spa livery, why not take it to its namesakes track??

So this weeks track is Spa in the dry, but unless you like the taste of rubber, DON’T try and take Eau Rouge/Raidillion flat out. :lol:

Best of luck people. :cheers:

After a few attempts in which the P4 kept trying to kill me going through the Eau Rouge section, I got a time on the board I’m happy with.

Like other classic racers, it does lift the front up under certain conditions, but not as badly, the tyres do grip, but they are still old style treaded tyres so don’t take them for granted. :P

Definitely one for the collectors, but also for those who want a decently competitive classic. :D

Verdict: Sleeper 👍
Welp, no other times were uploaded so I guess we just move onto this weeks pick. :indiff:

While two new Ferrari’s were added today, I’m holding off using them for this week so you guys aren’t getting back to back prancing horses. :P

Considering the last few weeks have been competition ready machines, I figured we take a step back and drive something a bit more laid back, but can still get a move on.

Something like..


The 2000 BMW 323ti Sport!!!

Ah the chopped down version of the 3 Series Beemer.

Launched as a 3 door hatchback, it still retained rear wheel drive from the full sized 3 Series, unlike most of the hatchbacks of its time which were front wheel drive.

The ti part of the name stands for Turismo Internazionale, it was used on the more potent versions of the 3 Series Compact.

Engine choices were mostly under 2 litres, couple petrol 4 bangers from 1.6 to 1.9 litres, a single 1.7 Diesel engine and even a 1.6 that could also run on Compressed Natural Gas (CNG).

But they aren’t the engines in this 323ti, we have the 2.5 Inline 6 making 168hp and redlines at just over 7k Rpm.

That power is sent to the back via a 5 speed manual gearbox and is pushing 2,767lbs of mini 3 Series along at a modest pace.

And to go with the modest pace is a smaller track, Maple Valley Short Reverse to be precise.

Be More Willing to get times down for this week. :sly:

Best of luck people. :cheers:

So the 323ti, despite the sports designation, it’s not equipped with a limited slip diff as evidenced when in the low speed hairpin turn in 2nd gear.

Tiny bit wallowy on the suspension front and the brakes could have a tiny bit more bite to them.

But stills pulls decently down the front straight up to 100mph and sounds like a Beemer I6 should. :P

While not pants torchingly hot, it’s an alright car for the Hot Hatch Icons and is the only car that’s rear wheel drive stock in that Division. ;)

Verdict: Neutral