[beta6] GT6 Spec II Mod

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You must enter the game after installing the updates at least once before installing the mod - there's an additional update process.
So, for the future wanderers and for future read me files.
A bit shame on me - I should have watched videos on YouTube about this process earlier and saving me the embarrassment.
The read me said copy the folder. Me, coming from a long history of OSes that will overwrite folders that have the same name and not merge them, I renamed the existing folder.
Only today I realized that multi man will actually overwrite only the existing files inside the folders leaving everything else untouched.
So for future Google searches: you have to copy on top of the current folder.

Now that I took the plunge (super scary as it’s opposite as my computer have done for the past 15 years, my windows days are that long gone), everything works. Great fun. Excellent mod. Amazing.
Hi guys !!
First , thanks a lot to the developers that make possible all the mods.
I looking for the way to uninstall the "Spec 2 mod" . I need a step by step guide because I don't own a computer, so I've to use one on a Cibershop. I know that I've to overwrite some folder, but I really appreciate someone to explain it, step by step. I got install CFW on my PS3 after reading and watching lots of guides on the web and YouTube. It was no easy for me, but I did it. I try to find that information here and on Discord, but it's not easy to surf through this platforms. Links or other help will very much appreciate. Greetings and thank you.
So, even years later the mod's beta wasn't fixed to remove the "making licenses harder" bug that absolutely nobody in their right mind would want in their game? Cause right now it seems anyone who installed this screwed their game up for good, as the last post here is asking how to uninstall.
If i'm not wrong, you must have to overwrite some files in you save game folder located in you PS3 hdd or ssd to install this mod. If you made a copy of the original files, i think that you could "uninstall" this mod putting the original files back. But if you didn't make a backup, there is nothing to do unless remove the game and install it again.
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Another change that I would have liked to see in the mod is, like in GT Sport and 7, that in the Arcade mode you can choose the type of start with which we start the races.
Hi, can use this modded version on pc with emulator? Thanks!
You can, but you need to update GT6 to V1.22 and GT6 doesn't run well on RPCS3 when it's updated past v1.06 at the moment. So expect a lot of graphical bugs, crashes etc. It is much improved from a couple of years ago, but it's still a long way from being a good experience.
I'm not 100% sure of everything you're trying to say, but regarding the updates don't try to install them all at once. There's a the thead on GTP I think and also a Google search will help. But install them in smaller batches, 2 or 3 at a time. It takes a while, but that's updates on the PS3 for you.